Books From Seven Provinces

People in Frame of Memories

At the book lunch , the works will be introduced you: "The Red Dress: Memoir of Martyr Ahmad Ommi", "People Do not Die in My Frame: Book of Saeed Janbozorgi", " Windcatchers are waiting: A Collection of Memories of Martyr Ebrahim Bashkardizadeh", "Meeting Wish: Life of Veteran Lady Omolbanin Mansourkhani", "From Fire and Thyme: Martyrs of Raz in Frame of Memories", "06:30 pm: Memories of Brigadier General Pilot Freedman Yusuf (Joseph) Samandarian", "Hidden Love: According to Manuscripts of Freedman Mohammadtaqi Karimi", "The Last Sip: Biography of Martyr Yadollah Nadrlou", book of "Company of Koroglu: A Narrative of Life of Basiji Hajali Tanha".
Two new books released

Oral history of combatants and freed POWs of northern Iran continues to be compiled

The Cultural and Resistance Studies Department of the art centers in Gilan and Mazandaran provinces has released two new books. The books have been published by Sooreh Mehr Publication. The books are entitled: "The Oral history of the Sacred Defense Combatants 5: The Second Narration of Cerise Booklet; Memoirs of Mahmoud Ranjbar", and "Oral History of the Freed POWs of Gilan – The Town of Talesh 2: Paper Haft-Seen: Oral Memoirs of Sirous Bolourian".
Catching sight of the years of war

In "Room Number 24" and with "The Friends of Martyr Mohammad Gereh"

"Room Number 24" and "The Friends of Martyr Mohammad Gereh" are the topic of two books which will be introduced. The first book contains subjects for cities of war zone and war emigrants and events of area farthest from the frontage of war. The second one contains memoirs about the frontage of war during the years of defense of Irans brother against Saddams army attack.
About Five Books of Series of Stars of Guilds and Market

Events of Lives of Men Who Weren

This is introduction of five volumes of a series titled "stars of trades and market". These books have been compiled based on gathered memories on martyrs who at the one hand were among Bazaaries (merchants) and at the other hand were players and influential in campaigns leading up to Islamic Revolution and also during Sacred Defense years.
The reminiscent books

Along with “Hemmat, the Legendary Man” and “With Iranians Injured by Chemical Weapons”

The book section of Iranian Oral History Website has reviewed two books in the last days of the Iranian year 1395 SH (2016-17) which have been published this year. The feature of both books is that they are reminiscent. They are reminiscent of the characters and individuals who are the legacy of the Sacred Defense. The books writers (one Iranian and the other Japanese) somehow remind us how we have looked at them.
The field duty of General Delic

One hundred one military memoirs of Bosnia

The book "One hundred one military memoirs; 2009- Sarajevo" written by General Rasim Delic and translated by Mohammad Bagher Pipelzadeh, is 626th book published by Resistance literature and art center, and 5th book of the center about the events of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The book, with 440 pages, is published by Sura Mehr publication in winter 1395(2017).
Overview of Two Books

“Sixth Day of Bewilderment” & “Tiny River of Chaparpord”

Department of culture and resistance studies of Art Division of Gilan Province published two books in 2016 on the Holy Defense; each book contains the features of oral history; “Sixth Day of Bewilderment” is the oral history of war hostages of Gilan Province and “Tiny River of Chaparpord” is the oral history of the martyrs of the Holy Defense.
From “A Glance on the Principles of Development” to “the call for 11th meeting”

Biannual Journal of Oral History, Issue No.3, Published.

This issue begins with “ A Glance on the Principles of Development in Oral History” written by Alireza Kamari and it follows with: Oral History definitions, history, memoir, oral tradition, interviews, oral history and changes, oral history as a opportunity, validation and verification (Mohsen Kazemi & Houshang Khosrobeigi). Link of Cultural History and Oral History ontology of cultural history and oral history,
About Two Memoirs

Acquaintance with Narrators of “Panahgah Bi Panah” and “Man Asir Nemishavam’

Soureh Mehr Publication has published two new books; these books are the achievements of the efforts made by the provincial centers of Art Department which are now available in the market. “Panahgah Bi Panah: memoirs of the survivors of Park Shirin Shelter in Kermanshah” and “Man Asir Nemishavam: memoirs of Second Lieutenant Pilot, Mohammad Tayebi”.
In Order to Compile Two Books

60 hours interviews with two narrators

"Zhazhileh: Memories of Davood Tayefehkhani" and "Citizen of Sky: Memories of Amir Pilot Mahmoud Ansari" are titles of two books of Publication of Sacred Defense Museum and Foundation for Preserving Relics and Publishing values of Sacred Defense of Tehran. The books have been developed in framework of oral history and in form of Q & A.
Memory Night held in presence of Supreme Leader

Whatever has really happened should be narrated

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the liberation of Khorramshahr, the third program of the Memory Night of the Sacred Defense was held in presence of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in Imam Khomeini Hossianieh on 24th of May 2017, according to the website of Iranian Oral History.
Interviewing with Jalal, Farid, and Mohammad Bagher Ketabchi in the meeting of "oral history of book."

"The Ketabchis" and their book stories

According to the Oral History website, the fifth sessions of the second round of meetings of "oral history of book" was held on Tuesday evening, 23rd May 2017, in the house of Literati of the Iran book house, with the presence of Nasrallah Haddadi, as an expert and announcer, Seyyed Jalal Ketabchi, manager of Islamiyah publishing, Seyyed Farid Ketabchi and Seyyed Mohammad Bagher Ketabchi, managers of Elmiyeh Islamiyah publishing.
Analyzing and criticizing "oral history interview with Ph.D. Abbas Horri"

Discussion on Informative Role of Oral History

According to Iranian oral history website, meeting of reviewing and analyzing book of "Pearl of Knowledge: Oral History interview with Ph.D Abbas Horri" was held in Khaneh Ketabs Saraye Ahl-e Ghalam on Monday evening in May 22, 2017. In the meeting Nooshafarin Ansari, Narges Neshat, Dariush Matlabi, Peimaneh Salehi, Kazem Hafezian, Seyyed Ebrahim Omrani, Saeed Rezaei Sharifabadi, Ali Jalali Dizaji, Alireza Norouzi, Maryam Sarrafzadeh and Najmeh Salemi attended and spoke.

Tone in Oral History

Another fried shared a memory. The memoirs of this friend is also published; however, I feel like the tone of the book was different. He was speaking smoothly but in the book it was as if a literary person was talking. One might think that the ambiance in the session resulted in such difference and it might be true; the story of the narrator shall be experienced under different circumstances to give a verdict.