The 320th Session of Memory Night-2

The Authority of Sardar Soleimani While Being Popular

The 320th Night of Memory session was held online on aparat website on December 24, 2020. In this session, Mehdi Zomorodian and Dr. Mohammad Fani recounted their memories of the struggle alongside General (Sardar rank in IRGC) Hajj Qasem Soleimani. Presenter of the session was Davood Salehi. The second guest of this night of memory session was Dr. Mohammad Fani, a friend, relative and comrade of Martyr Hajj Qasem Soleimani.

Leader in Keramat Mosque

Keramat Mosque in the holy city of Mashhad is located near the holy shrine of Imam Reza (PBUH) and Ayatollah Khamenei was known as the fixed prayer leader of the mosque from Azar to Esfand of the year 1352 in the solar calendar (December 1973-March 1974). During his period as the prayer leader of the keramat Mosque, Ayatollah Khamenei had made the congregational prayer a memorable memory for the worshipers by paying attention to seemingly simple points.

Interview with Zahra Tabatabai, an active student during the Sacred Defense era

The Efforts of Female Students in the War Support Headquarters

From the first days of the Baathists invasion, mosques, husseiniyahs, and even houses became important centers for the service of the fighters. These days, women and girls volunteered in the War Support Headquarters to collect public donations, sew clothes for fighters, making jam, do cultural works, and so on. Zahra Sadat Tabatabai is one of the women who actively participated in the War Support Headquarters of Tehran 14th district with the beginning ...

SABAH (44)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

He left immediately. We could clearly hear the whizzing sound of bullets hitting our surrounding. From the cracks in the stones, we could see the volume of bullets being shot from Iraqis to our forces. If the stones were not there, we would definitely be shot. We waited there for one hour for Joneshan but there was no sign of him. We were starting to suspect him. Why had he brought us here ...

Book Review:

Doctor of Dolatu Prison

The book "Doctor of Dolatu Prison" is in the field of the oral history of the Sacred Defense, narrated by Seyyed Massoud Khatami, which was published by the Sacred Defense Documentation and Research Center in 2020, with the efforts of Mohammad Reza Bagheri. Dr. Khatami, in charge of the IRGCs (Islamic revolutionary guard corps) general health during the imposed war, was born in 1943 in one of the villages in Khansar named Qudjan.

Review of Mullah Saleh Qaris Memoirs

The Story of Organizing Arabic Radio Programs

The fragrance of freedom could be smelled everywhere. No matter it was day or night, I worked with all my might. I [Mullah Saleh] was also a member of the Abadan Revolutionary Council, which was governed by Haj Agha Jami. I had sat next to Sheikh Isa Tarafi. With a pen and paper in his hand, he turned to me and said: Do you know what your most important job is now?

The 320th Session of Memory Night-1

Destruction and Explosion in Iraq and Syria

The 320th session of memory night was held online on the Aparat website on Thursday, December 24, 2020. In this program, "Mehdi Zomorodian" and "Dr. Fani" recounted their memories of fighting alongside the martyred Sardar Hajj Qasem Soleimani. In this session, Davood Salehi was present as a presenter. The first narrator of this session was Mehdi Zomorodian, one of the commanders of destruction in Syria and Iraq, a friend and comrade of Hajj Qassem Soleimani.

SABAH (43)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

Although he was right but my friends and I wanted to go to the young mans grandmothers house who seemed to be very religious. We said: “poor guy has gone to grab the key. It is not good that he returns and we are not here.” The ranger was not convinced and ordered us: “No! Get in the car to go to my fathers house.” We had no choice. If we insisted more, it was not right.

Oral History Potentials

Borrowing the words of Alessandro Portelli, the eminent oral historian, it can be said that the ghost of oral history has pervaded Iran. This raises the question of how this field of research has been able to penetrate all over our country so quickly. The spread of oral history may be seen in relation to the oral tradition rooted in the culture of our nation, but at this point, I do not want to talk about why the spread of oral history.
Book Review:

Unrepeatable songs

Unrepeatable Songs is the title of a book which contains the memories of the revolutionary poets of Kurdistan. It was written by Shilan Oyhangi in 2019 and published by Surah Mehr Publications. This book was compiled in two chapters of "Poets’ Memoirs of the Kurdistan Resistance" and "A Brief Essays of the Lives of the Late Kurdish Revolutionary Poets". In his note at the preface of the book, the author introduces Kurdistan ...

Marketing of Oral History Works; Opportunity or Threat

Considering the needs of the audience and the need to sell more cultural works and deliver goods to the consumer, marketing of all goods, including cultural goods, is one of the components of cultural economy which affect many cultural areas and add fuel to competition in this field. "The introduction of concepts such as cultural industries, cultural goods, and the cultural market into the social science literature indicates a phenomenon which ...
Book Review:

The Oral History of How the Islamic Society of Students Was Formed and Established

The Oral History of How the Islamic Society of Students Was Formed and Established, is a collection of interviews, which were conducted by the author, Majide Pournajmi Irangh, with members of the founding board of this society, and has published by the Cultural and Artistic Institute and Publications of the Islamic Revolution Documentation Center in 280 pages in 2017.
The News of Month; November 2020

Numerous Eyewitnesses

The News of Month is the title of a series of reports on the Iranian Oral History website. These reports take a look at news related to the subject of the website in the written and virtual media. In the following, you will read news from November 2016. Simultaneously with the sacred defense week, a foreign media broadcast a documentary called "Creeping Coup", which included an audio file of a meeting of ...