278th The Night of Memory

Ravayat-e Fat’h Group and the camera acted as a gun

According to the website of Iranian Oral History, the 278th part from the series “The Night of Memory” was held on Thursday evening 24th of Farvardin 1396 (April 13, 2017) in Sooreh Hall of the Art Center. In this show which was held on the occasion of the Art Week of the Islamic Revolution and martyrdom anniversary of Seyed Morteza Avini, Hossein Keivan Nia, Ahmad Haeri and Masoud Samadi retold their memoirs.

Seyyed of Quarters 15 (26)

Memories of Iranian Released POW, Seyyed Jamal Setarehdan
One of those nights, I had a dream about Adel. I did not remember the whole dream when woke up in the morning. I saw Adel has stood next to the bathroom when was walking in the ground at the time of taking in fresh air. Iraqi soldier, Abujasm, went toward him and they began speaking with each other. It was like Abujasm wanted to go to the bathroom. Seyyed Mohammad Abujasm was one of the soldiers who named Adel ‘snail’ and ‘lizard’, and tormented him and a large number of prisoners.
Oral History Interview & Importance

Oral History, Path to Cultural Dialogue

Recording memories is a vital endeavor which is called “Oral History” in case conducted through active and targeted interviews. In this method of historiography, isolated and marginalized social groups get involved in record of history and culture and define a new role and status for themselves; hence, oral history is perceived as a demographic method of historiography. In fact, the main and key characteristic of oral history is interaction with communities, groups, ...
An interview with Golestan Jafarian, the author of memoirs of “Mirrorless Days”

I left everything to narrator

The book “Mirrorless Days” includes memoirs of Mrs. Manijeh Lashkari, the wife of war veteran Hossein Lashkari who spent 18 years of his life in the captivity of Saddam Army. It has been authored by Mrs. Golestan Jafarian and added recently to the sacred defense memory books. The release of the book by the Office of Resistance Literature and Art and Sooreh Mehr Publications provided an opportunity for the correspondent of the website of …
Catching sight of the years of war

In "Room Number 24" and with "The Friends of Martyr Mohammad Gereh"

"Room Number 24" and "The Friends of Martyr Mohammad Gereh" are the topic of two books which will be introduced. The first book contains subjects for cities of war zone and war emigrants and events of area farthest from the frontage of war. The second one contains memoirs about the frontage of war during the years of defense of Irans brother against Saddams army attack.

Seyyed of Quarters 15 (25)

Memories of Iranian Released POW, Seyyed Jamal Setarehdan
Cold winter of Tikrit gave us hell. With the help of prisoners, Seyyed Salman and the rest of the guardians had pipes laid into the quarters and installed a faucet. It was the last winter days of 1989 and we were preparing ourselves for the coming year. Some of the prisoners remembered the special feasts, deaths, and events on our own calendar.
The Memories Were Said and Listened During 1395 SH (2016-17)

Eleven Congresses That "Memory Night" through Them Became 25th

Reported by Iran Oral History Website, series of memory night sessions that its 24th years of holding it lasted, are results of effort of Center for studies and Research of stability culture and literature, and Office of Resistance Literature and Art of Hozeh Honari. Those who are Interested in listening memories of Revolution and Sacred Defense, ...

The first days of war in the only hospital of Mahshahr

After beginning of Iraqi imposed war against our country (Iran) in Shahrivar 1359 (1980), injuring and martyring of some guiltless people and fighters, some women attended in the hospital, where placed in frontage of war or near it, to help nurses for servicing in order to the injured people. These women had a loadable role in reducing the martyrs, facilitating in treatment and improving the injured people during the eight years of sacred defense.
It is Springtime

Oral History Website in the Last Year

Thanks to the audience, writers and all those friends who were and worked with us in 1395 SH, we congratulate arrival of the New Year (1396 SH). Since beginning of the last year and through collaboration of writers and reporters who joined our group, we tried interview, which is main form of activity in field of oral history, to be included more in the site; as we tried all of contents and materials to be produced.
Executive Secretary of Eleventh Meeting of Oral History announced:

Selecting Eight Papers; We Need Training in Compiling Oral History

Eleventh meeting of Oral History will be held on March 01, 2017
Executive Secretary of Eleventh Meeting of Oral History titled "National Conference on Compiling Oral History", referring to few number of delivered papers to the secretariat, said: "eight articles will be presented at the conference. Compiling oral history is still issue of oral history practitioners."
About Two Memoirs

Acquaintance with Narrators of “Panahgah Bi Panah” and “Man Asir Nemishavam’

Soureh Mehr Publication has published two new books; these books are the achievements of the efforts made by the provincial centers of Art Department which are now available in the market. “Panahgah Bi Panah: memoirs of the survivors of Park Shirin Shelter in Kermanshah” and “Man Asir Nemishavam: memoirs of Second Lieutenant Pilot, Mohammad Tayebi”.
Mahnaz Fattahi Talks About "Panahgah

Mobilizing a City to Narrating an Event

Author of books "War Brides" and "Farangis" recently has published "Panahgahe Bi Panah". This book is story of a rocket attack on a bunker in Kermanshah by Saddams Army that led to injury and martyrdom of 300 people of our compatriots. Book Launch of "Panahgahe Bi Panah" was in Kermanshah and location of the bunker on Monday, February 20, 2017.
Review of "Importance and Function of Oral History in Contemporary Era"

Lets Teach Oral History through Scientific Method and Not Arbitrarily

Lecturers in conference of "Importance and Function of Oral history in Contemporary Era," pointing out that the meeting has been established with aiming at finding potentials and abilities in order to further cooperation in field of oral history, said that they follow scientific methods and see oral history as an effective tool in collecting and preserving oral information of people in different fields.