SABAH (93)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

Two three days had passed since we had come to Tehran. Fouzieh said that she is supposed to go to camping with her training colleagues in school to perform Jihad tasks. She asked me to go with them. We were supposed to go to Damavand to harvest wheat for some farmers, then go to a building in Firoozeh castle which belonged to one of the court members. The location of this two-day camp was there.

SABAH (92)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

In such conditions, the news of escape of Bani Sadr disguised in female clothes together with Masoud Rajavi on the seventh day of second month of summer of 1360 (1981) made big talks in the country. I do not remember where I heard this news but I remember well that I was so happy with this news that I wanted to scream. Hearing that a bad luck such as Bani Sadr from the country was not a little thing.

SABAH (91)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

Mr. Ghorbani was attending to the martyr. He tried to find specifications on them and looked into their pockets. If he found an ID, he wrote down and if there was any specific item with the martyr, he placed it in a plastic bag and kept it to be handed over to their families. At the end, he sent them to the morgue. Most of the nights, we would work till sunrise. We sent some injured to operation room.

SABAH (90)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

There were cases which the doctor had to amputate and they had no other option. One time, Dr. Akashe decided to amputate the foot of an injured. He had tried his best to preserve it but there was really no possibility. On that day I was looking at the surgery from rear of the glass window of the resting area of personnel. For amputation , there was a saw made of steel with big and arc shaped ribs. Dr. Akashe took the saw in his hands and placed it upper the knee of the patient and resected the ...

SABAH (89)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

He started talking that we were inside the house and my wife was washing clothes in the yard when the mortar bomb hit the door and the big quiver hit my wife. I told him: “Do you still wanna stay?!” He said: “Not any more. If I stay, both my children will be lost too.” I said: “One should have been killed so that you accept to leave here?! This poor woman was breast feeding. Now what will you do with her child?

SABAH (88)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

One time, they brought a patient from Fars province to our hospital. He needed surgery. After surgery we received him in recovery and brought him to the ward. At that time, the medication used for anesthesia was “Ketalar”. Due to the use of Ketalar in anesthesia, the patients went into a condition that they expressed anything they had in their minds and if anybody asked a question from them, they gave the right answer subconsciously;

SABAH (87)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

One day, Shahnaz and I decided to go and visit him. We asked the address until we found it. Their house was a big garden in Farmaniyeh Avenue. We were surprised to see the house and the entrance door. We couldn’t believe that he could come from such a family and residence. We knocked. His father answered the door. We introduced ourselves and said that we have come from Abadan to visit his son. The man acted very respectfully and invited us in.

SABAH (86)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

We returned to the hospital. We shook hands with the nurses and kissed and congratulated the Nowruz. We all wished that this is the last year that the country is stuck with the war … Two three days had passed since the Nowruz. I had taken leave to go to Tehran and visit my family. I wanted to be with them since I had not been with them the moment the Nowruz arrived. One of our friends called Zohreh Farrokh Nejad was from Shiraz and wanted to go and visit her family.

SABAH (85)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

Twenty second day of the second month of winter of 1980 was approaching. We wanted to celebrate the anniversary of victory of revolution despite being in the war. We decided to hold an exhibition in the hospital. Dr. Sa’adat, Fouziyeh, Afsaneh, me and a few others gathered to think about it. A surgery ward technician, Mr. Karegar, had ideas in cultural events. He had come from Hamedan together with Dr. Afsharis team to Abadan. He drew two three beautiful paintings for the exhibition.

SABAH (84)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

My greatest motivation for staying in Tehran was to find a chance to visit Imam Khomeini. Since 1357 and the trip I had to Qom and had seen him in person, I always remembered those sweet moment in my mind every night. In my family, except for myself, Ferdows had also visited Imam in person in her teenage years and fifteen years old. In the last month of autumn, a bus was arranged for women who had activities and logistics behind the frontline were going to visit Imam.

Nayereh Sadat Ehtesham Razavi Narrates Meeting with Shahid Nawab Safavi

Despite I did all my best, I could not meet him until shortly before his martyrdom. At that time, we lived in Sar Asiyab Doolab. One day I entered a real estate agency in Khorasan Square and asked, ‘Sir, will you let me call?’ He replied: ‘No problem.’ I dialed the phone number of the military prosecutor and talked to Azmoudeh. I said to him: ‘You have imprisoned the soldiers of Islam and the offspring of the Messenger of God for supporting religion, and sentenced them to death; ...
A review of the book "From the Pavilion to the Trench"

Memoirs of Abbas Ali Dargahi

On the cover of [the book] "From the Pavilion to the Trench" is a contemplative image of an engraved warrior prostrating outside the trench under the protection of his God, and on the back [cover] of the book is a multi-line narrative of the great victory: "The fighting forces, seeing the destruction of the Iraqi tanks, rushed towards the Iraqis from the trench with shouts of God Almighty, and at four oclock in the morning,
Review of the book "Sky is Close to Heaven"

Memoirs of Pilot Hossein Behzadfar

A suitable photo of a pilot and a stair-liked arrangement of the title, which remind the peak and the flight, is used for the cover of the book "Sky is Close to Heaven". The book begins with a brief dedication by the pilot Hossein Behzadfar to his wife and then handwriting of thanks to those who work to collect the memories of warriors and martyrs. Then there is an introduction of the Sacred Defense Documents Organization, ...
The 328th of Night of Memory – 2

Narrating the Heroism of the Air Force

To narrate the memories of the Sacred defense, the 328th Night of Memory program was held by Davoud Salehi as the presenter on Thursday, September 23, 2021, in the tomb of the anonymous martyrs of the Art Centers. Commander Jahangir Ibn Yamin and Commander Akbar Zamani shared their memories in this meeting. In the second part of the Night of Memory program, the presenter, said: "Analyzing the behavior of our pilots in the Air Force of the Army ...