The statement of a problem;

Corona Oral History; Sooner or Later

A flip on personal thoughts based on information

This note is intended to state an issue and prelude on an idea, and it is not intended to estimate the values positively or negatively. Passed some years of oral history’s activities in Iran and the holding of numerous and specialized meetings, there is still no comprehensive definition among the activists of this profession about the theoretical frameworks of oral history, text editing and many related issues.

Memoirs of Iran Torabi

Womens logistics and support during the scared defense

According to website of Iranian Oral History, the owner of the memories of the book “Memoirs of Iran” is Mrs. Iran Torabi who recounted her memoirs of the sacred defense in December 2019 during the 19th commemoration ceremony of the martyrs of Ansar Rasoullollah (SAWA) Battalion. She has been active in the hospital in the war areas and in remote areas of the country for years.

It was held by East Azerbaijan Hozeh Honari

Narrating Taking Photo of Divers of Operation Karbala-5 in a Memory Night

The 20th memory night of the sacred defense of East Azerbaijan Hozeh Honari was dedicated to telling memories of visual recording of divers of Operation Karbala-5 and one of the warplane pilots. According to Iranian Oral History Website, the 20th memory night of the sacred defense of East Azerbaijan’s Hozeh Honari, with a focus on art and artists in the sacred defense and the Revolution, was held virtually on Aparat Website ...

SABAH (10)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

We departed and rushed towards Bayandor high school either individually or in a pair. Bayandor high school was located was at the entrance of Taleghani district or Shah Abad. Mitra and I were together and after a few moments, Saeedeh joined us. When we reached there, we came to know that the boys at Bayandor high school had also started a marching and got into a fight with security forces.

Memorable Roles/Forgotten Roles

"Memorable Roles-Review of Memory-writing Literature" authored and translated by Ahmad Okhovvat, edited by: M. B. Hajiani, published in coat pocket size (12*19) and 263 pages by Goman Publication; Second edition, winter 2020, 700 copies, price 500,000 Rial. In recent decades, numerous and various release of memory books in Iran and abroad, especially memoirs of the Revolution, eight years of Iran-Iraq War, has made memory-writing a pervasive and widespread phenomenon;

Second narrator of online Night of Memory

We had also microbial war at front

According to the website of Iranian Oral History, the 312th ceremony of Night of Memory was held online in Aparat website on 23rd of April 2020. In this show, Abdolreza Tarazi and Dr. Saeed Marzban Rad retold their memoirs of the Scared Defense era. In this program, Mehdi Salehi was present as the host and shared the questions related to the Night of Memory with the guests. The second narrator of ...

Taking a look at Ali Ishaqi Book on Oral History

I had the opportunity to read Mr. Ali Ishaqi book on oral history. According to my research on the second volume of the book "Fundamental Issues of War in the Works of the Army and the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps", I found some very interesting and rare points in the book that led to the writing of this notes. The reason for the importance and value of the book, in my opinion, ...

The Narration of Seyyed Yahya Safavi

"From Sanandaj to Khorramshahr"

Oral history of Sacred Defense

"From Sanandaj to Khorramshahr "is the title of the first volume of the book of narration of Seyyed Yahya (Rahim) Safavi about the history of sacred defense, which was published by the Sacred Defense Documentation and Research Center in 2018 by the late Dr. Hossein Ardestani. The book includes 28 conversations with the Sacred Defense Commander, which includes his birth until the end of Beit-ol-Moqaddas operation and the liberatiaon of Khorramshahr.


Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

On 29th of Mordad of 1357 (19 August 1978), we heard the news of the Cinema Rex in Abadan which was set ablaze. Nearly four hundred men and women and children had died. People had gone to watch the movie called Reindeers but the movie hall had caught fire. People had rushed to the exit doors but the doors were locked. Fire department arrived late and the operation to extinguish the fire was ...

Corona and "Corona Daily Notes"

In these days, it has been seen and heard that some groups and institutions have invited the victims of Corona Virus (including patients, patients’ observers and self- quarantined people) to write a memoir about this event. This invitation and the attempt to fulfill it, of course, includes the benefits and effects that we preferably don’t mention them here. However, it is worth noting that everything now being written in the face of this ...

Oral History Requires Alignment with Documents

Even in oral history, it is not uncommon for scholars to view oral history as a complement to document-based research. That is to say, oral history has been based on oral evidence, and it is true about memories too. Dr. Nurai said:" Oral history only fulfills part of the expectation for showing past". See the book The Aspects of Historical Islamic Revolution. Here we have to refer to a few references to ...
Research Method Workshop in Oral History-1

Oral History: A Resource for Collecting Historical Information Through Interview

"Research Method Workshop of Oral History", lectured by Soheila Safari was held in National Archives Building, NLAI Dr. Parham Hall on Monday, February 17, 2020. Soheila Safari has a PhD in contemporary history from Al-Zahra University. The subject of his thesis is "Social Insecurities in Reza Shah Period in Terms of Research in Oral History ". He has been working with NLAI in Oral History Department for more than 10 years.
The narration of doctor about wartime

The treatment of the people who surrounded us

In the mid-summer of this year, we invited Dr. Hamed Daghaghzadeh to the Office of Culture and Sustainability Studies of Isfahan Art Center. The doctor was very busy, but I insisted to do the interview. He is a doctor in Isfahan, and also a member of the Faculty of Medicine of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences for thirty years. It was hard to find vacancies in his job to listen his memories.