Travel to the Past with Memories of Asghar Namazian

Air Transport Flights, During the War and After the War

Since his childhood he loved flying and in order to achieve his longstanding ambition, he made many efforts so that he entered the air force as a Homafar. But Asghar Namazian never forgot his childhood dream. After a while, he his request for participating in pilot test was accepted. After passing the test and its training course, he joined pilot team of Bonanza aircrafts. Asghar Namazian was among the last groups who were sent to United States for completing pilot course.
Visiting the Head of Payam Publications in the 15th meeting of “Oral History of Book”

Memories of 54 years

According to the website of Iranian Oral History, the 15th meeting out of the second round of the meetings “Oral History of Book” organized by Nasrollah Haddadi researcher and the presenter of the show was held in the Institute of House of Book on Saturday 29th of July 2017. The show was attended by Mohammad Nik Dast, the Head of Payam Publications.
Memoirs of Ashraf Baharlou from the injured in war

Living in Abadan, and relief working in Taleqani Hospital

Female relief workers played a major role in serving the injured in the hospitals of the city of Abadan. Far from their families and without any material expectation, they had stayed in a city which had been blockaded by the enemy to help the war combatants in order to nurse and take care of their injured brothers. Ashraf Baharlou is one of these young female relief workers during the eight-uear Iraqi imposed war against Islamic Republic of Iran. In an interview with the website of Iranian Oral History, she has talked about her memoirs from Abadan and Taleqani Hospital.
An interview with Dr. Mouloud Sotoudeh

The Oral History of Executive Systems Is the Result of a Collective Wisdom

As Iranian Oral History Website reported, it was regulated to specify the plans and challenges of National Documents and Library Organization in the twentieth meeting of the cabinets of Iranian Islamic Republic in Tir 1395(July 2016), as follows: "The executive systems can compile oral history of their dependent organization according the notified principle of National Documents and Library Organization".
Interview with Ph.D. Mehdi Abolhassani Taraqi

“Oral History of Isfahan Bazar” Refers to Public Culture

Bazaars (Markets) as economic pulse of Iranian society have always influenced Iranian cultural, social and political events throughout history. If we take a closer look at the Bazaars and its guilds and caravanserai and all alleys and lanes of the market, there is a world of unspoken words related to popular culture. Popular culture includes most commonly used terms and titles in the market to outdated and enduring jobs. Meanwhile, Isfahan Bazaar is one of the most original and oldest markets of Iran.
An interview with Maryam Jadali, a relief worker and a military training instructor during the Sacred Defense – the 2nd and final part

From western front to Khark Island

In the first part of the interview, we accompanied with the first years of Maryam Jadali youth which was concurrent with the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the breakout of the Iraqi imposed war against Iran. She explained about her memories in Sar Pol-e Zahab, the hospital of Abouzar Barracks and the Red Crescent train which was a mobile hospital. What follows is the second and final part of the interview of the website of Iranian Oral History with Maryam Jadali.
An interview with Maryam Jadali, a relief worker and a military training instructor during the Sacred Defense - Part I

Memories from Abouzar Hospital and Red Crescent train

The first years of Maryam Jadalis youth was concurrent with the victory of the Islamic revolution and the breakout of the Iraqi eight-years imposed war against Iran, she has studied in the major of communications and is now active in cultural works. The hearing of the voice of military march dragged this young girl to the war zone since the first days of the enemy attack on the soil of our country...
With the memoirs of Abbas Kiani who was "the commander of antiaircraft artillery" in war area

The day of hunting fighter plane "Mirrage" of Saddam Army

In a cold winter day, I was a guest of Abbas Kiani to listen his memoirs. He was one of the fighters of sacred defense, and as a member of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, he had attended in north and west frontage of war for 2700 days. Artillerist(s) did not attend in the first line of war; therefore, their memoirs had been left unsaid. But one of the artillerists of antiaircraft ...
Interview with Abbas Raisi Bidgoli, Author of Memories about Martyr Hossein-Ali Fakhri

An Interviewer without Question is like an Unarmed Soldier

Abbas Raisi Bidgoli, one of Sacred Defense fighters, is working a few years on memory writing in field of Sacred Defense. "Amo (Uncle) Hossein", includes memories of martyr Hossein-Ali Fakhri which was released into the market in 2016, is his first work. Publishing the book became an excuse in order to Oral History Website interview with him. Result of interview with Abbas Raisi Bidgoli is memory writers and enthusiasts of memory writing to be more familiar with his method in writing the book and other his works that are writing and publishing.
An interview with Golestan Jafarian, the author of memoirs of “Mirrorless Days”

I left everything to narrator

The book “Mirrorless Days” includes memoirs of Mrs. Manijeh Lashkari, the wife of war veteran Hossein Lashkari who spent 18 years of his life in the captivity of Saddam Army. It has been authored by Mrs. Golestan Jafarian and added recently to the sacred defense memory books. The release of the book by the Office of Resistance Literature and Art and Sooreh Mehr Publications provided an opportunity for the correspondent of the website of …
The memoirs retold in the 10th meeting of “Oral History of Book”

Fourteen years of follow-up for a book

According to the website of Iranian Oral History, the 10th meeting out of the second round of the meetings “Oral History of Book” was the second session of talking with Mrs. Mahdieh Mostaqni Yazdi, the owner of Karnameh Publications and Roozbeh Zahraee, the son of the late Mohammad Zahraee, the late head of Karnameh Publications. The meeting was held with the attempt of Nasrollah Haddadi, a writer and researcher in the Institute of Book House on Wednesday 28th of June 2017.
36 years were passed...

A Memory of June 1981

According to Oral History Website of Iran, ceremony of 36th anniversary of tragedy of June 28, 1981 (the 7th of Tir 1360 (SH)) and martyrdom of Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti and a group of Islamic Revolutionary helpers was held in memorial place of the martyrs of June 28, 1981 in Cultural Institute of Shohadaye Hafte Tir, which is located in Sarcheshmeh intersection of Tehran, before a group of the martyrs families of the tragedy, national officials and people in the evening of Wednesday, June 28, 2017.
The 281st Night of Reminiscence of Sacred Defense Was Held (Part II)

With the Memoirs of Line Breakers; From South of Iran to South of Syria

Sediqeh Samii who was the second narrator in 281th night of reminiscence for sacred defense told his memoirs as follows:" I hold M.A in the field of nursing. I was a junior in collage while the Islamic revolution of Iran were being headed for victory. One of friends said me that they had established a group and needed a nurse. He asked me to join with their group; I accepted. We went to visit garrisons, because they were busier than other places.
Memory Night held in presence of Supreme Leader

Whatever has really happened should be narrated

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the liberation of Khorramshahr, the third program of the Memory Night of the Sacred Defense was held in presence of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in Imam Khomeini Hossianieh on 24th of May 2017, according to the website of Iranian Oral History.