Meeting Jamshid Amouzegar at Ayatollah Khoei House

[Jamshid Amouzegar goes to Najaf and meets Ayatollah Khoei. In that meeting] ... the minister said: "We have come from Iran to visit your Excellency. The king sent us to say hello and have a greeting with you on his behalf, and since it was not possible for him to make on pilgrimage to you and grandeur Imams, we are his representative for pilgrimage. His sayings showed that he has come to get guarantee that ...

Demoralization of Prisoners

I was not familiar with prison rules because I had not been in prison before. The political prison was governed by certain rules and regulations which I was unaware of. One of the inmates, named Kheirollah, who was a teacher from Nahavand, and another one, named Harami, who now works in IRIB Corporation, and I were brought here from the committee. ‘Haji,’ they said, ‘thanks to the fact that we got rid of committee and torturers, will fast tomorrow.’

A Memorial of the Islamic Association Abroad

Translated by: Zahra Hosseinian

One of the most passionate meetings of students after the Ashura [in 1978] was their gathering at the Surrey University. The great hall of the university had been booked, and over six or seven hundred population of men and women gathered there. I mentioned that the slogan of Takbir is the memorial of the Islamic Association Abroad. Before the revolution, Takbir was rarely heard in domestic meetings, but almost in the months leading up to the victory of the revolution, ...

The Gift of Shahanshah Aryamehr to you

A few days after the martyrdom of the people and clergies in the city of Qom, we were informed that the people in Tabriz had staged protest rallies against the Shahs regime. I who had spent student days in Tabriz and had many friends over there, left Qom for Tabriz to have political and revolutionary activities and resided in the house of one of these friends. A few days had remained to the ...

Leading the demonstrations

When the Eid al-Fitr came to an end, it was announced that the demonstrations would be held from the same location for more three other days. The issue was also advertised for two days. On the sixteenth day, the military occupied all the streets of Tehran since early in the morning. It was dawn when some of the guys came to our house and said, "Haj Agha, it was announced the day before yesterday ...

Introducing the Name of Imam Khomeini for the First Time

A few days after the martyrdom of Haj Mustafa [Khomeini], scholars and clerics held a final assembly in the Bazaar Grand Mosque, where a large crowd had gathered. I also participated in that assembly. The speaker of that meeting, who was the late Sheikh Hassan Taheri from Isfahan, named Imam Khomeini after years when it had been forbidden, and the assembly ended with a great enthusiasm. The next day, Ayatollah Motahhari telephoned and said: ...

Cultural activities in Lebanon

Before going abroad, I was familiar with fluent Arabic to a great extent, and after the trip, due to my previous talent in this field; I was able to make up for my shortcomings in a short time and very quickly. I also got familiar with slang Arabic. One of the things I started on the sideline of my activities was the translating of a few books that I felt needed to be published for the campaigners inside and outside the country.

Protest against the unfavorable situation of Shiraz University

We religious people who saw these scenes regularly, sat and talked together about the bad situation, and how we could tolerate it; the corruption has spread everywhere and the state of the university has become very unpleasant. Some forty five religious students gathered together and went to the president of the university in order to talk with him. Prior to this, he was the Head of the Farah Office and the Court Minister and had a high position;

A memory of Nayereh Sadat Ehtesham Razavi

Arrest and re-arrest of Mr. Nawab (July 1951)

In 1951, Mr. Nawab was rearrested. I was at Mr. Akbari house those days. On the day Mr. Nawab was arrested, the newspapers headlined: "Nawab Safavi was arrested." At the same time, there were about twelve or thirteen high-ranking members of the Fadaiyan-e-Islam in the police prison, with whom their family members usually met daily. On one of the visit days, Sheikh Mahdi Haghpanah spoke against the government in the prison courtyard.

Memoirs of Abolqassem Eqbalian

I am Kashani

It was one of the nights of the month of Ordibehhesht 1358 (April-May 1979). I had put my head on the desk of my office in Varamin Committee, and was in a state between sleeping and waking. My whole childhood was walking in front of my eyes; a sweet childhood which had passed in the backstreets of Jamalabad. I came to my senses as the phone rang. It was on behalf of Haj Agha Baqeri Kani ...
The Fourth Online Meeting of Iranian Oral History

Iranian Oral History beyond Borders – 2

Dr. Abolfazl Hasanabadi, Dr. Morteza Rasouli Pour, and Dr. Abolhasani participated in the fourth meeting out of the series of meetings on oral history in Iran held online on Saturday 11th of Dey 1400 (January 1, 2022) hosted by Mrs. Mosafa. In the meeting set up in the History Hallway of the Clubhouse, they talked about “Iran’s Oral History beyond Borders”. In continuation of the meeting, the host asked ...
Interview with Brigadier General Farzollah Shahin-Rad


We were supposed to experience a hot summer day at seven oclock in the afternoon. I got to his house in ten minutes to seven, but I knew that working with the militant had special rules. One of them is punctuality. I went up and down the alley several times to meet this Ironman at his house. When I saw him from afar at military conferences, his sense of toughness was evident in demeanor.
Book Review:

"You Must Survive"!

Memoirs of Haj Ali Karami, Commander of the "Habib ibn Madhahir" Battalion of the 10th Martyrs Division. "The bullet was hit in the middle of the column. There was no wounded or martyred person; whatever there was, it was just amputated arms and amputated legs and torn pieces of bodies that had been piled up... Once, I saw the forces of the Basij forces staring at those scenes in astonishment. I swallowed saliva and shouted:

Book review: Resolute for Three shifts

Memoirs of Hamid Kamranzadeh
The books title and the image of a desk watch, in a not-so-complex harmony, create an expressive and meaningful design that adorns the cover of " Resolute for Three shifts ". The book begins with a short text from the narrators handwriting, which, while introducing the work and pointing out how it was emerged, also mentions the involved people. Then, the following subjects have been included respectively: