Along with memoirs of Brigadier General Ali Sedigh Zadeh from the first widespread operation

Third solution and the principle of surprise in time

Zahra Abu Ali, the writer of memories of the commanders of Islamic Republic of Iran Army from the Scared Defense years has had a detailed interview with Brigadier General Ali Sedigh Zadeh part of which has been given to the website of Iranian Oral History. In a reference to this interview, she writes, “27th of September 1981is considered a turning point in the history of the eight-year sacred defense.

An interview with Tahereh Taheri

Memoirs from Holy War of Construction, relief working and Sanandaj schools

Tahereh Taheri has been an active lady since the beginning of the victory of the Islamic Revolution. She entered Jihad Sazandegi Department (Holy War of Construction) voluntarily, and after the breakout of the imposed war of Saddams army against the Islamic Republic of Iran went to the southern Iran for several times to help the injured people through Jihad by the Red Crescent train.

Interview with the head of Institute of Documentation of National Library and Archives

Oral history of executive agencies has a national budget

Emphasizing on the comprehensive support of Institute of Documentation of National Library and Archives of Iranian Islamic Republic, The organizer of the Oral History Development Program of the countrys executive agencies, said: "We will continue to support and protect this program. Some of the current organizations in the oral history workshops have already an oral history unit, but nevertheless, it is also important to assimilate activities for such organizations."

An interview with Touran Qorbani about her books

We should recognize the narrator well and remain loyal to memory

The book "The Tribe of Zainab (PBUH)" is the most recent book authored by Touran Qorbani and released by Khat-e Hasht (Line 8) Publications. For more familiarization with the books author who is from the city Ardebil, the website of Iranian Oral History has conducted an interview with her:

An interview with Azam Posht Mahshadi about her most recent books

Men leave and take their memories

Azam Posht Mashhadi is an author and a memory-writer in the area of the Sacred Defense. She was born in 1981. So far, she has written 23 books and at present is in charge of the Resistance Office of the Art Center in Hormozgan Province. The publications of books such as “Men do not die in my frame” and “The wind catchers do look forward” became a pretext for the website of Iranian Oral History to have an interview with her.

Khadijeh Abedi talks about the first months of the imposed war

The memorable journey of girls of Khorramshahr

The Quran Maktab (School) of Khoramshahr is the first cultural center established for women and the record of its activity dates back to before the victory of the Islamic revolution. After the victory of the Islamic revolution and the breakout of the Iraqi imposed war against Iran, the women of the school played a major role in supporting and serving the defense forces. For more familiarization with the school at that time, ...

About One of Quran Sessions of Past Decades in Arak

A Completely Traditional Style

Mohammad Rahim Biraqi, a Quran activist of Markazi province, has been resident for a few years in Tehran. He was an active participant both in formal and classical sessions of Quran in Arak and in traditional sessions, and is a teacher of Holy Quran in university. I interviewed with him about a Quran meeting in Arak, and especially on the late Professor Mohammad Hassan Nahrmiani. The late Professor Nahrmiani was one of the renowned professors of Holy Quran in Arak

Travel to the Past with Memories of Asghar Namazian

Air Transport Flights, During the War and After the War

Since his childhood he loved flying and in order to achieve his longstanding ambition, he made many efforts so that he entered the air force as a Homafar. But Asghar Namazian never forgot his childhood dream. After a while, he his request for participating in pilot test was accepted. After passing the test and its training course, he joined pilot team of Bonanza aircrafts. Asghar Namazian was among the last groups who were sent to United States for completing pilot course.

Visiting the Head of Payam Publications in the 15th meeting of “Oral History of Book”

Memories of 54 years

According to the website of Iranian Oral History, the 15th meeting out of the second round of the meetings “Oral History of Book” organized by Nasrollah Haddadi researcher and the presenter of the show was held in the Institute of House of Book on Saturday 29th of July 2017. The show was attended by Mohammad Nik Dast, the Head of Payam Publications.

Memoirs of Ashraf Baharlou from the injured in war

Living in Abadan, and relief working in Taleqani Hospital

Female relief workers played a major role in serving the injured in the hospitals of the city of Abadan. Far from their families and without any material expectation, they had stayed in a city which had been blockaded by the enemy to help the war combatants in order to nurse and take care of their injured brothers. Ashraf Baharlou is one of these young female relief workers during the eight-uear Iraqi imposed war against Islamic Republic of Iran. In an interview with the website of Iranian Oral History, she has talked about her memoirs from Abadan and Taleqani Hospital.
Recording Memories for Documentation Process of Evolution

Projects That Address Oral History of Universities

According to history of Kharazmi University -as the first university of Iran- history of establishment of university in Iran is about one hundred years. During this century, many universities were established before and after victory of Islamic Revolution of Iran, and have undergone a lot of historical, political, social and scientific ups and downs.
About Holy Defense History of The Army Navy

The War Documents of Sea

We talk very little about sea. This is a historical fact that whenever we made our development sea-centered was heyday of our countrys history and whenever we neglected sea was era of decline of our country. The fact is that countries that entered waters and acted wisely and seized seas are powerful countries today. Because of situating between the two depths of Persian Gulf and Oman Sea in the south and sea of ...
Oral History Interview & Importance – Part 30 (Finale)


The final phase in the oral history interview process is archiving the transcription and audio, video files and all other relevant documents. The objective is to preserve the interview and provide easy and quick user access. This phase requires detailed and applicable and cost-effective planning conducted by a specific method.
Holding the Specialized Conference on Sacred Defense Oral History

We Have Less Than 1% of Sacred Defense Oral History

The specialized conference on oral history of Sacred Defense was held in the conference hall of National Archive Organization by Research and Training Circle of Sacred Defense Documents and Papers Organization and accompanied by NLAIs Institute of Documents on November 1, 2017. Invitees to this program were directors and experts of field of Sacred Defenses oral history in general directorates of Foundation for Preservation of Relics and Publishing Values of Holy Defense of coordinate provinces and organizations.