Interview with the secretary of the twelfth Iran Oral History Conference

Oral history of the Holy Defense industry, engineering and logistics

According to Iran Oral History Website, the summon for the twelfth Iran Oral History Conference with focus of the Holy Defense industry, engineering and logistics was issued while the history faculty of the Isfahan University had the scientific leadership of the conference. Considering that oral history is the focus of this university, Dr. Aliakbar Kajbaf, member of the scientific board of the faculty of history of Isfahan University was elected as the secretary of the ...

Interview with Secretary of Sport Oral History Policy Council of Iran;

Setting up Oral History Department at National Olympic Academy

Referring to the readiness of library, the Center for Documentation and Oral History of National Olympic Academy, to support interviewers of sports oral history projects in documentation, Shahrzad Kordbacheh, secretary of Sport Oral History Policy Council of Iran, said: "The oral history department will soon be set up at the Library and Center for Documentation Oral History of National Olympic Academy to bring together experts of oral history and physical education. ...

Unsaid words of “Majid Zehtab” about “the Holy Defense Poetry Congress”

When poetry was involved in war….

Iran Oral History Website – Ahmad Zareie is a name intertwined with the past and present of the “Holy Defense Poetry Congress” and no poet of the time has forgotten his name. “Majid Zehtab” who suggested the Holy Defense Poetry Congress during war and took the first steps to set up the event has original and worthy memories of the late Ahmad Zareie and other poets of the era. Zehtab remembers Ahmad Zareie ...

Secretary of Oral History Workgroup of Iranian Society of History:

Oral history Can Be Used For Sustainable Development of the Country

In a conversation with correspondent of Iranian Oral History Website, Faezeh Tavakoli stated, "The Iranian History oral history workgroup has planned a series of sessions on field of oral history studies, which has a cross-cultural nature, and sessions of "the link between oral history and cultural history", "the link between oral history and social history" and "the link between oral history and Political Science" were held.

With Memories of Saeed Hejazi

Weird Nights of Operational Areas

Dr. Saeed Hejazi was the third graduate student of Mofid School whom Mr. Asghar Kazemi, author of "Bamo" and "Platoon-1", introduced me for interview. After a phone contact, it was scheduled to be present in his office for interview in an afternoon. When I arrived, he had not come yet; so I prepared my stuff until he would reach. When the doctor entered, as if it was too late I knew him.

Biannual Journal of Oral History

We Have Not Yet Approached a Common Expression in Oral History Practice

Gholamreza Azizi, director of NLAI Research Institute, talked to the Iranian Oral History Website correspondent about some weaknesses that oral history field faces, "books which are published in field of oral history show that we have not still reached a common language in oral history practice and there has not been still a common understanding. The reason for this is that oral history has not yet been accepted as a scientific discipline in universities.

About a book that was published after 18 years

Secrets added to "Bamo"

The book "Bamo" - The four hundred forty third book published in the Office of Literature and the Art of Resistance – has memories of the identification forces of Qasarshirin and Dasht Zahab during sacred defense years written by Asghar Kazemi. The book, which has been published by Sura Mehr Publication after 18 years, includes details of the identification of the border regions of Iran and Iraq, narrated by 10 commanders and warriors in 5 chapters.

Along with the memories of Ali Ghamari:

The First Day of War

The injured Colonel "Ali Ghamari" is the only survivor of 19 battalion officers of Khorramshahr Fortress, and the commander of Khorramshahr Fortress along with other partners at the beginning of Saddams invasion on our country (Iran); he defended the countrys privacy; The battalion, which had to be replaced by a new battalion in 48 hours resisted manfully and jealously the oppression of Saddam Hussein during 34 days with the help of public forces ...

They were introduced in the conversation with Fatemeh Turkchi:

Oral History Plans of the Oil Industry Document Center

The Oral History of The Ministry of Petroleum narrated by the ministers

The expert of oral history department of Iranian Oil Industry Document Center, describing the activities carried out in this section, said: "the Ministry of Petroleum has been organized and constituted during the subsequent period of the victory of Islamic Revolution. According to surveys, eleven ministers and assistants has been working on the Ministry of Petroleum since the year 1358(1979).

Interview with Shahnaz Domirani

Jihadi Travel Memoirs of The Single Daughter of the Family

The Jihad of Construction was one of the revolutionary institutions formed in the first months of the victory of the revolution by the order of Imam Khomeini. This institution was the source of many blessings for the disadvantaged. The members of this organization have provided many services to the people in various cities and villages of the country and made a great effort to eliminate deprivation in different parts of the country.
The Session "Reflection in Oral History"(III)

Let us take critique seriously and be vulnerable!

According to Iranian oral history website, the first session titled "Reflection in Oral History" held at Dr. Parham Hall in National Library and Archives of Iran on Wednesdays evening, 27 February 2019. In the first part of the session, you read the words of Mohsen Kazemi, an oral history researcher and memoirs of Islamic Revolution, Mahmoud Sadat, a member of the faculty of Imam Khomeini Research Center, and Gholamreza Azizi, director of the Institute of ...
Mansoureh Ghadiri Talked about Behjat Afraz

You must be both a mother and a father

My wife had the longest captivity and I got the most energy from Ms. Behjat Afraz. I was at the age of 28 when my husband became missing, and when it became clear he was captured, I was very busy and I did not have leisure time; like a soldier who wears military boot in the morning, I slept upon my book and pamphlet. I was a professor at Shahid Rajaee University and from there I went ...
Baharieh (on spring)

The Unheard

It has been for years in such days or better to say that in a specific day, hour, minute and even second, the new year will be arrived. Just like a new-born child. And it is for all both auspicious and pleasing and may be exciting. Although the latter, that is, birth of children, is at least a year older than New Year but both of them have come to this place alongside each other.
The Session "Reflection in Oral History"(I)

A talk on the real voice of oral history

According to Iranian oral history website, the first session "Reflection in Oral History" held at Dr. Parham Hall in National Library and Archives of Iran on Wednesdays evening, 27 February 2019. In a note dated on 18 November 2019, Mohsen Kazemi who is a researcher in oral history and memoirs of Islamic Revolution, he asked questions entitled "Warning! Oral History Voice Is Coming", around the situation of Iranian oral history which encountered with oral history commentators.