An Overview of Imam Musa Sadr Oral History Plan

“Days of Homesickness” as narrated by two ladies

The book “Days of Homesickness: Memories of Fereshteh Arabi and Fatemeh Tabatabaee” is the 54th book from the collection “Memories” and the 5th book of the collection “Oral History” in the Research Institute of Imam Musa Sadr. The first edition of the book was published by the institute and the Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini Works in 2019 in 360 pages. The book has been shaped with the attempt of Mahdieh Palizban.

The sum of 160 hours interviews

For Zain Ab: The Life of Shahid Mohammad Balbasi, one of Holy Shrine Defender, is a 390-pages book published in 2019 by ‘Shahid Kazemi Publication’ in Qom, sponsored by Karbala-25 Special Division. The authors of the book are Somayyeh Islami and Fatemeh Ghanbari. Marzieh Padyab, Mehdi Shirzad, Elaheh Hosseinzadeh, and Maryam Shahbazi, in addition to one of authors, are the team of research for this book.

The Oral History of the Revolution Visual Arts narrated in Sadehrang

This 351-pages book is formed with an interview done by Hossein Vahid Rezaeinia and the research and compiling done by Gholamreza Gholizadeh; and is published by “Rahyar Publication”. This press publishes the books of Islamic Revolution Cultural Studies Bureau. Through Iranian Oral History website, you have recently familiarized with other works of this press which have been published in 2019 like this book.

A new book from Islamic Revolution Literature Bureau Oral History Unit

Memories of “Hard Days of Struggle”

The book begins with an introduction and with six sections: “Teenage and Education in Hamedan”, “Teaching, Detention and Joint Anti-Terrorism Committee”, “Qasr Prison”, “Evin Prison”, “On the Eve of Revolution Victory”, “The Tomorrow of Victory”. At the end of each of these main titles, there are many sub-titles, both in list and in text that each of them tells a story will be mentioned later; they refer to a particular day, or place, or individuals ...

Issue 8 of “Oral History Bi-Annual” released

The following titles are seen in the issue seven of the journal: The neglected layers of narration (Mehdi Abolhasan Taraqi), Mircha Eliadeh and Jalal Sattari deep in oral history (Peiman Abolbashari, Hasan Sadeghi Samarjani), Oral history and its importance in writing the characteristics of local women in southern Iran (Abolfazl Hasan Abadi), Availability of oral history interviews in provincial centers of the National Library and Archives of Islamic Republic of Iran (Peimaneh Salehi), ...

Relation of "Community of Memory" and History

Oral history in Iran is based on two models of compilation; either an interview is fully implemented and is committed on paper, or it is formed by the editor with his or her taste in form of narrative. Many works have also been published in these forms so far. But in our country, there is one aspect of oral history that has been concealed and it is methodological aspect.

The Library of Memoirs

"Flight through Southern Window "," The First Narration of Cherry Red Notebook "and" Stopped in Time"

We read the Introduction of three books of memoirs in the following. The first common feature of these books is that they consist memoirs and life story. Another feature that brings them closer to oral history range is that the mentioned temporal, spatial, and individual characteristics in the heart of memoirs are related to important events in the history of our country or in certain regions.

About the book "Strategy and Nothing Else"

Seven interviews with a security expert

"Strategy and Nothing Else: an interview with Nasser Razavi, security expert on the Mojahedin Organization of Iran" is the full title of a book compiled by Mohammad Hassan Rozitalab. This book with a 247 pages has published for first time by Ya Zahra publication in year 2019. The book includes the introduction, the text of seven sessions of interview and photos. In the introduction, Rozitalab introduced the interviewee and added: ...

About two books

"Virtuous Pilot (Khalaban-e Varasteh)" and "Sound of Oars (Seda-ye Parooha)"

Iranian Oral History Website: this time we again introduce you two memory books produced in the Hozeh Honari Office of Culture and Studies of Resistance of provincial centers as follows. These books have been published by Sooreh Mehr Publication in 1398 (2019).

"Handmade Wishes", "a Girl from Tabriz ", "Lady Instructor", "Rise Up!"

Oral history of knowledge, women, schools and hymns in four books

Iranian oral history website - entitled "Oral History", published four works by the Office of Studies of Islamic Revolutions Cultural Front, and its publication, Rahyar, in the spring of year 2019.
Necessities, Fields, and Research Topics

An Introduction on Oral History of Iranian Architecture

History is a great market included orders such as politics, society, religion, economics, culture and civilization. Any order can be crossed, but the market order and structure cannot be separated and disrupted. History should not and cannot be limited to political, social and economic history. The history of each nations culture and civilization also exhibits the political, social, religious and economic manifestations of that nation.
304th ‘Night of Memorials’-2

When I was in a dark room...

According to the Iranian Oral History website, the 304th ‘Night of Memorials of Holy Defense’ was held on Thursday evening, July 25, 2019 at the Sureh Hall of the Hozeh Honari. In this meeting, Bakhshali Alizadeh, Ibrahim Khodabandeh and Mohammad Mosaheb, related some of their memories of Mujahidin Khalq Organization and Mersad Operation. In the first part of this report you read the memoirs of Bakhshali Alizadeh.

Few Tips on Oral History Interviewing

History is collective incidents, events and past experiences, and the fate of each individual depends on it. Hence, this fundamental fact must be taken into account when collecting, recording and narrating it in various forms (written, non-written). The collective might be small (family, family, city, region) or large (ethnicity, race, nation, country). Thus, the term history embodies the meaning of the group and is the opposite of the individual and the individuality.
The head of military organization expresses

Army war veterans to become oral history interviewers

Iranian Oral History website – The Islamic Republic of Iran Army during the eight-year holy defense defended Iranian territory with all might from ground, air and sea, and has published many works in the areas of novel, narrative biographies, collection of memories, atlas of battles, war chronicles, and research books in order to keep and record this epic. Meanwhile, we miss oral history tangibly.