Petrochemical Industry Oral History

Although the National Petrochemical Industry is the youngest member within the Oil Industry, according to the Oral History of Iran website, it plays a crucial role in the history of this industrial sector and the experience of the authorities in this field is critical to pursue economic objectives and training of the younger generation.

"Three Views ... "and Questions that Cause the Audience to Think

The symposium by Mr. Alireza Kamari has been published previously in two editions; one in book of Yade Mana (abiding memory), which contains five articles on memory-writing and memoirs of the war and the front and Sacred Defense, first published in 2002, and the other Puye Payedari (resistance movement), published in 2018, containing 40 articles and interview on resistance literature, the Islamic Revolution literature, the war literature and the holy defense literature, ...

Third Regiment: Memoirs of an Iraqi Captive Doctor

This week, we read the book " Third Regiment: Memories of an Iraqi Captive Doctor". This book is written by Dr. Mojtaba Al-Husseini and translated by Mohammad Hossein Zavar-e-Kabah. The "Third Regiment" was first published in 1992 by the Office of Literature and Art of Resistance of the Art Center of Islamic Propaganda Organization. This book is the seventy third book published in the office, and the twenty-second book of it in the form of memories.

The Oral History of Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Telecommunication in Sacred Defense

The book "the Oral History of Sacred Defense: The narration of Mehdi Shiraninejad: Telecommunication" by the effort of Yahya Niazi and published by Center for the Sacred Defense Documentation and Research in the year 1397." This 494-page book has identified by the National Library of Iran Islamic Republic on the subject of memoirs of Iranian commanders in Iraqi imposed war against Iran, and as you saw in the full title of book, ...

Picture Narrative

Two Books

Iran Oral History Site - During the Fajr Celebration of 2019 and on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the activities of two researchers and writer of the Islamic Revolutions Library were highlighted. February 5, 2019, and in the final ceremony of the 36th annual book prize festival of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hedayatullah Behboudi was introduced with his book "Alef Lam Khomeini: The Biography of ...

“Well Done, Sheikh Hasan!” different from other memory books

The book has 12 chapters: From birth to presence in the front, Operation Valfajr 3, In regret for the operation, Operation Valfajr 8, Mehrans counter attack, Operation Karbala 4, Operation Karbala 5, Operation Nasr 8, Operation Beit-al-Moqadas 2, Operation Beit-al-Moqadas 3, Operation Beit-al-Moqadas 6, and Operation Mersad. There is a preface in the beginning of the book and then the photos, index and a detailed list.

Familiarity with martyr Hassan Tajuk in the book "The Honored"

Iranian oral history website - "The Honored" is the title of martyr Hassan Tajuks documented biography written by Marzieh Nazrloo. This book, with 368 page, has been published by Searir publication in 2019. In addition to the phrase "Documented Biography", which is mentioned on the cover page, the book format is also mentioned on the title page of "Narrative Documentary". In the publication information page of book, this line is also visible:...

“Commando of the 1st Battalion” talks about the commandoes operation

Iranian Oral History website – “Commando of the 1st Battalion: Memoirs of Captain Akbar Pirpour” is the title of the book which has been produced in the Art Center of Bushehr Province. The book has been written and compiled by Seyed Qassem Hosseini in 272 pages and published by the Office of Resistance Culture and Studies of the Provincial Centers of the Art Center and Sooreh Mehr Publications in 2018.

Write your memoirs of quake!

The book “Silent groans: Memories of the students of Rah-e Zeinab (SA) Girl School in Manjil from the quake happened on 21st of June 1990 in Gilan Province” was released in this province in 2018. The book has been published with the attempt of Fereidoon Haqani Kalashtari in the Art Centre of Gilan Province by Nekoo Afarin Publications in Rasht. We find out from the book introductions that when its compiler was the teacher ...

Oral memoirs of commandos

The 6th volume of the series of Oral History of the Combatants has been named "Hasan Zhipad" in 203 pages. According to the author, the book is the result of 40 hours of formal and non-formal interview with captain Hasan Soltani; one of the pioneers in the course of commando pilot of the Iranian Navy who has been present in the epic of resistance and liberation of Khorramshahr.
The Session "Reflection in Oral History"(III)

Let us take critique seriously and be vulnerable!

According to Iranian oral history website, the first session titled "Reflection in Oral History" held at Dr. Parham Hall in National Library and Archives of Iran on Wednesdays evening, 27 February 2019. In the first part of the session, you read the words of Mohsen Kazemi, an oral history researcher and memoirs of Islamic Revolution, Mahmoud Sadat, a member of the faculty of Imam Khomeini Research Center, and Gholamreza Azizi, director of the Institute of ...
Mansoureh Ghadiri Talked about Behjat Afraz

You must be both a mother and a father

My wife had the longest captivity and I got the most energy from Ms. Behjat Afraz. I was at the age of 28 when my husband became missing, and when it became clear he was captured, I was very busy and I did not have leisure time; like a soldier who wears military boot in the morning, I slept upon my book and pamphlet. I was a professor at Shahid Rajaee University and from there I went ...
Baharieh (on spring)

The Unheard

It has been for years in such days or better to say that in a specific day, hour, minute and even second, the new year will be arrived. Just like a new-born child. And it is for all both auspicious and pleasing and may be exciting. Although the latter, that is, birth of children, is at least a year older than New Year but both of them have come to this place alongside each other.
The Session "Reflection in Oral History"(I)

A talk on the real voice of oral history

According to Iranian oral history website, the first session "Reflection in Oral History" held at Dr. Parham Hall in National Library and Archives of Iran on Wednesdays evening, 27 February 2019. In a note dated on 18 November 2019, Mohsen Kazemi who is a researcher in oral history and memoirs of Islamic Revolution, he asked questions entitled "Warning! Oral History Voice Is Coming", around the situation of Iranian oral history which encountered with oral history commentators.