Introducing a Thesis

The Islamic Revolution in Babol According to the Oral History

"Oral History of the Islamic Revolution in Babol with the Approach of Shiite History" is the title of a thesis written by Iraj Khodabakhshi, a student at the Faculty of Humanities, Payame Noor University, South Tehran Branch, for a MA degree under the guidance of Dr. Houshang Khosrobeigi and in consultation with Dr. Alireza Sufi in 2013. The present research is a study in Shiite history and in relation to how ...

A Book Review

The Soil Engineers: Oral History of Combat Engineering in Sacred Defense

The Soil Engineers is the first volume of "Oral History of Combat Engineering in Sacred Defense" series which was published by the efforts of Abbas Heidari Moghaddam and commissioned by the Museum of Sacred Defense in 2019. The book is written by compiling the memoirs of thirty combat engineers and veterans of the sacred defense in the constructive jihad, the IRGC and the Army. Almost all narrators are defense management experts or ...

Oral History of the Sacred Defense Narrated by Hassan Rastegarpanah


Hassan Rastegarpanahs narration of the sacred defense, which is called Kurdistan in a Crisis of Security and Deprivation, was compiled by efforts of Reza Sadeghi and was published by the Sacred Defense Documentation and Research Center in 2019. Hassan Rastegarpanah is the sixth commander of Hamzeh Seyyed al-Shohada (AS) Base, who went to Kurdistan in the early spring of 1980 and served in various ranks of command and staff for about twenty years.

Woman narration of personalities and lives of great men in Islamic revolution and war

Ghada Jabber Memories of Her Husband "Martyr Chamran"

"I remember, I was accompanying him on one of his trips to the countryside. He gave me a gift inside the car. It was his first gift to me and we were not married yet. I was very happy and opened it there. I saw a scarf. A red scarf with large flowers. I was shocked, but he smiled and said sweetly: "My comrades like to see you in a scarf."

Introducing a Thesis

“Influential Factors in Accessing Oral History Sources at Iranian Oral History Centers”

"Influential Factors in Accessing Oral History Resources at Iranian Oral History Centers" is the title of a thesis which was compiled by Sara Taheri, a student of Educational Sciences and Psychology Faculty of Al-Zahra University, with the guidance of Dr. Zoya Abam and the advice of Dr. Saeed Rezaei Sharifabadi in September 2017, in order a Bachelor’s degree would be conferred to her.

The Oral History of the Sacred Defense Narrated by Ali Ishaqi

Electronic Warfare*

Electronic Warfare is a book on the Sacred Defense narrated by Ali Ishaqi which was published in 2018 by Sacred Defense Documentation and Research Center, thanks to the efforts of Yadollah Izadi. The book includes 27 interviews with this commander of Sacred Defense and covers his childhood until the adoption of Resolution 598 and the end of the Iran-Iraq War. Due to the continuity of topics in some interview sessions, ...

Introducing a Book Entitled "Mr. Book"

The book "Mr. Book", in the field of oral history Office for Studies of the Cultural Front of Islamic Revolution, has been prepared and compiled by Mohammad Hossein Baronaghi. This book is a review of life and time of the sixty-year-old experience in bookstore of "Hajj Ali Yazdankhah", father of a martyr, and the revolutionary book seller of Kashan. The "Mr. Book" includes six chapters on the life of Hajj Ali and ...

Memoirs from infancy; is it possible?

A note from “Eighty Years of Effort”

Dr. Ahmad Azimi Bolourian was born in the city of Mashhad in 1935. He was released his memoirs in a book titled “Eighty Years of Effort: Step by Step Along with Iran’s Social and Political Transformations since the Second Decade of 1300”. It was released in 2017 by the Publications of Rasa Cultural Services Institute. He has got the PhD degree in Civil and Urban Engineering from Washington University and has been ...

Oral Memories Related to the Familiar Revolution Music

Freedom Shout

Ahmad Ali Ragheb is a composer whose revolutionary songs are more known than himself. The post-revolutionary generation has grown up with his songs, from "Schools have got opened" and "Hello Classmate" to the orchestral pieces like "Freedom Shout", "The Holy Shahid", "America, Shame on Your Deceit" and "Blessed Be This Victory". In collaboration with Hamid Sabzevari and Mohammad Golriz, he is one of the less-known side of a golden triangle which created ...

Memorable Roles/Forgotten Roles

"Memorable Roles-Review of Memory-writing Literature" authored and translated by Ahmad Okhovvat, edited by: M. B. Hajiani, published in coat pocket size (12*19) and 263 pages by Goman Publication; Second edition, winter 2020, 700 copies, price 500,000 Rial. In recent decades, numerous and various release of memory books in Iran and abroad, especially memoirs of the Revolution, eight years of Iran-Iraq War, has made memory-writing a pervasive and widespread phenomenon;

A guerrilla who was in much love with Islam and Imam Khomeini

The Role of Oral History in Making a Documentary on the Life of Martyr Mahmoud Kaveh, Commander of the Special Brigade of Martyrs.
Martyr Mahmoud Kaveh, the commander of the Special Brigade of Martyrs, is one of the commanders about whom many articles have been written so far; but in the world of the movie, not much attention has been paid to the narration of his life from birth to martyrdom. Mr. Ali Hamid paid attention to him in making one of the episodes of the documentary series "Commanders" and narrated his condition in the form of 25 minutes.
A Piece of "Lasting Memories"

History of Establishment of Islamic Republic Party

I have been thinking about creating an Islamic political party and society for many years ago. Especially after the 1953 and coup detat of August 19, 1953, and given the experience I gained from the National Movement of Iran in 1950-1953, I hardly believed that our forces should become an active Islamic political organization. Hearing news of Islamic political organizations from other societies was interesting for me.
Interview with Zahra Tabatabai, an active student during the Sacred Defense era

The Efforts of Female Students in the War Support Headquarters

From the first days of the Baathists invasion, mosques, husseiniyahs, and even houses became important centers for the service of the fighters. These days, women and girls volunteered in the War Support Headquarters to collect public donations, sew clothes for fighters, making jam, do cultural works, and so on. Zahra Sadat Tabatabai is one of the women who actively participated in the War Support Headquarters of Tehran 14th district with the beginning ...