Oral Memories Related to the Familiar Revolution Music

Freedom Shout

Ahmad Ali Ragheb is a composer whose revolutionary songs are more known than himself. The post-revolutionary generation has grown up with his songs, from "Schools have got opened" and "Hello Classmate" to the orchestral pieces like "Freedom Shout", "The Holy Shahid", "America, Shame on Your Deceit" and "Blessed Be This Victory". In collaboration with Hamid Sabzevari and Mohammad Golriz, he is one of the less-known side of a golden triangle which created ...

Memorable Roles/Forgotten Roles

"Memorable Roles-Review of Memory-writing Literature" authored and translated by Ahmad Okhovvat, edited by: M. B. Hajiani, published in coat pocket size (12*19) and 263 pages by Goman Publication; Second edition, winter 2020, 700 copies, price 500,000 Rial. In recent decades, numerous and various release of memory books in Iran and abroad, especially memoirs of the Revolution, eight years of Iran-Iraq War, has made memory-writing a pervasive and widespread phenomenon;

Taking a look at Ali Ishaqi Book on Oral History

I had the opportunity to read Mr. Ali Ishaqi book on oral history. According to my research on the second volume of the book "Fundamental Issues of War in the Works of the Army and the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps", I found some very interesting and rare points in the book that led to the writing of this notes. The reason for the importance and value of the book, in my opinion, ...

The Narration of Seyyed Yahya Safavi

"From Sanandaj to Khorramshahr"

Oral history of Sacred Defense

"From Sanandaj to Khorramshahr "is the title of the first volume of the book of narration of Seyyed Yahya (Rahim) Safavi about the history of sacred defense, which was published by the Sacred Defense Documentation and Research Center in 2018 by the late Dr. Hossein Ardestani. The book includes 28 conversations with the Sacred Defense Commander, which includes his birth until the end of Beit-ol-Moqaddas operation and the liberatiaon of Khorramshahr.

Bread of The War Years

The book "Bread of The War Years", a review of role of women in village of Sad Kharu in Sabzevar in supporting the holy defense was published. This book is result of about 24 hour interview between Mohammad Asgharzadeh and the women of Sad Kahru Village, written by Mahmoud Shamabadi; memories of the women of Sad Kharu Village in supporting the front was narrated in 16 chapters and 126 headings.

Oral History of Sacred Defense as Narrated by Morteza Ghorbani

On the Road to Victory

The first volume of Morteza Ghorbani narration of the scared defense is entitled "On the Road to Victory". It has been compiled by Amir Razzagh Zadeh and released by the Center for Sacred Defense Documents and Research in 2019. The book consists of 16 sessions of interview with this general of the scared defense era conducted in the years between 2009 to 2012.

Oral History of Sacred Defense as Narrated by Ahmad Gholampour: Ahvaz Youth Are Alive

The first volume of book of oral history of Sacred Defense as narrated by Ahmad Gholampour entitled "Ahvaz Youth Are Alive", compiled by Majid Mokhtari and was published by the Sacred Defense Document and Research Center in 2019 (1398 SH). As mentioned in the preface of the book, we know Ahmad Gholampour as commander of Karbala Headquarter, but he has been active both in the field and at the headquarter level.

From Rey to Sham

The book “From Rey to Sham” is an incomplete oral history narration of the martyr of the Defender of Shrine Sardar (Brigadier General) Ahmad Gholami. It has been published by the Center for Sacred Defense Documents and Research with the attempt of Ali Mojdehi and under the scientific and content supervision of Yadollah Izadi. The introduction says, “The work is the result of 18 sessions of Ali Mojdehi interview with Sardar Ahmad Gholami, a war commander.

A brief overview of the book "You Will not Be Martyred"

He made a intention, got his wish and became martyr

"Staying in Tehran meant staying in the middle of the field, and returning to Tabriz, meant stepping back and losing the job opportunity he had chosen for the Quds Force ... After getting married in Tehran, in response to a query had been offered him to take her family to Tabriz and live, he replied: you will not be martyred." You Will not Be Martyred." One of the most notable sections of the book is ...

A review of "Three Halves of an Apple"

I leave my Ismaeel to you!

The book "Three Halves of an Apple" is the memoirs of Khadijah Shad, the mother of two martyrs of the defender of shrine, Mustafa and Mujtaba Bakhti which has been authored by Mohammad Mahmoudi Nourabadi. It has been published in 296 pages and in 2500 copies in 2019 by Khat-e Moghaddam Publications. The book consists of 19 chapters; attached by photos given by the family of the two martyrs to ...
The News of Month; April 2020

"Oral history in cyberspace"

According to Iranian Oral History website, "The News of Month" is the title of a series of reports on this website. These reports take a look at news related to the subject of site in the written and cyber media. In the following, you will read the news about April 2020.

Corona and "Corona Daily Notes"

In these days, it has been seen and heard that some groups and institutions have invited the victims of Corona Virus (including patients, patients’ observers and self- quarantined people) to write a memoir about this event. This invitation and the attempt to fulfill it, of course, includes the benefits and effects that we preferably don’t mention them here. However, it is worth noting that everything now being written in the face of this ...

Oral History Requires Alignment with Documents

Even in oral history, it is not uncommon for scholars to view oral history as a complement to document-based research. That is to say, oral history has been based on oral evidence, and it is true about memories too. Dr. Nurai said:" Oral history only fulfills part of the expectation for showing past". See the book The Aspects of Historical Islamic Revolution. Here we have to refer to a few references to ...
Research Method Workshop in Oral History-1

Oral History: A Resource for Collecting Historical Information Through Interview

"Research Method Workshop of Oral History", lectured by Soheila Safari was held in National Archives Building, NLAI Dr. Parham Hall on Monday, February 17, 2020. Soheila Safari has a PhD in contemporary history from Al-Zahra University. The subject of his thesis is "Social Insecurities in Reza Shah Period in Terms of Research in Oral History ". He has been working with NLAI in Oral History Department for more than 10 years.