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The Need for Culture Developing to Eliminate Misunderstandings

After saying goodbye to the shrine of Commander of the Muslims, Ali (PBUM) in the afternoon of 15th October 2019, we started moving towards Karbala. We were supposed to start the walk at 2 oclock, but the men returned late from the shrine and the movement was delayed. After an hour, we left the city and reached Pillar at the exit of Najaf city, and started walking. Next to Hussainiyas , the children ...

Severe tortures for a crime I had not committed

Translated by M. B. Khoshnevisan

At the same date (the year 1351 or 1973) something else happened to me. After reciting the Komeil supplication in al-Reza Mosque on one of the Friday nights, I went home. At that time, we had rented the upper floor of the house of a close friend named Mr. Hossein Ghaderi on Hedayat Street near the al- Reza Mosque. The landlord was a very nice and kind person. The house had two doors; one was ...

The story of a Photo

A Thoughtful Portrait of Imam Khomeini in The Last Days of His Presence in Neauphle-le-Château

From the day it became free to publish Imam Khomeinis photo in Iranian newspapers and publications, and for the first time, Kayhan newspaper published his photo on its front page on august 29, 1979, until victory of the Revolution on February 11, 1979, many photographs of Imam Khomeini were published, which depicted him in various situations and places as leader of the Revolution. Widespread publication of these photos indicates the fact that the revolutionary ...

Excerpt from the Memoirs of Nayreh al-Sadat Ehtesham Razavi

I was in Qom at the time, and when the Qom police chief found that I was at Mr. Vahedis house, where he was surrounded; Mr. Vahedi was living in Qom at that time. When Mr. Vahedis house was surrounded, two people knocked on the door and entered the house, and sat with Mr. Vahedi in the guest house. Mr. Vahedi came and said: "lady! They are detectives and come to arrest me";

The Tragedy of Abadan Rex Cinema from the Memories of a Prisoner of Imposed War

Abdul Saleh Khaknejad is one of the prisoners who has recounted his life memories, focusing on his five years in captivity in Iraqi camps. He was born in 1952 in the village of Godartakhti in the central part of Bahmaei city in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad provinces. In his diary entitled " From Godartakhti to Ramadieh", which was prepared and compiled by his nephew Ms. Asieh Khaknejad, he describes his situation, family, and upbringing in a few pages at the ...

Excerpts from the memoirs of Seyed Ahmad Zarhani

On the Day 31st Shahrivar 1359 (22nd September 1980)

In the summer of 1980, a member of the Islamic Association of the Dezful Vahdati Base reported: "Iraqi plane MIG has been appearing in Dezful for several days. The defense could shoot them, but the base commander preferred not shoot them. When the MIGs were gone, permission to fire was issued and our expensive ammunition is wasted." He added: "Meanwhile, the commander has planted poppies in the garden in front of his house and he does not fear to meet someone."

One Photo and Three Memories

After Imam Khomeinis opposition to the bill of state and provincial associations and the reforms proposed by the Pahlavi government, known as the White Revolution and the referendum on January 26th, 1962, and Imam Khomeinis fierce confrontations with the Shah and the Pahlavi regime, Pahlavi forces arrested him at dawn on June 6, 1963. The Pahlavi government found a way to deal directly with Imam Khomeini, who had enjoyed great fame, popularity, and fortune among the Iranian people.

A Narrative of the Incident of 17th Shahrivar (8th September)

I came out of the house. I found the comrades at the appointments and then we came to Shahbaz Street (current 17 Shahrivar). The presence of regime agents on this street was very remarkable and they surrounded paths leading to the square. There was nothing left until eight oclock in the morning - the time of the ceremony - but it was almost impossible to reach the square. That day, I tried to ...

Excerpts from the memoirs of Ayatollah Abdullah Mahmoudi

The Beginning of the Iraqi Imposed War against Iran

From the beginning of the imposed war to eight days after the start of the war, I kept my family at home with small children until I saw that it was not possible to stay in the city any longer because the enemy had crossed the border and fired constantly. I had to send them somewhere. So I sent them to Shiraz to go to Qom and I went to the traffic police myself.

Being Arrested for no Logical Reason

Religious prisoners often recited verses from the Quran to boost their morale and that of others, and recounted the resistance of the early elders of Islam. But the communists were alien to this habits and deprived of this treasure of knowledge. Several of these people were in a cell next to ours. Their hobby was often singing the vulgar songs of the time. One of them, who had a beautiful voice ...

Nayereh Sadat Ehtesham Razavi Narrates Meeting with Shahid Nawab Safavi

Despite I did all my best, I could not meet him until shortly before his martyrdom. At that time, we lived in Sar Asiyab Doolab. One day I entered a real estate agency in Khorasan Square and asked, ‘Sir, will you let me call?’ He replied: ‘No problem.’ I dialed the phone number of the military prosecutor and talked to Azmoudeh. I said to him: ‘You have imprisoned the soldiers of Islam and the offspring of the Messenger of God for supporting religion, and sentenced them to death; ...
A review of the book "From the Pavilion to the Trench"

Memoirs of Abbas Ali Dargahi

On the cover of [the book] "From the Pavilion to the Trench" is a contemplative image of an engraved warrior prostrating outside the trench under the protection of his God, and on the back [cover] of the book is a multi-line narrative of the great victory: "The fighting forces, seeing the destruction of the Iraqi tanks, rushed towards the Iraqis from the trench with shouts of God Almighty, and at four oclock in the morning,
Review of the book "Sky is Close to Heaven"

Memoirs of Pilot Hossein Behzadfar

A suitable photo of a pilot and a stair-liked arrangement of the title, which remind the peak and the flight, is used for the cover of the book "Sky is Close to Heaven". The book begins with a brief dedication by the pilot Hossein Behzadfar to his wife and then handwriting of thanks to those who work to collect the memories of warriors and martyrs. Then there is an introduction of the Sacred Defense Documents Organization, ...
The 328th of Night of Memory – 2

Narrating the Heroism of the Air Force

To narrate the memories of the Sacred defense, the 328th Night of Memory program was held by Davoud Salehi as the presenter on Thursday, September 23, 2021, in the tomb of the anonymous martyrs of the Art Centers. Commander Jahangir Ibn Yamin and Commander Akbar Zamani shared their memories in this meeting. In the second part of the Night of Memory program, the presenter, said: "Analyzing the behavior of our pilots in the Air Force of the Army ...