Miscalculation in distribution of leaflets

On that when I entered the prison of SAVAK in Mashhad [Aban of 1350–October 1971], I was given a shirt and a trousers and transferred to cell no. 10. After I was arrested transferred there, Mr. Akhavi [Hojjat al-Eslam Seyed Ali Khamenei] and a number of our other friends both clerics and non-clerics had also been arrested. Mr. Akhavi was in one of the cells behind my cell. I recognized them ...

You are superior to epic

At that time, we were living in Chizar neighborhood in Tehran. Mehdi, my first child, was 3 months old, we took him and left for Qom. For the first two months, we were the guests of a religious student who was a friend of my husband. We had not brought any means of living. We were waiting for the SAVAK to attack our house in Chizar, but when nothing happened, after two ...

Memoirs of Sayyed Mohammad Sadr

Mr. Khatamis government made a serious effort to follow up on his situation and bring it to an end. In the first step, when Mr. Khatami decided to take serious action, raised the issue with me and said: “when one of their nationals is imprisoned in a country, Westerners try and invest as much as they can to finally release and return them; and now, one of the great Shia clerics, Imam Musa Sadr, ...

The First Single Hymn Group

The events of the 8th of September and the condition of the people and martyrs of that day affected me a lot. I said that this incident should not be forgotten. I thought that this event should be kept current in peoples minds and tongues. The regime should not be able to finance this event and after some time the water will fall from the mill and it will run out and go away. I was looking at the coming months and years.

A cut from memoirs of Ayatollah Khalkhali

At three minutes past five in the afternoon on 8th of Shahrivar, 1360 (August 30, 1981), a tremendous sound echoed around the Majlis (parliament). Later it turned out that the sound had come from the Prime Minister Office. The Majlis lawmakers, who had a meeting that evening and the meeting had not yet started, rushed out when they heard the sound, and I, myself, witnessed the flames coming from the windows and in the northern part of the prime ministers building.

Khuzestan Judicial Organization of the Armed Forces:

The Oral History of Holy Defense

Narrated by Hojjatul-Islam Mohammad Niazi

Khuzestan Judicial Organization of Armed Forces: The Oral History of Holy Defense Narrated by Hojjatul-Islam Mohammad Niazi, was published by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Center for Documents and Research of Holy Defense, with attempt of Yahya Niazi in 2022. The design of the cover represents the collection of oral history of the holy defense done at this center. This center has used a single graphic design (in different color) ...

Prisoner Song

Among the hymns that we recited in Hosseiniyeh was the “Prisoner" hymn. One of the famous slogans of the people was "freedom of political prisoners". My mind was busy with this position and I was looking for an opportunity to do something in this field. Prominent figures such as late Taleghani and Mr. Montazeri were considered symbols of political prisoners. When we talked about the "freedom of political prisoners", our mouths were mainly directed to these characters.

Visiting Karbala on Foot

Memoirs of Hojjat-ul-Islam Sayed Aliakbar Mohtashamipour

During the year, there are several occasions when the pilgrimage of Hazrat Abi Abdullahs shrine is highly recommended on those days, and there are many authentic traditions about the virtue of visiting Imam Hussain shrine on those days. Special occasions for pilgrimage are: Friday nights, Arafah Day, Arbaeen Day, first day of Rajab, night of 15th Rajab, night of 15th Shaban, Qadr nights in the holy Ramadan, and Eid al-Fitr. In Iraq, on at least four occasions, Shiites and those ...

Along with Husband

Nakhl-e-Nakhda neighborhood was far from the city center, our house was a safe place to hold meetings. Clergymen and fighters who were friends of my husband hid books and leaflets in our house. Most of the leaflets were brought by Mr. Darvishi from Qom and hidden in date packages so that no one would notice them. I [Nessa Shoja Nakhli] also hid the packages in the wardrobe and kitchen until people from Bandar Lange, ...

A Rule to Regulate the Relationship between the Islamic Revolution and Al Fateh

At the end of September 1978, the head of the Iraqi Security Organization and a minister came to the Imam [Khomeini] and asked him to refrain from expressing political opinions and sending messages and declarations and any political activities. And he threatened that otherwise he would not tolerate their presence in Iraq. Imam said that he committed to political activity and would emigrate from Iraq. He also sent their passports to the Najaf Security Organization to get an exit visa.
Book Review

Ascension from Olive Branch

Narratives about the life of Ahmad Motevaselian from childhood to captivity
The book " Ascension from Olive Branch" authored by Javad Kalateh Arabi was published by Nashr-e 27 Bethat and the Publications of Irans Press Institution in the spring of 1402 (2023) in 500 copies with price of 210000 tomans. After the introduction, in the first page, the ayah 158 of sura Nessa of the holy Quran has been written, "They certainly did not kill him (Jesus). Rather, Allah raised him up to Himself."
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Pahlavi Political Prisons Encyclopedia

The entries were extracted from existing written and oral sources, and were listed in alphabetical order. All the entries are related to associated elements inside the prison and relying on the political prison. As stated in the preface, the entries have been used in at least two studied sources (written and oral) or one authentic source. A new entry has been created for the concepts or events and actions which did not have a written and explicit entry.

Members of Combatant Clergy Association arrested

On one of the nights of the holy month of Ramadan in 1356 (1977), the Central Council of the Combatant Clergy Association held a meeting in the house of Mr. Sheikh Ali Asghar Morvarid, in western Tehran, and we decided to continue the meeting until dawn. Some twenty people including misters professor Motahari, Mahdavi Kani and Mousavi Ardebili and other well-known people were present in the meeting. From there, professor Motahari contacted with the holy Najaf by
Book Review

Naneh Ali

Naneh Ali is the narrative of Zahra Homayounis life, who is the mother of martyrs Amir and Ali Shahabadi, written by Morteza Asadi. In addition to the eloquent and readable content, the difference between the memoirs and other biographies of martyrs mothers, as well as using the method of retrospect, has added to the appeal of work. This book has 15 chapters which are: Goodbye Spring, Those Two Blue Eyes, The Sword of Zulfaghar, The Birth of a Butterfly, ...