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The Absent Present Narration

The book "The Absent Present Narration" is a description of the unknown efforts of major General Hajj Hossein Hamedani, which is narrated by Hajj Jafar Mazaheri about his contemporaries and friends. Mohsen Seifikar is the author of the book, and Surah Mehr Publications has added it to its list of publications in 2019 under the effort of the Office of Culture and Sustainability Studies of Hamadan Art Center.

The Levant Morning

The tradition of writing memoirs, diaries, notes, or travelogues is a valuable and important tradition among politicians, and especially among ambassadors and diplomats throughout the world. Iran is no exception, and we have been involved with it during the previous hundred years, although it has been accompanied by ups and downs. The Levant Morning, which is some memoirs of Dr. Hossein Amir-Abdullahian, a senior diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ...

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Biography of the Commander of the 27th Mohammad Rasoolullah Division, Sardar Shahid Saeid Mohtadi Jafari (1958-2008). Soulmate is the fifteenth volume of the "Twenty-seven in 27" collection. Each volume contains the biography of one of the twenty-seven commanders of the 27th Muhammad Rasoolullah Division. Soulmate is the life story of Brigadier General Saeid Mohtadi Jafari, one of the commanders of this division.

Book Review: “The Role of Saeed”

Dr. Saeed Keshanfallah in the Words of others

“Written memories and oral memories”

During the funeral of martyr Kamran Nejat-Ullahi on December 27, 1978, the Pahlavi regime military forces fired at the mourners and killed several people near the current Enqelab (Revolution) Square. Hossein Qashqai was one of the martyrs of that event, who graduated from the University of Tehran Faculty of Dramatic Arts in 1973 with a degree in theater and had written and staged several plays.

Presenting the book In the Color of Patience, Memoirs of Fatemeh Sadr

The Nature of Saddam and the Baath Party in Iraq

The sixth volume of the Oral History Anthology, Imam Musa Sadr Cultural Research Institute

The book In the Color of Patience is the memoirs of Fatemeh Sadr, the wife of Shahid Seyyed Mohammad Baghir Sadr and the sister of Imam Musa Sadr, was published by the Imam Musa Sadr Cultural Research Institute in September 2020. On the back cover of the book can be read: "This book is the narration of Fatemeh Sadr about the joyousness of her fathers house and the delights of Najaf along

Oral History; Bidding System

In the early 1340s , the first steps has been taken to establish gas facilities in Khangiran, Sarakhs; Then, the executive operation of Khangiran gas refinery started in 1975 and stopped in 1978 due to the victory of the Islamic Revolution. Finally, it was put into operation with a three-year break on February 9, 1984, and up to present nine engineers were in charge of management of the refining company.

Presenting the Book Dispatched from Shahr-e Rey

At 1966, in the Roshan Masouleh family, a son was born who was named Mahmoud. He spent his childhood in one of the southern neighborhoods of Tehran. Mahmouds adolescence coincided with the era of struggle for the Islamic Revolution and its victory. In the summer of 1979, they migrated to the Alborz Industrial City in Qazvin, and returned to Tehran a year later. During this period, Mahmoud attended night school and worked at days.

Feminine narrations from characters and lives of great men of revolution and war – 2

Memories of Jilla Badihian from her husband Martyr Haj Ebrahim Hemmat

The 2nd book from the collection "The Hidden Half of Moon"

It was midnight when I saw someone knocking on the window of our room. Among all, I got up. I came to the window and saw that the Haji was carrying a gun and was very worried. It was as if he was guarding all these hours around our building. He said, "Now a sister went down in the dark. You go and see if this person who left was one of ...

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"Rifleman" is the title of the memoirs of Ali Hassan Ahmadi, which was published under effort of Alireza Kasraei and Surah Mehr, the Office of Culture and Resistance Studies in Kermanshah province in 2019. Ali Hassan Ahmadi is the author of a famous and thought-provoking photograph of the war , which sparked the writing of his memoirs. He is a Basiji during the Ashura operation in Mimak , when he realizes that ...

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Proceedings of the Second National Conference on the Oral History of Sacred Defense

The Proceedings of the Second National Conference on the Oral History of Sacred Defense is the title of the book that includes the papers presented for this conference. The call for the National Conference on the Oral History of the Sacred Defense was published in August 2016, and the conference was held at the National Library in March of the same year. The main issues of the conference include: "Theoretical foundations ...

A guerrilla who was in much love with Islam and Imam Khomeini

The Role of Oral History in Making a Documentary on the Life of Martyr Mahmoud Kaveh, Commander of the Special Brigade of Martyrs.
Martyr Mahmoud Kaveh, the commander of the Special Brigade of Martyrs, is one of the commanders about whom many articles have been written so far; but in the world of the movie, not much attention has been paid to the narration of his life from birth to martyrdom. Mr. Ali Hamid paid attention to him in making one of the episodes of the documentary series "Commanders" and narrated his condition in the form of 25 minutes.
A Piece of "Lasting Memories"

History of Establishment of Islamic Republic Party

I have been thinking about creating an Islamic political party and society for many years ago. Especially after the 1953 and coup detat of August 19, 1953, and given the experience I gained from the National Movement of Iran in 1950-1953, I hardly believed that our forces should become an active Islamic political organization. Hearing news of Islamic political organizations from other societies was interesting for me.
Interview with Zahra Tabatabai, an active student during the Sacred Defense era

The Efforts of Female Students in the War Support Headquarters

From the first days of the Baathists invasion, mosques, husseiniyahs, and even houses became important centers for the service of the fighters. These days, women and girls volunteered in the War Support Headquarters to collect public donations, sew clothes for fighters, making jam, do cultural works, and so on. Zahra Sadat Tabatabai is one of the women who actively participated in the War Support Headquarters of Tehran 14th district with the beginning ...