Oral History News of Ordibehsht 1400

(covering April 21, 2021 to May 21, 2021)

According to the Iranian Oral History Website, "Month News" is the title of a series of reports on this site. These reports take a look at the news related to the topic of the website in print and virtual media. In the following, Ordibehest 1400 news can be read: Director of Ilam Hozeh Honari said: “In order to record the important memories and events of the holy defense in Ilam province and ...

Taking a look at the book "Memoirs of the Time"

Memoirs of Hujjat al-Islam Seyyed Hadi Khamenei

The "Memoirs of the Times" has a beautiful cover design and a decent page layout, and in addition to the authors brief introduction, his memoirs are narrated in six chapters about why and how the book was written and the yearbook of Seyyed Hadi Khamenei life, as mentioned on the back cover: "It reminds him of some past days. These memories refer to his attendance in Qasr Prison with details.

Falling in love with a heaven man

Review of a Book entitled "Homa"

The book "Homa" includes the memoirs of Homa Shalbafzadeh (wife of General martyr Mohsen Omidi) co-written by Robabeh Jafari and Jamshid Talebi from the series of written works of Hamedan’s Art Centers that the first edition was published in 2020 by Surah Mehr Publications in 384 pages and 1250 copies. This book begins with a preface to the Office of Culture and Resistance Studies entitled "Little Conservation".

Oral History Training

Early knowledge, before the beginning

Before addressing a "good start", it is better to pay some attention to the importance of "early knowledge of the narrator". Obviously, no sane person enters a subject or project without studying, but the interviewer may go to the narrator because of his high self-confidence, even without pre-writing his questions. Although high self-esteem and not relying on writing can be positive, it is sometimes also harmful.

SABAH (63)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

Since the date that the aid team had been stationed in Karevansara hotel, it had lost its actual effectiveness and dynamic. Due to the large distance between the hotel and the front lines, no injured was brought there to be attended. The team members were also very confused and cluttered. Before that, meaning before the fall of Khorramshahr we were all active and we did not waste even one second of our times.

Joy of People in the conquest of Khorramshahr

As I mentioned, one of my most important activities was the writing of leaflets and posters about the operations of the soldiers of Islam at the fronts of right against wrong, and informing the lovers of the revolution and the supporters of the Imam and his followers in the region. If I say that my best memories in Kashmir, before coming to Iran, were the conquest of Khorramshahr, I have not exaggerated.

Reporting Khoramshahr Status to Imam

We waited for two or three days. We realized that the situation is deteriorating and getting worse. The pressure on our forces increased and the siege of Khorramshahr became tighter. It was on the 14th of October that we decided to go to Imam Khomeini to present a report on the situation in Khorramshahr and to express the betrayals that are taking place. Mr. Bani-Sadr, said that artillery shells and mortars are not candies to be ...

Taking a look at the book" Black Friday of Lahijan

The Bombing of the Day 29th of August 1941 in Lahijan According to Eyewitnesses

"As we were all waiting for the announcement papers to fall from the plane over us, we suddenly saw a black object falling over us. One of the children, who I think he was Reza Mahyar, shouted "Bomb!"Last night, it was announced on the radio that if we were under bombing, we should try to jump in a river; I immediately jumped myself in a river near a road and next to a public house named Ekhvat.

Censorship in Presses

Censorship of the Press in the Memoirs of Journalists of the Pahlavi Period

In the history of the Pahlavi period press, the memoirs of journalists could not be ignored and can be found in various sources. Journalists have mentioned several issues in their memoirs, one of which is the censorship in the press of that time. There are many sayings and writings in this regard. At the present we have taken a look at some of the memoirs which refer to the story of press censorship.
A child from Salman generation

A Review of the Book "Footprints of Fog"

I was very persistent in going to Syria and acting in any way ... I had missed the era of sacred defense for years ... many people used to say that the wartime generation would not be repeated, but this was not the truth; there are always persons of Salman Farsi generation to be active in history and win the deal in this business and I was trying in the hope that I would be in this line ...
The 322nd of Night of Memorials-2

Memories of Purification Unit

The 322nd ‘Night of Memorials’ was held both in person and online on Instagram on February 25, 2021. Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Hossein Naqibpour, Hojjatoleslam Hassani, Hojjatoleslam Taherloui and Ms. Rahmani Nejad shared their memories in meeting. This session which was for jihadist students of seminary, Davoud Salehi had participated as a presenter. The second speaker was Ms. Rahmani Nejad, who first pointed that, “I got Covid-19 in March 2020.
Oral History of the Revolution in Department of Hozeh Honari of Provinces-2

Academic Attention to Oral History

Since its establishment, the Culture and Sustainability Studies in the Department of Arts Center of Provinces has attempted to collect and publish the oral history of the Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defense in different provinces and cities. To get acquainted with how this center was established and with its activities, especially in the field of the Islamic Revolution, Mohammad Ghasemipour, the head of the Culture and Sustainability Studies center in the ...