Three books included memories:

"The Seeds of Pomegranate", "You Are Iranian; Are not You?", "Thirteen in Seven"

By reading this book, you will be familiar with books "The seeds of pomegranate", "You are Iranian, Are not you?" and "Thirteen in seven". These books include memories about Saddams army imposed war against Islamic Republic of Iran.

Familiarity with three books

"The Custom of Jihad", " One another Person" and "From Mashhad to Johannesburg"

The books "The Custom of Jihad ", "One another Person" and" from Mashhad to Johannesburg" have been recently issued at bookstores. These books are in two common features; first, these are resulted from a number of interviews. That is why, they include memory and oral history.

About the book "Passing Storm of Incidents"

Army commander narrates war and captivity

The book "Passing Storm of Incidents" includes the biography and memoirs of Second Brigadier General Hossain Yasini (known as Yassin Sajan) has been jointly written by Reza Jahan Far and Fahimeh Karami and published by Atashbar Publications (The Organization for Preservation of Works and Publications of Values of Sacred Defense in the Islamic Republic of Iran Army) in 2017. Second Brigadier General Hossain Yasini is a disabled freed POW.

New Works of Oral History of Islamic Revolution Cultural Front

Memory-Narrating with "Moraba-ye Gol-e Mohammadi (Damask rose Jam)" and "Revolution of Roles"

Book of "Moraba-ye Gol-e Mohammadi: memories of life-skill teachers of 1360s (SH)/1980s of East Azerbaijan" researched by Hossein Vahid Rezaeinia and compiled by Ruhollah Rashidi, was published by office for Studies of Cultural Front of Islamic Revolution and Office of Maaref Publication on winter 2018.

Overview of the book “Risk of Avalanche”

Three war memories

“Risk of Avalanche: three war memories” is the fourth book of the Habil series about war. Arma publication in Isfahan has recently published this book authored by Hessam Mazaheri in February 2018. The author has described in the introduction that: “Memoirs of war published outnumber any other content pertaining the Iran and Iraq published so far. A large number of new memoirs are published every year in various forms (self-authored, co-authored, oral history). The list of martyrs biography shall be added to this number.

Books for remembering three martyrs

“Flying from Fav”, “Yaqub Eyes” and “The Frontline of Fighting”

Mehri Sadeqi in the book “Flying from Fav: A Review of Biography and Memoirs of Martyr Farhang Haji Qorbani” (August 24, 1939 – May 13, 1986) has introduced the martyr according to what his family, comrades and friends have said. These memoirs have obtained in 20 hours of interview with these individuals. This 144-page book has been released by Sayeh Gostar Publications the headquarters of which is in the city of Qazvin in 2017.

Martyr Students As Narrated By Their History

During years 1394 and 1395 (SH), a collection titled "The Elites of Science and Sacrifice", in memoriam of martyr students, ordered by National Congress of Students Martyrs was compiled and edited and published by Fatehan Publication. Fatehan Publication sent a multitude of this collection to Oral History Website of Iran, which we will review them on the occasion of day of student martyrs (January 6).

It was released

Theoretical and Methodological Issues of Oral History

It was stated in the introduction: "Oral history as complementary of contemporary historiography considers many aspects of human existence and human relationships that are not identified by a quantitative tool, and through qualitative approach, according to human experiences, attempts to consider the dimensions from perspective of people who have experienced a subject or event. In compiling this book, the author, using qualitative research method, draws a framework in all stages of the work including ...

About the Fourth Book of Series of "Historians and Narrators of Battle Scenes"

All the Threes: Lesson, Front, and Narrating

"Historians and Narrators of Battle Scenes; The Third Course of Mofid School; Martyr Narrators: Hossein Jalayipour, Mohsen Feiz, Hamid Salehi" research and interviewed by Somayeh Hosseini and Morteza Ghazi and wrote by Morteza Ghazi, is one of the published works by Center for Holy Defense Documents and Research in 2017.

Memories of Mohammad Sam Kermani and...

Two Interviews Which Became a Book Titled "Your Majesty Be Carefree!"

"Your Majesty Be Carefree (in Persian: Khater Ala Hazrat Asudeh)!" is memoirs and untold words of Mohammad Sam Kermani (1924-2015), one of ministries of Interior and Intelligence and Tourism of Pahlavi regime. This 680-page book was produced by Hamid Davoodabadi and Nargol Publication released it in summer of 2017.

Research Literature & Oral History

We are constantly dealing with oral history texts that, if included in the historiography circle, their genealogies are missing. Perhaps under appreciation of the most important part of the writing, which is a major contribution to the endurance and validity of the text, has been neglected. Negligence and hurriedness, have caused a lot of work not to be desirable. To this end, we try to recall in this succinct series, the literature of research in accrediting the text.
Three books included memories:

"The Seeds of Pomegranate", "You Are Iranian; Are not You?", "Thirteen in Seven"

By reading this book, you will be familiar with books "The seeds of pomegranate", "You are Iranian, Are not you?" and "Thirteen in seven". These books include memories about Saddams army imposed war against Islamic Republic of Iran.
First chapter of oral history films of Isfahan Bazar unveiled

Accompaniment of oral and visual history

According to the website of Iranian Oral History, “the ceremony for unveiling the first chapter of the collection of oral history films of Isfahan Bazar” attended by a number of veterans of the bazar and organized by Assar Khaneh Shahi Museum (the Center for Studies of Isfahans Public Culture) was held in the Conference Hall of the Central Library of the city of Isfahan on Sunday 29th of April 2018.
Difference between written memories and oral history (part I)

Similar in appearance, but different

The following report is based on an invitation in which history experts are asked questions about oral history. In this regard, two experts, Saeid Alamian and Ali Tatari have been answered, as their perspective, to the one of the questions titled "Difference between written memories and oral history". We will read these comments as follows.