A narrative from a pilgrim:

The Role of Women in Managing the Arbaeen Walk

"Simple but peaceable houses"

After all, it was the promised day. We left the city of Najaf to attend the Arbaeen walk on 25 October of 2016 at 11:00 am. Besides us, other people were leaving the city. After an hour of walking, we arrived at the exit of the city and Pillar-1. The road was divided into three parts. There were two roads for walking and one road for cars. There was a commotion.

A narrative from a pilgrim:

Houses dedicated to Imam Hussein

After saying goodbye to the shrine of Ali ibn Abi Talib (PBUH), we set out for the exit of Najaf to attend the Arbaeen walk on Friday of 25 October of 2018, at 8:30 am. After a little walking, we reached a square where we passed it every year but we were hesitant to move to the right or the left. A companion who was an Arabic-speaking of Khorramshahr asked the policeman ...

Operation Samen al-Aemmeh in the Memoirs of Zohreh Farhadi

It was the month of October of the year 1360 (1981). Unwillingly, I felt the atmosphere of the first days of school again, and I was worried. If the war had not started, Fatemeh Farhanian, Masoumeh Ramhormozi, few other high school girls, and I would have been worked. Before the war, the most important hours of my life were spent at school. Until last year, I used to start the autumn with ...

He Was Actually a Prominent Commander

In the early morning hours of the first day of October, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the beginning of sacred defense, a 5-minute video clip entitled "An Honored General" was broadcast on channel two, in which the Supreme Leader recalled the martyrdom of Ahmad Kazemi twice. In addition to the photos of this memoir, there were some photos of his presence with Martyr Kazemi on the fronts, and speeches ...

Excerpts from the memoirs of Valiollah Chehpour

Explosion in the Prime Minister Office

The day the Prime Minister Office exploded in Pasteur Square and Mr. Mohammad Ali Rajaei, the President, and Mr. Bahonar, the Prime Minister, were martyred, I and Mr. Ashraf Eslami, who was then the Deputy and Legal Representative of Prime Minister, were having lunch on the restaurant at ground floor of the building, when suddenly there was a terrible explosion from the upper floor of the building where the meeting room of ...

Muharram in Qom

Hajj Hossein Soleimani, one of the businessmen and fighters before the revolution, exiled with the supreme leader in Jiroft and one of the current servants of Astan Quds Razavi , narrates the days of Muharram mourning in Qom in the 1970s as follows: In the first decade of Muharram, led by Hajj Yadollah Alishahi, we worked with schoolchildren and their families to set up tents for the mourning of Yazd people in ...

A section of memories of Behjat Afraz

It is eight or ten months that we have had no letter from our captive

From 1988 to 1990, when the Iranian freed-POWs returned to the country, Saddam had become more rebellious and did not allow them to be visited and the issues related to them to be pursued or letters of the captives to reach their families. For this reason, the families were referring to our office and said that we have not had a letter from our captive for eight or ten months, and the ...


Regarding his acquaintance with the holy shrine of Imam Reza (PBUH), Haj Hossain Sulaimani, a merchant in bazar, and a pre-revolutionary campaigner who was in exile along with the Leader of Islamic Revolution in the city of Jiroft and the current servant of Astan-e Qods Razavi narrates as follows: After the end of the first grade, we went to Mashhad for the first time with our relatives and family. Out of devotion, ...

Memories of Narrator of the Book "The Most Beautiful Days of Life"; Seyyedeh Fawzia Madih

I Traded My Patience with God

I was born in Khorramshahr and am one of the most resilient women in this city. I have witnessed and participated in the revolution, the Arab People War, and the Resistance War in Khorramshahr. I want to start with Isfahani People Hosseinieh in Khorramshahr. We were a number of passionate and active young people who started our cultural activities in this city.

Memoirs of Iran Torabi

Womens logistics and support during the scared defense

According to website of Iranian Oral History, the owner of the memories of the book “Memoirs of Iran” is Mrs. Iran Torabi who recounted her memoirs of the sacred defense in December 2019 during the 19th commemoration ceremony of the martyrs of Ansar Rasoullollah (SAWA) Battalion. She has been active in the hospital in the war areas and in remote areas of the country for years.

From Condolence Theater in the Role of Ruqayyah bint Al-Hussein (PBUH) to Eulogy in Geneva

Hajj Yadollah Behtash has been a eulogist of Ahl al-Bayt (PBUH) for nearly half a century. His background includes eulogies in the House of Leader and Geneva, Switzerland, and he has written numerous religious books, but few interviews are available from his memoirs and life. The "Iranian Oral History Website" decided to conduct an interview about the life of this patriarch of the Ahl al-Bayt (PBUH) on the occasion of the days of mourning of Aba Abdullah (PBUH).
It was mentioned in an interview with Batoul Qayyumi:

We Bought Clothes for the Operating Room with the Money Gathered in Khorramshahr Liberation Ceremony

During the eight years of sacred defense, when men were fighting with the enemy on the front lines, ladies gathered in houses, mosques, and cultural and religious centers to provide food, clothing, and other necessities for the warriors. Batoul Qayyumi (known as Shabani), born in Qahroud, Kashan, is one of the ladies who, during the eight years of the sacred defense, has made many efforts and provided many ladies in Tehran province ...

Current concern of oral history: Gap in theorization

In the conversation ahead, Dr. Ali Tatari, the professor of history and a member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Oral History Association with years of experience as the Head of the Document Center of Iranian Majlis (parliament) Library discusses the pathology of theorization in area of oral history and the status of this field in universities.

Significance of interaction between local history and oral history in compiling local writing

Compilation as a final product of many interviews has been noticed by the individual or collective projects of oral history. Compilation in oral history depends on a variety of factors, such as the policy making of the centers, the compiler, and the type of interview. This article deals with the relationship between local history and oral history and its impact on compilation in order to address issues such as the nature of ...