Secretary of Oral History Workgroup of Iranian Society of History:

Oral history Can Be Used For Sustainable Development of the Country

In a conversation with correspondent of Iranian Oral History Website, Faezeh Tavakoli stated, "The Iranian History oral history workgroup has planned a series of sessions on field of oral history studies, which has a cross-cultural nature, and sessions of "the link between oral history and cultural history", "the link between oral history and social history" and "the link between oral history and Political Science" were held.

With Memories of Saeed Hejazi

Weird Nights of Operational Areas

Dr. Saeed Hejazi was the third graduate student of Mofid School whom Mr. Asghar Kazemi, author of "Bamo" and "Platoon-1", introduced me for interview. After a phone contact, it was scheduled to be present in his office for interview in an afternoon. When I arrived, he had not come yet; so I prepared my stuff until he would reach. When the doctor entered, as if it was too late I knew him.

Biannual Journal of Oral History

We Have Not Yet Approached a Common Expression in Oral History Practice

Gholamreza Azizi, director of NLAI Research Institute, talked to the Iranian Oral History Website correspondent about some weaknesses that oral history field faces, "books which are published in field of oral history show that we have not still reached a common language in oral history practice and there has not been still a common understanding. The reason for this is that oral history has not yet been accepted as a scientific discipline in universities.

About a book that was published after 18 years

Secrets added to "Bamo"

The book "Bamo" - The four hundred forty third book published in the Office of Literature and the Art of Resistance – has memories of the identification forces of Qasarshirin and Dasht Zahab during sacred defense years written by Asghar Kazemi. The book, which has been published by Sura Mehr Publication after 18 years, includes details of the identification of the border regions of Iran and Iraq, narrated by 10 commanders and warriors in 5 chapters.

Along with the memories of Ali Ghamari:

The First Day of War

The injured Colonel "Ali Ghamari" is the only survivor of 19 battalion officers of Khorramshahr Fortress, and the commander of Khorramshahr Fortress along with other partners at the beginning of Saddams invasion on our country (Iran); he defended the countrys privacy; The battalion, which had to be replaced by a new battalion in 48 hours resisted manfully and jealously the oppression of Saddam Hussein during 34 days with the help of public forces ...

They were introduced in the conversation with Fatemeh Turkchi:

Oral History Plans of the Oil Industry Document Center

The Oral History of The Ministry of Petroleum narrated by the ministers

The expert of oral history department of Iranian Oil Industry Document Center, describing the activities carried out in this section, said: "the Ministry of Petroleum has been organized and constituted during the subsequent period of the victory of Islamic Revolution. According to surveys, eleven ministers and assistants has been working on the Ministry of Petroleum since the year 1358(1979).

Interview with Shahnaz Domirani

Jihadi Travel Memoirs of The Single Daughter of the Family

The Jihad of Construction was one of the revolutionary institutions formed in the first months of the victory of the revolution by the order of Imam Khomeini. This institution was the source of many blessings for the disadvantaged. The members of this organization have provided many services to the people in various cities and villages of the country and made a great effort to eliminate deprivation in different parts of the country.

Golali Babaei:

Oral history of the sacred defense should not be encountered with personal censorship

Golali Babaei is one of the writers of sacred defense, and active in recording the events of this era on the basis of oral history. "The Clamor of Mist", "Mutual Attack", "Along with the Lightning", "The Dusty Calks - Book One," and "The Point of Release" are the works of this writer who have compiled and published on the basis of oral documents and oral history. The correspondent for Iranian oral history site has done an interview with Golali Babaei about the works published in the form of oral history.

Talk to the Project Executive

Identifying "the Library Association" by Recording Oral History

According to Iranian Oral History Website, "the Iranian Library and Information Science Association" is an NGO dates back to pre-Revolution. This association is the representative of the library-information society and institutions and processes associated with it. At the very beginning, "preserving dignity, position, occupational security and professional rights of librarians of Iran", "supporting freedom of thought, expression, writing and reading" and "help to teaching librarianship and advancement of modern ...

An interview with Seyyed Reza Safavi;

The story and description of two panels

The following interview is made with Seyyed Reza Safavi, a member of Iranian Calligraphers Association, has a first-class degree in this field, as well as a master of gilding and calligraphy-painting. In this interview, we describe the work life of him, as well as the two works produced by him and the artistic group named" Role in Role" about martyrs of mina and martyrs of shrines defenders.

Contemporaneity of Oral History Conference and Awarding Prize of the Best Sacred Defense Book

The closing ceremony of eighteenth period of selecting the best book of Holy Defense will be held on March 03, 2019, coincident with the second National Conference on Oral History of Holy Defense. As reported by Iranian Oral History Website, according to plans of managers of the Foundation for Preservation of Relics and Publishing Values of Holy Defense, the 2nd National Conference on Oral Defense of Holy Defense and the closing of ...
299th session of Memory Night -1

One Nation, One Leader and A Great Movement

According to Iranian Oral History Website, 299th session of memory night of the sacred defense was held in Sooreh Hall of Hozeh Honari on Thursday, January 24, 2019. In this program, Ali Danesh Monfared, Ibrahim Etesam and Hojatoleslam Mohammad Jamshidi spoke about their memories of the struggle for victory of Islamic Revolution and captivity in prisons of Iraqi Baath regime.
Meeting on oral history of Islamic Revolution of Iran – 2

Oral history should contribute to recognize our history

A meeting on the oral history of the Islamic Revolution of Iran was held in Dr. Parham Hall of the National Library and Archives of Islamic Republic of Iran on Monday 21st of January 2019, Iranian Oral History website reported. In the first part of the full report of the meeting, you read the texts of the speeches by Gholam Reza Azizi, the Head of the Research Center of the National Library ...

Must & Must Not(s) in Expert Evaluation

Usually, in any oral history project, interviewing is evaluated before the final text is formulated. At this stage, managers or project experts have seen the interview and evaluated it. The following are methods of interview expert evaluation: 1-In addition to scientific nobility on the subject, the expert must have a good understanding of the oral history interview and its characteristics. Otherwise, why some of the questions and techniques used in ...