The 331st Night of Memory-2

The 331st Night of Memory session titled “Memorial of Mehdi Khanbanpour”, hosted by Davood Salehi, was held on in the Sooreh Hall of Hozeh Honari on Thursday, December 23, 2021. The family of the late Khanbanpour, a group of his students, the old neighborhood, friends, and colleagues participated in the ceremony, and the documentary film of "The Last Visit" was also screened. In the second part, the presenter invited Mr. Abedini, Akbar Eini, Felehgari, and Feizi to tell short memories of the late Mehdi Khanbanpour.

The Martyrdom of Nawab Safavi Narrated by His wife

We lived in a rental house in Dolab at that time. One morning, the wife of Seyed Abdul Hussein Vahedi came to me and after a bit of lingering, said to me, “Nayerehsadat, unfortunately, Mr. Nawab Safavi was executed [on 18/01/1956], and now you are in the same condition as me.” At that moment, I had a very severe shock. Just like that, you were unknowingly thrown into a cold pool. I wanted to shout;

Blessings of praying in prison

The situation of my cell [1355 (1976) – Tabriz Prison] was calamitous. As you know, many of the inmates in those days were communists, and for this reason, the door, the wall, and the floor of the cell I was in were Najis (ritually unclean), and it was clear that they had urinated on the walls and floor of the cell and the only clean place for me to sit was a niche-like one in the corner of ...

Overview of the book "Paradise of Destruction"

Memoirs of Morteza Nader-Mohammadi, Deputy Commander of the 32nd Ansar al-Hussein Division

First of all, it is noteworthy mentioning the good printing and accurate pagination of [the book]"Paradise of Destruction". The book cover is designed with the flower branch that protrudes from the branches of a mine, creates an artistic combination, and persuades the viewer and readers to think. In addition, the selection of the back cover, along with a photograph of the wartime narrator, is very thought-provoking.

SABAH (93)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

Two three days had passed since we had come to Tehran. Fouzieh said that she is supposed to go to camping with her training colleagues in school to perform Jihad tasks. She asked me to go with them. We were supposed to go to Damavand to harvest wheat for some farmers, then go to a building in Firoozeh castle which belonged to one of the court members. The location of this two-day camp was there.

Consequences of visiting Ayatollah Pasandideh in Daran

After the transferring of Mr. Pasandideh to the town of Daran, I came back to Qom {1970s/1350s}. some leaflets had been issued by the gentlemen, and I helped to distribute them. Some of these leaflets were under the mattress in our house. After a while, I along with Mr. Haj Sheikh Sadr al-Din Haeri Shirazi and a young man named Amin went to see Mr. Pasandideh. The people had also come to visit him. We stayed there for a few days.

Oral History and Historiography of the Islamic Revolution

An Interview with Dr. Morteza Mirdar

For more than two decades, the subject of oral history has been considered among history scholars, especially scholars of history of the Islamic Revolution. Many works have been published in this title in the country and abroad, theoretical discussions have done about this field, and a number of books have been published about it. But what is the relationship between oral history and historiography of the Islamic Revolution? Has oral history helped historiography of the Islamic Revolution in this period?

The 331st Session of ‘Night of Memorials’ - 1

The 331st Session of ‘Night of Memorials’ was held on Thursday, December 23, 2022, with the subject of ‘Memorial of Mehdi Khanbanpour’ in the Soureh Hall of the Hozeh Honari, performed by Davoud Salehi. The session began with playing videos of Mehdi Khanbanpour on the previous ‘Night of Memorials’ events, and also in memory of Shahid Qasem Soleimani. In the beginning, the presenter shared a memory quoted from one of Khanbanpour friends, and said: ...

Review of the book "Baloch Stars"

Spiritual Memories of a Shrine Defender, Abbas Naroui, about the Presence of Nabavion Forces in the Battle of Syria

"I hated me that I was the sheik of that caravan and breathing alive on that bed. It seems that Abdul Nabi realized my thoughts when he started preaching and said that God had placed a task on me after this incident. It was the task of narrating the courage, freedom, and bravery of the stars of Balochistan was put on the road for the first time by the head of the tribes brother-in-law; ...

Nayereh Sadat Ehtesham Razavi Narrates Meeting with Shahid Nawab Safavi

Despite I did all my best, I could not meet him until shortly before his martyrdom. At that time, we lived in Sar Asiyab Doolab. One day I entered a real estate agency in Khorasan Square and asked, ‘Sir, will you let me call?’ He replied: ‘No problem.’ I dialed the phone number of the military prosecutor and talked to Azmoudeh. I said to him: ‘You have imprisoned the soldiers of Islam and the offspring of the Messenger of God for supporting religion, and sentenced them to death; ...
A review of the book "From the Pavilion to the Trench"

Memoirs of Abbas Ali Dargahi

On the cover of [the book] "From the Pavilion to the Trench" is a contemplative image of an engraved warrior prostrating outside the trench under the protection of his God, and on the back [cover] of the book is a multi-line narrative of the great victory: "The fighting forces, seeing the destruction of the Iraqi tanks, rushed towards the Iraqis from the trench with shouts of God Almighty, and at four oclock in the morning,
Review of the book "Sky is Close to Heaven"

Memoirs of Pilot Hossein Behzadfar

A suitable photo of a pilot and a stair-liked arrangement of the title, which remind the peak and the flight, is used for the cover of the book "Sky is Close to Heaven". The book begins with a brief dedication by the pilot Hossein Behzadfar to his wife and then handwriting of thanks to those who work to collect the memories of warriors and martyrs. Then there is an introduction of the Sacred Defense Documents Organization, ...
The 328th of Night of Memory – 2

Narrating the Heroism of the Air Force

To narrate the memories of the Sacred defense, the 328th Night of Memory program was held by Davoud Salehi as the presenter on Thursday, September 23, 2021, in the tomb of the anonymous martyrs of the Art Centers. Commander Jahangir Ibn Yamin and Commander Akbar Zamani shared their memories in this meeting. In the second part of the Night of Memory program, the presenter, said: "Analyzing the behavior of our pilots in the Air Force of the Army ...