SABAH (55)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

In the afternoon, Shahnaz and I went to Taleghani hospital to visit our father but the nurses informed us that he has been transferred to Opidey hospital. We went there. We saw Reza Alboughabish in the hospital. He was one of those fighters who commuted to mosque from the first days of the war. Ever since Sheikh Sharif had come to Khorramshahr, Reza was his driver and full-time companion. He was a known face among the Khorramshahr team members.

SABAH (54)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

I was very worried on our way to the hospital. I was worried for the child. He had lots of shrapnel and I did not know which one of them has created deep wounds and which one has resulted to light wounds. Mosadegh was driving with one hand and was holding the child with the other hand tightly. If he moved his hand away from the child, he would fall out of the vehicle in one of the bumps or swirling movements of the car.

SABAH (53)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

Mousavi did not utter a word. He only blinked four five times rapidly. His face color turned bluish, his head tilted to the right and fell. I looked at his whole body. There was no sign of bullet or shrapnel. There was no hole or rapture in his clothes. Dr. Saadat told the pick-up driver: “The situation of the injured patients is very bad. You have to take them to the hospital. We cannot do anything for them here.”

SABAH (52)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

I heard from injured that Sheikh Sharif has compiled a number of defense forces and is resisting around the customs. We became hopeful hearing this news besides the news from Major Sharif Nasab and commandoes’ resistance. In Abouzar team, there was a young boy called Mostafa who had green eyes. He was from Khorramshahr and hardly sixteen seventeen years old and his beard had not grown yet. I had seen him several ...

SABAH (51)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

We had a rough night full of stress and anxiety. We heard from the injured that customs area and Taleghani district have been sieged completely and is under the control of Iraqis. I decided to check on Fouziyeh and Shahnaz. Despite the chaotic situation of the city, I went to the kitchen with caution. Their situation was the same as ours. Their location was even more insecure than any other. Ghazi Zadeh sisters, ...

SABAH (50)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

Finally, the sun dawned on the morning of twenty first day of first month of autumn. The Iraqis had stricken the city constantly since last night; without having even one-hour rest. We were in the office that the constant horning of a car at the entrance caught our attention. Usually when a driver brought an injured in critical situation, he horned like that to inform us. In five seconds, I reached the entrance of the office, standing in front of the Jeep that had injured on board.

SABAH (49)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

First, Mousavi and I went to visit Amir Sameri and the rest of the brothers. They were very happy to see us and our visit lifted their spirits. Then we went to see Zohreh and Zahra. Each were hospitalized in one room. First we went to Zohreh. She had bent on the bed full of sorrow and was staring directly. As I walked in, Zohreh noticed me. I went beside her bed.

SABAH (48)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

Right at that moment, an ambulance arrived. The driver got off quickly. He was a big and relatively fat man. As he got off the car, another RPG bullet hit the ground five six meters away from us and one of the army forces collapsed. After the dust and soil and fire died down, the driver of the ambulance went towards the injured. I followed him. We had not yet reached the ...

SABAH (47)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

Thanks God he also jumped without any problem. I noticed that he did not lie on the ground like the others to keep safe from the Iraqi fire He stood on the edge of the roof and hung his head down and stretched his hand towards me and said: “sister, give me your hand and jump. It is a long way down. If God forbid you fall, your life will be endangered.”

SABAH (46)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

At the night of the eighteenth day of autumn, Iraqis targeted and shot Khorramshahr throughout the whole night. We really felt that the city fall count down has started. In the morning of eighteenth, Zahra, Dr. Mostafavi, Hassan Sorkhou, Dr. Saadat and I went to the frontline with the Abouzar team members. Since we were many in numbers, we could take more aid equipment. We filled two ammunition boxes with gauze, bandage, Betadine, Savlon, adhesive tape …

An Excerpt from the Memoirs of Colonel Ali Ghamari

On October 22, 1980, it was announced that all the defenders of the garrison Khorramshahr have died a martyr, which had a very bad effect on fighters spirit, because our place, that is the garrison Khorramshahr, had been completely occupied by the Iraqis. Many cried when heard this news. I was very upset to hear it, but could not believe whether it was true. So, I sent one of the informants to investigate about it and then to let me know.

Special Memoirs of the Shah and the Reaction of Foreign Interviewers to Them

With the publication of the book "Mission for My Homeland" by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in September 1960, which can be considered as his autobiography and memoirs, some issues were raised for the first time that had not been mentioned before. According to Article 35 of the Iranian Constitution, he considered his monarchy a "Divine Gift", believed that God had chosen him and given him the mission to rule over the land and people of Iran.
The 321st Night of Memory – 2

Truthful Torturers!

The 321st Night of Memory was held online on the Aparat website on February 21, 2021. In this program, "Mohammad Reza Ali Hosseini" and "Davood Asadi Khameneh" shared their memories. In this program, which was dedicated to the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Davood Salehi was present as the host. The second guest of the Night of Memory was Davood Asadi Khamenei, one of the fighters of the years before the revolution.
Book Review:


The book "Jahanara" is the queries on the life and memoirs of martyr Seyed Mohammad Ali Jahanara collected by Ali Akbar Mozdabadi from his wife, comrades, diaries, interviews, and notes, and released by Ya Zahra Publications in 2019. The book begins with a straightforward and understandable note from the author in which he talks about the process of formation and production of this work. In this introduction, it is stated that the ...