Familiarity with martyr Hassan Tajuk in the book "The Honored"

Iranian oral history website - "The Honored" is the title of martyr Hassan Tajuks documented biography written by Marzieh Nazrloo. This book, with 368 page, has been published by Searir publication in 2019. In addition to the phrase "Documented Biography", which is mentioned on the cover page, the book format is also mentioned on the title page of "Narrative Documentary". In the publication information page of book, this line is also visible:...

“Commando of the 1st Battalion” talks about the commandoes operation

Iranian Oral History website – “Commando of the 1st Battalion: Memoirs of Captain Akbar Pirpour” is the title of the book which has been produced in the Art Center of Bushehr Province. The book has been written and compiled by Seyed Qassem Hosseini in 272 pages and published by the Office of Resistance Culture and Studies of the Provincial Centers of the Art Center and Sooreh Mehr Publications in 2018.

Write your memoirs of quake!

The book “Silent groans: Memories of the students of Rah-e Zeinab (SA) Girl School in Manjil from the quake happened on 21st of June 1990 in Gilan Province” was released in this province in 2018. The book has been published with the attempt of Fereidoon Haqani Kalashtari in the Art Centre of Gilan Province by Nekoo Afarin Publications in Rasht. We find out from the book introductions that when its compiler was the teacher ...

Oral memoirs of commandos

The 6th volume of the series of Oral History of the Combatants has been named "Hasan Zhipad" in 203 pages. According to the author, the book is the result of 40 hours of formal and non-formal interview with captain Hasan Soltani; one of the pioneers in the course of commando pilot of the Iranian Navy who has been present in the epic of resistance and liberation of Khorramshahr.

The amazing memoirs of a teacher

With no introduction, the book starts with the narration of the narrator about his story. In auto-memoirs books, a process of how the memoirs have been first registered and recorded is usually mentioned in the introduction of that work. That is why it has been mentioned that the book has no introduction. At first, it seemed that it might be related to the taste of the books publisher, because this publisher usually ...

"Meeting in Fakkeh (Molaghat dar Fakkeh", Narrating Genius of a Young Commander

Undoubtedly wars have always been a place where elites and geniuses have emerged. Hasan Bagheri has also been mentioned among the geniuses. When he participated in the meeting of the Army War Room on November 16, 1980 and demonstrated his comprehensive knowledge on status of the entire south front to senior officials, he was appreciated by all. Hasan Bagheri, at the age of 24, had become so famous that senior members of ...

Interview with author of biography of a shrines defender martyr

Writing Based on Reality and Interview

The book of biography of a shrines defender martyr named Amin Karimi Chenbaloo titled "Taher Qudsi", was unveiled on the last days of Mehr in 1397 (October 2018) on the occasion of the third anniversary of his martyrdom. According to the Iranian Oral History website, this book is written by Maryam Erfanian Noorozadeh. He has already written books such as "The Fall of Those

“From Leili Plain to Majnoun Island”

With memoirs of Afghan combatants of Sacred Defense

It can be said that today, after the passing of 30 years from the imposed war of the Saddam Army against Islamic Republic of Iran, the oral memories of most guilds and strata of people who were present in the scared defense have been told and some of them have been written in the form of oral history. Nevertheless, we know less about the presence of Afghan combatants in the war fronts.

Memories of Mohammad Reza Ramezanian about sacred defense

Making Bulwark Using "D-8" and the command of engineering unit

Military engineering unit may have remained unknown to many of people, but for many militants, it is one of the most famous names that played a vital role in all operations. Military engineering operations were not solely about the construction of a bulwark and a fortress, they were always one step ahead of the rest of the warriors. The bulwark of war were made by these brave warriors.

Publishing Arabic translation of the book "Platoon-1"

According to Iranian Oral History Website, Arabic translation of "Platoon-1: Renarration of the Operation Night Memories (1986-02-13, Al-Faw Road- Omm Qasr)" was published in Lebanon by "Encyclopedia of Islamic Culture". The book "Platoon-1" is a work by Asghar Kazemi, a warrior and author of Sacred Defense and a colleague of the Office of Literature and Art of Resistance. The Persian version of this book, which is one of products of this ...
The Most Recent Words by Hedayatollah Behboodi

Documentations Are Not From the Same Genus

As reported by Iranian Oral History Website, closing ceremony of 11th period of award of Jalal Al-e-Ahmad was held in Ghalam Hall of NLAI on December 8, 2018. In documentation part of the award, two works were jointly selected, "Alef-Lam Khomeini" by Hedayatollah Behboodi published by the Institute for Political Studies and Research, and "Pedaling for Seeking Shams: From Tabriz to Konya, from Konya to Damascus" by Hasan Karami Qaramaleki published by Sotoudeh Publication.
In Memory of Inventor of Title of "Narrator" for a field research researcher

Dr. Hadi Nakhaei View on Historiography of the War

The late Dr. Hadi Nakhaei, a narrator and investigator of the Iraq imposed war against Iran, believed that the term "narrator" should only be used to refer to those who were directly involved in events of the war in purpose of field research. Formation of group of war narrators in IRGC political office, like the revolution in Iran, was a matter of its time and was unrepeatable.
Along with the memories of Ali Ghamari:

The First Day of War

The injured Colonel "Ali Ghamari" is the only survivor of 19 battalion officers of Khorramshahr Fortress, and the commander of Khorramshahr Fortress along with other partners at the beginning of Saddams invasion on our country (Iran); he defended the countrys privacy; The battalion, which had to be replaced by a new battalion in 48 hours resisted manfully and jealously the oppression of Saddam Hussein during 34 days with the help of public forces ...

An Overview on the Process of Compilation the Book "The Mystery of Pearl"

According to Iranian oral history website, the Navy of Iranian Islamic Republic Army (Nedaja) had and will have a unique role in preserving the water borders and the continuation of Iranian economic relations with other countries through the waterways from the first days of the imposed war (the 34-day resistance of Khorramshahr).