Memoirs of Dr. Mohammad Javad Asayesh

Oral historiography and history are among the most effective methods of historiography and the discovery and recording of historical events. Memoir-writing has a special place in showing the developments of history because of its attractiveness and because it expresses the narrators observations without intermediaries Many of the facts of contemporary Iranian history from the 150-year Qajar era and even before that is due to the memoirs of writers and narrators who witnessed the developments themselves and wrote their observations.

Memoirs of Ayatollah Mostajabi

Ayatollah Seyed Morteza Mostajab al-Davati, popularly known as “Mostajabi”, the son of Haj Seyed Asadollah Mostajab al-Davati and grandson of Ayatollah Seyed Abolhasan Sadr Ameli was born in 1302 AH (1924). Due to his family relationship with the Sadr family, he had a close and intimate relationship with Imam Musa Sadr from a young age. Therefore, any researcher who wants to study about the dignitaries of the Sadr family, it is worthwhile to refer to him for gaining information.

March 2021 News

According to the Iranian Oral History Website, "Month News" is the title of a series of reports on this site. These reports take a look at the news related to the topic of the website in print and virtual media. In the following, March 2021 news can be read: In the presence of the Managing Director of the Iranian Book and Literature House, the director of the Research Institute of Contemporary History, the secretary, the winners, ...

SABAH (55)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

In the afternoon, Shahnaz and I went to Taleghani hospital to visit our father but the nurses informed us that he has been transferred to Opidey hospital. We went there. We saw Reza Alboughabish in the hospital. He was one of those fighters who commuted to mosque from the first days of the war. Ever since Sheikh Sharif had come to Khorramshahr, Reza was his driver and full-time companion. He was a known face among the Khorramshahr team members.

Review of two published books from the memoirs of Haj Sadegh Ahangaran

One Narrator, Two Texts

Oral history and, in most cases, oral memoirs, that have engaged many publishers and cultural and research institutions these days, is as much a matter of concern as it is an important cultural and research work. To clarify the subject without a long introduction, I refer to two works that have recently been published by two different publishers based on the memoirs of one person. The first book "With the Song of the Caravan", narrated by Mohammad Sadegh Ahangaran, ...

An Excerpt from Ahmad Mansouri memoirs on the eve of Nowruz 1358 (March 21, 1979)

Protection of Paarchin Military Industries

Immediately after fall of the Pahlavi military and security headquarters and the victory of the Islamic Revolution, people in every city and neighborhood took over the protection of the region, and established the Islamic Revolution Committees, which was a spontaneous revolutionary institution. The people of East Tehran also had voluntarily gathered in Parchin to protect the military industry of Parchin, which included several factories and critical centers of the military industry in about forty kilometers area.

SABAH (54)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

I was very worried on our way to the hospital. I was worried for the child. He had lots of shrapnel and I did not know which one of them has created deep wounds and which one has resulted to light wounds. Mosadegh was driving with one hand and was holding the child with the other hand tightly. If he moved his hand away from the child, he would fall out of the vehicle in one of the bumps or swirling movements of the car.

For Spring

The Devotee of Spring Stays Alive

With the arrival of spring and the beginning of Farvardin, the previous year turns to the memories and becomes a part of history with all its joys and sorrows. Reflection on spring is reminiscent of the truths of existence and human existence is the bedrock of perceiving it; as if the Creator of the universe created human to understand these truths. The change of seasons from spring to winter and the re-emergence of spring are associated with human life.

An interview with Dr. Morteza Mirdar:

The Need for More Female Memoirists to Pay Attention to the Field of the Islamic Revolution

The oral history of the revolution in the Islamic Revolution Document Center – 2

The Islamic Revolution Document Center is an active institute in collecting the history of the Islamic revolution. The center now has one of the richest archives in the field of the history of the Islamic Revolution. To get acquainted with how this center was established and its activities, we interviewed Dr. Morteza Mirdar, the Deputy of Oral History of the Islamic Revolution Document Center.. The first part of the interview was about the purpose and insights of the center.

An Excerpt from the Memoirs of Colonel Ali Ghamari

On October 22, 1980, it was announced that all the defenders of the garrison Khorramshahr have died a martyr, which had a very bad effect on fighters spirit, because our place, that is the garrison Khorramshahr, had been completely occupied by the Iraqis. Many cried when heard this news. I was very upset to hear it, but could not believe whether it was true. So, I sent one of the informants to investigate about it and then to let me know.

Special Memoirs of the Shah and the Reaction of Foreign Interviewers to Them

With the publication of the book "Mission for My Homeland" by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in September 1960, which can be considered as his autobiography and memoirs, some issues were raised for the first time that had not been mentioned before. According to Article 35 of the Iranian Constitution, he considered his monarchy a "Divine Gift", believed that God had chosen him and given him the mission to rule over the land and people of Iran.
The 321st Night of Memory – 2

Truthful Torturers!

The 321st Night of Memory was held online on the Aparat website on February 21, 2021. In this program, "Mohammad Reza Ali Hosseini" and "Davood Asadi Khameneh" shared their memories. In this program, which was dedicated to the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Davood Salehi was present as the host. The second guest of the Night of Memory was Davood Asadi Khamenei, one of the fighters of the years before the revolution.
Book Review:


The book "Jahanara" is the queries on the life and memoirs of martyr Seyed Mohammad Ali Jahanara collected by Ali Akbar Mozdabadi from his wife, comrades, diaries, interviews, and notes, and released by Ya Zahra Publications in 2019. The book begins with a straightforward and understandable note from the author in which he talks about the process of formation and production of this work. In this introduction, it is stated that the ...