An Excerpt from the Book “Witnesses of Epic”

Memories of Ashraf Seifoddini about Liberation of Khorramshahr

It was 1982 and I was so passionate to go to the front. At that time, I was working in the health organization, my workplace had become base of logistic headquarters. I would treat and talk everyone who entered my workplace in such a way about the front and the fighters, which caused people to come to my room the next day with packages of food and clothes and say: Hajah! Send these little present to the warriors.

The 339th Night of Memory -1

Mail Carrier

The 339th Night of Memory titled "Mail Carrier" was held on Thursday, September 29, 2022, with the presence of the Postbank family of the country in Soreh Hall of the Arts Hall presented by Dawood Salehi. At the beginning of this program, honoring the holy defense week, the presenter said: When we are in a current, it is not an easy task to deal with its different angles. Many of the comrades ...

Oral History News for Ordibehesht 1402 (April-May 2023)

According to the website of Iranian Oral History, "News of the Month" is the title of a series of reports in the site. The reports take a glance at the news related to the subject of the website on written and cyber media. What follows is the news for Ordibehesht 1402: The Cultural and Educational Deputy Head of the Martyr Foundation and Veterans Affairs of the Zanjan Province said, "In order to promote the culture of ...

Memories of Ali Echrash

"Liberation of Khorramshahr"

The Liberation of Khorramshahr, and the retreat of the enemy toward the border of Shalamcheh, led to the distance of Mahshahr from the front and took a defensive state. The forces, who came to Mahshahr for operations, returned to their city, and I went back home after a while. I looked for an opportunity to go to Khorramshahr. Having to visit Khorramshahr in mind, Ishaq came to Mahshahr. He worked on the oil wells on Sirri Island.

Da (Mother) 47

The Memoirs of Seyyedeh Zahra Hoseyni

I opened the spigot in the yard, but nothing came from the hose but a rumbling of air. Whenever father came home he would hose down the yard, wanting it to be clean when we ate outside. As I looked around, I noticed that Leila had walked over to the welding equipment father used to do projects for people. I joined her and bent down to kiss the places on the tools where father put his hands.

Atomic Waste in the Desert

While I was under pursuance, I could participate in public [religious] processions (including Tasua and Ashura); because the crowd was large, the agents could not arrest me [Hujal al-Islam Gholam Ali Mehraban]. After the demonstration, I ran away and went to hide. On the night of Tasua 1978, the comrades had gathered at the house of Hajibashi Rahmani, who was an elderly person and used to take money for the Imam through the country of Qatar, ...

Part of Memoirs of Amir Saeedzadeh

On 7th of Khordad 1366 (May 28, 1987) concurrent with the night of Eid al-Fitr, I was informed that Molla Azimi was assassinated by Komoleh terrorists while leaving the mosque after prayer to break his fasting. When I heard the news, I went to the hospital to see him. I put his head on my knees and started crying. He was still alive, looking at my eyes. He was praying but closed his eyes quietly and left this world for paradise.

Book Review

Dezful to Sarcheshme

Dezful to Sarcheshmeh is a narration of the life and struggles of martyr Seyyed Mohammad Kazem Danesh, written by Gholamreza Derkatanian, published in 405 pages with a price of 125,000 Tomans by Sureh Mehr Publication of Khuzestan, Dezful branch, in 2022. On the cover of the book, Martyr Daneshs photo can be seen in soft green with a red title. The scritta paper and spaced writing are the first thing noticed when flipping through the pages of the book.

The 338th Session of Memory Night -2

Guy of the Mall

The 338th Night of Memory titled “Bache Bazarche (Guy of the Mall)”, hosted by Mohammad Hossein Mahmoudian and attended by the fighters of Hazrat Ali Akbar (AS) Battalion from the 10th Seyyed al-Shohada (AS) Division, was held in Hozeh Honaris Sooreh Hall on Thursday August 25, 2022. In the continuation of the session, mother of martyr Abolqasem Keshmiri said about her son, “I will tell you about the dream I had about the martyr.

How Imam Khomeini Was Under Siege in Baghdad

Ahmad asked me [Dr. Fatemeh Tabatabai] not to talk to anyone about the upcoming plans and the decisions sometimes made. We traveled from Najaf to Karbala by bus in one hour. All the way, I was worried and anxious. When we returned, Ahmed said: ‘We will leave Iraq in two days.’ I was shocked. I asked bewilderedly: ‘What happened? He replied: ‘The situation worsened in these two days, the siege has become more intense, ...
A memory from Mohammad Reza Yousefi

Stealing medicines from the city pharmacy

In the days after the Islamic Revolution, many people remember that young people gathered in different parts of the cities, and each one represented a group: groups such as the Tudeh party, Monafeghin or the hypocrites, the Fedai Guerrillas, the Democrats, Hezbollah, etc. each of which debated with each other with different political opinions and worldviews, and sometimes physical conflicts occurred between them during the debate. I was also interested in such street debates.

An Intelligent Demonstration

The people of Kurdistan did not have the courage to attend the demonstration due to pressures the regime had put on them. Whenever there was a demonstration across the country, there was no news in Saqqez until we, as the exile who were 10 to 11 people, decided to hold a demonstration there. When we started to demonstrate, two-three police cars had turned on their lights and followed us along with ...

Feeling of suffocation in runnel

Translated by M. B. Khoshnevisan
Saturday and Sunday, 9th and 10th of Dey 1357 (December 30 and 31, 1978) had coincided with the first days of the lunar month of Safar 1399. It had been four or five days since we left the sit-in. The regime showed terrible and intimidating behaviors and confrontations. On the other hand, we also prepared a big rally, which ended at Khorasan Governorate. From the first days of the Dey, the Pahlavi ...