Memoirs of Marzieh Hadidchi (Part 21)

In 1974, after discharging from hospital, I was still convalescing, when I was heard one of our members has been arrested with a car full of explosives and weapons as he was crossing the border to enter the country. We knew him as "Mortaza". After tolerating torture and excessive pressures, he said that he has brought me those weapons, imagining I am still in the prison. While I was not aware of that, and I did not know from where and for whom or which group he has brought them.

Memoirs of Marzieh Hadidchi (Part 20)

In the previous period of being imprisoned, I had pretended that I am an uneducated woman and it had been written in my case, so I was aware that I should keep playing the same role and acknowledge I am illiterate. Insisting on my illiteracy and lack of ability of reading and writing angered the interrogator and said, "You can not write even simple words, then how you wanted to fight against Shah and to change the rule?"

Memoirs of Marzieh Hadidchi (Part 19)

In Qasr Prison, pickpocket, smuggler, whore, and swindler women all were in one block, and sometimes political prisoners were sent there for punishment and mental harassment. Among the political prisoners in the women block of Qasr Prison, I can refer to Mrs. Nasri (Morteza Nabavis wife), Manzar Khayyer, Zarri Mousavi Garmaroudi (Ali Mousavi Garmaroudis wife), [Soosan] Haddad Adel, Zahra Mihandoost (Ali Mihandoosts wife) who were most from Refah School.

Memoirs of Marzieh Hadidchi (Part 18)

I released when I was sick and weak physically because of withstanding all those overwhelming tortures were. And I could not walk. My wounds had been infectious and my whole body was paining severely, so that I moved hardly. When I dragged myself along the wall limpingly and reached to the Toopkhaneh square (Imam Khomeini) with a flower-patterned chador over my head, I could not stand on my feet much longer.

Memoirs of Marzieh Hadidchi (Part 17)

When I heard what happened to my daughter, the flower of my life garden, there was no end for my deep and strange hate of the regime and the agents... In the new condition, my wounds not only did not improve, but their infection recurred and the annoying smell of it filled the whole cell; and as time went on, it would get worse, so that I was confined to bed.

Memoirs of Marzieh Hadidchi (Part 16)

At 7 AM, they came and wrapped Rezvanehs lifeless body up in a blanket. The thought of her death made me to blow my top, so that, if a mountain was in front of me would break up. I grabbed everything and knocked and kicked the door, and yelled: "Take me too! I want to be with my kid! What did you do to her, killers! Criminals!! And..." Meanwhile, I heard a beautiful recitation of the ...

Memoirs of Marzieh Hadidchi (Part 15)

I suffered the worst and the most terrible tortures about sixteen days, but still did not say anything important to the agents, and this was unacceptable for agents and interrogators. Therefore, they embarked on a dirty non-human malicious act. They arrested and brought to the committee my second daughter, Rezvaneh, who had just married to a young man. They thought that they can break down my resistance with such a psychological pressures and forced me to speak.

Memoirs of Marzieh Hadidchi (Part 14)

During these period, my husband was busy working in national company of construction as an accountant, because of some business problems in bazaar and by recommendation of his friends. And most of the time he was away from home and spent in another city. One night, he had come back home after three months to visit his family, and I had just returned from Hamedan. I had gone to Hamedan a few days to look after the baby of one of our relatives who was in prison.

Memoirs of Marzieh Hadidchi (Part 13)

"We are commanded to be your guest for a few days!" the agents said, when their ransacking failed. "Well, apparently I can not do anything! But I beg you to go upstairs. I have seven daughters and your presence bothered them." I said. They went to the upstairs, where I showed them. And incidentally it was not bad for them, because they could watch everywhere. At noon, they came downstairs and asked for lunch.

Memoirs of Marzieh Hadidchi (Part 12)

I should continue my studying. After Ayatollah Saeedi martyrdom, I looked for a scholar to begin my studying. The debate meetings were held at scholars house. After a few sessions, I felt that he taught me reluctantly. One day, I went to his house according to the usual schedule at 10 am. "He said no much longer he can teach you." when I knocked, his wife opened the door and told me. I protested, why? He should tell me why he can not.
Recording Memories for Documentation Process of Evolution

Projects That Address Oral History of Universities

According to history of Kharazmi University -as the first university of Iran- history of establishment of university in Iran is about one hundred years. During this century, many universities were established before and after victory of Islamic Revolution of Iran, and have undergone a lot of historical, political, social and scientific ups and downs.
About Holy Defense History of The Army Navy

The War Documents of Sea

We talk very little about sea. This is a historical fact that whenever we made our development sea-centered was heyday of our countrys history and whenever we neglected sea was era of decline of our country. The fact is that countries that entered waters and acted wisely and seized seas are powerful countries today. Because of situating between the two depths of Persian Gulf and Oman Sea in the south and sea of ...
Oral History Interview & Importance – Part 30 (Finale)


The final phase in the oral history interview process is archiving the transcription and audio, video files and all other relevant documents. The objective is to preserve the interview and provide easy and quick user access. This phase requires detailed and applicable and cost-effective planning conducted by a specific method.
Holding the Specialized Conference on Sacred Defense Oral History

We Have Less Than 1% of Sacred Defense Oral History

The specialized conference on oral history of Sacred Defense was held in the conference hall of National Archive Organization by Research and Training Circle of Sacred Defense Documents and Papers Organization and accompanied by NLAIs Institute of Documents on November 1, 2017. Invitees to this program were directors and experts of field of Sacred Defenses oral history in general directorates of Foundation for Preservation of Relics and Publishing Values of Holy Defense of coordinate provinces and organizations.