The 280th Night of Reminiscence of Sacred Defense (Last Part)

The reminiscent of an international caricaturist

Seyed Masoud Shojaee Tabatabaei, an international caricaturist chosen as the face of Islamic revelation art in Farvardin in 1396 (April 2017), was the second narrator of 280th program of Night of Reminiscence of sacred defense. He began to tell his memoirs as follows: "when a caricaturist intends to tell his/her memoirs, let us suppose what will be happened? The dear friend (Mohsen Zaimzadeh) told that some words about Nader Naderi; it is to say that I was lucky to work with him in advertising unit of military station and operation Khaibar.
Oral History Interview & Importance Part 10

Interview Room

Interview, as a vital cultural activity with its science, art and historical aspects requires a proper location. News reports and media interviews might be conducted in various locations; one of the key aspects of such interviews is that they have to be conducted in the location where an incident has occurred or an event is going on or within its closest proximity. Hence, the environmental context in such interviews differs from oral history interview context.
Visiting Head of Dar-al Kotob al-Islamiyah Publications in the meeting of “Oral History of Book”

We never printed or offset any book out of the rest

The 7th meeting out of the 2nd round of the meetings “Oral History of Book” was held on 6th of June 2017 attended by Nasrollah Haddadi, the presenter and expert of the show, and Morteza Akhundi, the Head of Dar-al Kotob al-Islamiyah Publications. In the beginning of the meeting, Morteza Akhundi introduced himself, “I am the son of Sheikh Mohammad Akhundi and was born in Tehran on 3rd of January 1943. I have five brothers and one sister all of whom were born in Tehran.”
Head of Center for the Study of Popular Culture Announced

Holding "The First Comprehensive Course of Oral History Training" in Isfahan

Mohammad Memarian, director of the Museum Assar khane Shahi (Center for the Study of Isfahan Popular Culture) informed call of "The first comprehensive Course of Oral History Training" and said: after the exam, participants will receive a valid certificate of ending the course and will be invited to carry out projects of Isfahan municipality in field of oral history.

Seyyed of Quarters 15 (34)

Memories of Iranian Released POW, Seyyed Jamal Setarehdan
The loudspeaker of camp played songs of Mahasti, Moeen, and Daryoosh continuously. The songs which was chosen to sow despair seeds in the hearts of prisoners. Some prisoners had heard the songs so much that had memorized them. Suddenly, the song was cut and it was said someone comes to the camp to speak. "Is it possible they will be representatives of the Red Cross?" Prisoners asked each other.

Overview of Teaching Oral History

Considering that oral history is in its infancy in our country and the frequent studies conducted in this field around the world and in order to provide the oral history stakeholder with top technical knowledge, human resource training is the most feasible choice. On job training of active agents of oral history results in their empowerment, awareness and knowledge, change of attitude and eventually positively affects their behavior and performance. Mr. Abolfazl Hassan Abadi says: emerge of oral history in Iran has been based on need which has advocated trial and error method.
Oral History Interview & Importance Part 9

Presentation is vital

Presentation is vital in the interview and is another step of the way which affects the attitude of the narrator towards the scholar. Presentation in the first session is of higher importance since it builds the cornerstone for further dialogue; starting a good session with proper management entices the narrator to continue dialogue. This turning point has pre-requisites as listed below.
The 280th Night of Reminiscence of Sacred Defense (Part I)

The reminiscent of an international caricaturist

As oral history website reported, two hundred and eightieth programs of the night of reminiscence was held at Art Center hall on Thursday evening on 4th Khordad 1396 (2017-May-22). In this night, some told their memoirs of sacred defense and Iraqi imposed war against Iran, such as Mohsen Zaimzadeh, seyed Masoud Shojaee Tabatabaei and Thymol Derdoosh.
The 6th meeting of "Oral History of Book" held

Memories from the hidden printing of Imam Khomeini Resalah

The 6th meeting out of the second round of the meetings of "Oral History of Book" was held in the Book House Institute on 30th of May 2017 attended by members of Ketabchi family who are active in printing and publishing for more than one hundred years, according to the website of Iranian Oral History. Seyed Jalal Ketabchi, the Head of Islamiyah Publications, Seyed Mujtaba Ketabchi, Seyed Farid Ketabchi and Seyed Mohammad Baqer Ketabchi, the heads of Elmiyah Islamiyah Publications were preset in the meeting.
Memory Night held in presence of Supreme Leader

Whatever has really happened should be narrated

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the liberation of Khorramshahr, the third program of the Memory Night of the Sacred Defense was held in presence of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in Imam Khomeini Hossianieh on 24th of May 2017, according to the website of Iranian Oral History.
Interviewing with Jalal, Farid, and Mohammad Bagher Ketabchi in the meeting of "oral history of book."

"The Ketabchis" and their book stories

According to the Oral History website, the fifth sessions of the second round of meetings of "oral history of book" was held on Tuesday evening, 23rd May 2017, in the house of Literati of the Iran book house, with the presence of Nasrallah Haddadi, as an expert and announcer, Seyyed Jalal Ketabchi, manager of Islamiyah publishing, Seyyed Farid Ketabchi and Seyyed Mohammad Bagher Ketabchi, managers of Elmiyeh Islamiyah publishing.
Analyzing and criticizing "oral history interview with Ph.D. Abbas Horri"

Discussion on Informative Role of Oral History

According to Iranian oral history website, meeting of reviewing and analyzing book of "Pearl of Knowledge: Oral History interview with Ph.D Abbas Horri" was held in Khaneh Ketabs Saraye Ahl-e Ghalam on Monday evening in May 22, 2017. In the meeting Nooshafarin Ansari, Narges Neshat, Dariush Matlabi, Peimaneh Salehi, Kazem Hafezian, Seyyed Ebrahim Omrani, Saeed Rezaei Sharifabadi, Ali Jalali Dizaji, Alireza Norouzi, Maryam Sarrafzadeh and Najmeh Salemi attended and spoke.

Tone in Oral History

Another fried shared a memory. The memoirs of this friend is also published; however, I feel like the tone of the book was different. He was speaking smoothly but in the book it was as if a literary person was talking. One might think that the ambiance in the session resulted in such difference and it might be true; the story of the narrator shall be experienced under different circumstances to give a verdict.