Systemic Approach in Oral History

Some say that theoretic discussions on oral history suit the academic elite and consider themselves the man of action. These individuals believe that it shall suffice to operate a recorder and a camera and be good in communication to become an oral history interviewer. This group argue that theoretic content of oral history belongs to academic studies or shall be presented as a scientific article in seminars and conferences or design science magazines! However, theoretic competence and believe in them is where oral history interviewers or oral history historiographers originate from.
Oral History Interview & Importance Part 6

Importance of Pre-interview Data Collection

One of the fundamental requirements of oral history interview is having sufficient information & awareness on the interview content and surrounding aspects. Unfortunately, there have been cases where the interviewer, with the least information, has started the interview and the outcome has been unsuccessful. Such circumstances expose the interview to multiple damages as follows: ...
An interview with Maryam Jadali, a relief worker and a military training instructor during the Sacred Defense – the 2nd and final part

From western front to Khark Island

In the first part of the interview, we accompanied with the first years of Maryam Jadali youth which was concurrent with the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the breakout of the Iraqi imposed war against Iran. She explained about her memories in Sar Pol-e Zahab, the hospital of Abouzar Barracks and the Red Crescent train which was a mobile hospital. What follows is the second and final part of the interview of the website of Iranian Oral History with Maryam Jadali.

Seyyed of Quarters 15 (30)

Memories of Iranian Released POW, Seyyed Jamal Setarehdan
Sunday May 07, 1989 coincided with the Eid al-Fitr. We thought Iraqis celebrated, but it seemed they were upset. That day we did not understand what had happened, but their faces showed something has happened. The Quran which had been given us by Iraqi officer, polished our mind. I was happy to able to fast all Ramadan month and to read the Quran.
Oral History Interview & Importance Part 5

Goal Setting

Interview in oral history is a research methodology and like any other scholar method requires a specific target. Remember that recording the memories of people with no specific historiographical target is no oral history. Many institutes or the media attempts to record and publish the memoirs of political and cultural and social activists or army commanders in different formats in commemorations or to honor the name and memory of the activists in any field; however, it is not clear which need of the audience and history such attempts address.

Interviewer & Interviewee in Oral History

Limited number of experienced, knowledgeable and skilled interviewers required impose challenges in conduct of historical studies in the field of oral history. Hence, a selection mechanism shall be defined to conduct interviews with witnesses, agents and stakeholders in intended historical incidents or a limited number of eligible applicants have to be trained. Lack of prioritization and interview of people whose story is no priority by skilled interviewers, results in loss of opportunity to conduct important interviews.
An interview with Maryam Jadali, a relief worker and a military training instructor during the Sacred Defense - Part I

Memories from Abouzar Hospital and Red Crescent train

The first years of Maryam Jadalis youth was concurrent with the victory of the Islamic revolution and the breakout of the Iraqi eight-years imposed war against Iran, she has studied in the major of communications and is now active in cultural works. The hearing of the voice of military march dragged this young girl to the war zone since the first days of the enemy attack on the soil of our country...
With the memoirs of Abbas Kiani who was "the commander of antiaircraft artillery" in war area

The day of hunting fighter plane "Mirrage" of Saddam Army

In a cold winter day, I was a guest of Abbas Kiani to listen his memoirs. He was one of the fighters of sacred defense, and as a member of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, he had attended in north and west frontage of war for 2700 days. Artillerist(s) did not attend in the first line of war; therefore, their memoirs had been left unsaid. But one of the artillerists of antiaircraft ...
Things less expressed which are registered in the 279th program of “The Night of Memory”

Several commanders, operations commemorated in clear part of memoirs

According to the website of Iranian Oral History, the 279th part from the series “The Night of Memory” was held on Thursday evening 27th of April 2017 in Sooreh Hall of the Art Center. Ali Mohammad Assadi, Ehsan Rajabi and Behrouz Amani retold their memoirs of the Scared Defense period in this show. In the beginning, a clip about those who had retold their memoirs in previous shows was played. The clip is played in the first program of The Night of Memory in every New Year so that they are commemorated.
Visiting Director of Ashrafi Publication in the Session of "Oral History of Book"

I Advertised in Newspapers for Introducing Book

According to Iranian Oral History Website the third session of new term of sessions titled "Oral History of Book" was held with effort of Nasrollah Haddadi, author and researcher, in Khaneh Ketab Institutions Saraye Ahl-e Ghalam. The meeting hosted Abolghasem Ashrafolkottabi, one of protagonists of publication field, on Wednesday April 26, 2017.
Oral History Interview & Importance Part 4

Narrator Identification & Selection

As discussed before, oral history is a participatory process in history development so that different information concerning political, cultural and social events are recorded and published in a targeted interview. It is important since the perspectives and narrations of a number of people are gathered in recording historical events.
Holding Session of "Necessities of Compiling Oral History of Children and Young Adults Performance"

We Have Had One hundred Year Children Theater, But not Its Oral History

According to Iranian Oral History Website professional meeting of "Necessities of Compiling Oral History of Children and Young Adults Performance" was held with presence of members of children performance foundation and Davood Kianian organized by Document Research Institute of National Library in Parham Hall of the research institute in Tuesday April 18, 2017. In the session seven activists of children area gave a speech.
Oral History Interview & Importance Part 3

Selecting a Subject

Selecting a subject is one of the key steps in oral history interviews. Oral history interviews are either subject or individual based. Naturally, to selecting a subject requires great precision. As it was said before, oral history interviewer shall not only have the spirit of inquiry and research but also have general and technical information on the subject and avoid any bios towards the individual and social and political events in question.