Interview with Shahnaz Domirani

Jihadi Travel Memoirs of The Single Daughter of the Family

The Jihad of Construction was one of the revolutionary institutions formed in the first months of the victory of the revolution by the order of Imam Khomeini. This institution was the source of many blessings for the disadvantaged. The members of this organization have provided many services to the people in various cities and villages of the country and made a great effort to eliminate deprivation in different parts of the country.

Golali Babaei:

Oral history of the sacred defense should not be encountered with personal censorship

Golali Babaei is one of the writers of sacred defense, and active in recording the events of this era on the basis of oral history. "The Clamor of Mist", "Mutual Attack", "Along with the Lightning", "The Dusty Calks - Book One," and "The Point of Release" are the works of this writer who have compiled and published on the basis of oral documents and oral history. The correspondent for Iranian oral history site has done an interview with Golali Babaei about the works published in the form of oral history.

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Identifying "the Library Association" by Recording Oral History

According to Iranian Oral History Website, "the Iranian Library and Information Science Association" is an NGO dates back to pre-Revolution. This association is the representative of the library-information society and institutions and processes associated with it. At the very beginning, "preserving dignity, position, occupational security and professional rights of librarians of Iran", "supporting freedom of thought, expression, writing and reading" and "help to teaching librarianship and advancement of modern ...

An interview with Seyyed Reza Safavi;

The story and description of two panels

The following interview is made with Seyyed Reza Safavi, a member of Iranian Calligraphers Association, has a first-class degree in this field, as well as a master of gilding and calligraphy-painting. In this interview, we describe the work life of him, as well as the two works produced by him and the artistic group named" Role in Role" about martyrs of mina and martyrs of shrines defenders.

A memory of Emir Suljagic

Those 239 men

Emir Suljagic, author of "Postcards from the Gore", was born on May 21, 1975 in Bratunac, Bosnia and Herzegovina. After start of the war and ethnic cleansing of Muslims by the Serbs in 1992, he sheltered with his family in Srebrenica. He learnt English there and was able to work as an interpreter with United Nations forces.

Interview with Jowa Avdić

The Family of Hosseini and the Family of Avdić, Khoramshahr and Srebrenica

Jowa Avdic, the author of book "My Smile Is My Revenge", was born on August 26th, 1986 in "Zeleni Yadar", near Srebrenica. With the Serbian invasion to Bosnia and Herzegovina and the beginning of the war, Mrs. Avdic and his family are forced to immigrate to Srebrenica. At the time of the fall of Srebrenica, she was only 9 years old.

Releasing an interview after 10 years

Narrative and Memories of Behrouz Esbati from Formation of the War Poem Congress

In the last days of winter of 2009, I listened to words of Sardar (Second Brigadier General and higher) Behrouz Esbati in secretariat building of the Festival for Quarter-Century of Holy Defense Book, in Hafte Tir Square in Tehran. We first conversed a little about the quarter-century festival, and then, more than an hour and a half, of formation of the war poem congress.

Memoirs of Azam Khasterh Far from Jihad Sazandegi and relief working

A hospital inside train

After the order of Imam Khomeini (God bless his soul) for establishment of Jihad Sazandegi or the holy war of construction in June 1979, many teenagers and youths across the country started cooperating with this organization voluntarily. They carried out many services to the people of towns and villages, and made strenuous effort to remove deprivation. Providing the primary necessities of the needy, building roads for rural areas and removing developmental, health and ...

Interview with Shahla Panahi, Author of "Comrade Like Rasoul"

Memory-writing is like making rosary

Shahla Panahi is one of writers in field of memory-writing. He was graduated in field of communication, and collects and writes memories of Holy Shrine Defender martyrs. His activity in this area became an excuse so that Iranian Oral History Website talks with him about book of "Comrade like Rasoul" as well as methods of research and interview in writing his works.

Along with memories of Pilot Nasser Zhian

From reconnaissance to commandership of an operation

Zahra Abouali has had an interview with pilot Nasser Zhian part of which has been given to the website of Iranian Oral History. In this interview, this aviation pilot has retold his memoirs about being appointed as a commander to the operations in which he had taken part.

The Unfinished Flight

Every year, on September 29, they are commemorated, because these commanders were great people. Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says in his memories: "martyr Kolahdooz was one of the extraordinary and rare figures. I used to say many times to my brothers in IRGC, and now I say again, he was a man if survived, it would be hoped that IRGC could double speed of its hardworking and hoping effort.

Leader narrates memoirs in Night of Memory

According to the website of Iranian Oral History, the fourth special program of the Sacred Defense Memory Night was held in the presence of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Hosseinieh Imam Khomeini (God bless his soul) on Wednesday evening 26th of September 2018. According to the full text of his speech, in the ceremony published by the Information Center of the Office of Preservation and Dissemination of Works of Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei,...
Discussed with Ali Tatri

Majlis Library Oral History Log

Oral history, a path to inform history
According to the Oral History Site, the Islamic Majlis with the chairs of elected representatives, has always been the key legislative body in Iran and has witnessed many historical upheavals. There have been many presented features in Baharestan , hence recording the oral history of the active figures in the Islamic Majlis before and after the Revolution has been critical for historical scholars.
Book Induction by the Translator

“Sarajevo Roses”

An Oral History Prose
“Sarajevo Roses: Towards Politics of Remembering” written by Azra Junuzović and translated by Mohammad Karimi was published by the Resistance Literature and Art Bureau and Soureh Mehr Publishing Company. The book was published in 1110 volumes structured in 213 pages in 2017. The book is about the mortar shell explosions in the streets of Sarajevo painted by the red color, as a symbol of Bosnian people blood. We interviewed the translator of the book, Mohammad Karimi to tell us more.