Joy of People in the conquest of Khorramshahr

As I mentioned, one of my most important activities was the writing of leaflets and posters about the operations of the soldiers of Islam at the fronts of right against wrong, and informing the lovers of the revolution and the supporters of the Imam and his followers in the region. If I say that my best memories in Kashmir, before coming to Iran, were the conquest of Khorramshahr, I have not exaggerated.

Reporting Khoramshahr Status to Imam

We waited for two or three days. We realized that the situation is deteriorating and getting worse. The pressure on our forces increased and the siege of Khorramshahr became tighter. It was on the 14th of October that we decided to go to Imam Khomeini to present a report on the situation in Khorramshahr and to express the betrayals that are taking place. Mr. Bani-Sadr, said that artillery shells and mortars are not candies to be ...

Part of the Memoirs of Seyyed Ghalbi Hossein Razavi Kashmiri

Ayatollah Khamenei Trip to Kashmir

Another pure memoir, which I can remember about the Imam Khomeini movement (before I came to Iran), is about the supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei trip to Kashmir, which, if I am not mistaken, was in late 1980 or early 1981. One week before the arrival of the supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei, a person named Eng. Javad Sarfaraz, who was later martyred along with Martyr Beheshti, arrived in Kashmir. He had a close relationship with the Islamic Association of Iranian Students.

An Excerpt from Ahmad Mansouri memoirs on the eve of Nowruz 1358 (March 21, 1979)

Protection of Paarchin Military Industries

Immediately after fall of the Pahlavi military and security headquarters and the victory of the Islamic Revolution, people in every city and neighborhood took over the protection of the region, and established the Islamic Revolution Committees, which was a spontaneous revolutionary institution. The people of East Tehran also had voluntarily gathered in Parchin to protect the military industry of Parchin, which included several factories and critical centers of the military industry in about forty kilometers area.

An Excerpt from the Memoirs of Colonel Ali Ghamari

On October 22, 1980, it was announced that all the defenders of the garrison Khorramshahr have died a martyr, which had a very bad effect on fighters spirit, because our place, that is the garrison Khorramshahr, had been completely occupied by the Iraqis. Many cried when heard this news. I was very upset to hear it, but could not believe whether it was true. So, I sent one of the informants to investigate about it and then to let me know.

Special Memoirs of the Shah and the Reaction of Foreign Interviewers to Them

With the publication of the book "Mission for My Homeland" by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in September 1960, which can be considered as his autobiography and memoirs, some issues were raised for the first time that had not been mentioned before. According to Article 35 of the Iranian Constitution, he considered his monarchy a "Divine Gift", believed that God had chosen him and given him the mission to rule over the land and people of Iran.

Zahra Siahpoust Memoirs-2

Zahra Siahpoust, a rescue worker during the Holy Defense, was the guest on the 128th of "Night of Memorials" (June 24, 2004). She shared her memoirs of her first mission in the front. She said that the first place they were sent was near Abadan, called Darkhoveyn. A field hospital had been set up in Darkhoveyn, where we treated the wounded of counter-attack operations for two weeks. Let us watch her narration.

The Everlasting Upright Men in History

“How many times did you ask about that?” I said, “Their state was clarified. The nation and their representatives in the Islamic Consultative Assembly did it. Would it be better than this? Do they spend bad conditions? You killed our young men in American prisons, but these live in the embassy hotel, what the hell do you want? During this period, it was attempted to treat them in accordance with the Islamic ...

Book Review: Alam Flatteries

Asadollah Alam Memory of Ghostwriting to Approve and Praise Royal Actions

In his notes, Asadollah Alam, Minister of the Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Court, mentions the flattering and special action of Abdolazim Valian, one of the cabinet ministers, which is noteworthy. In fact, writing various books in praise and description of royal actions has been prevalent and pervasive in the history of the rule of kings; especially since the kings were very pleased to witness such writings. Ghostwriting also flourished in the Pahlavi period.

A Piece of "Lasting Memories"

History of Establishment of Islamic Republic Party

I have been thinking about creating an Islamic political party and society for many years ago. Especially after the 1953 and coup detat of August 19, 1953, and given the experience I gained from the National Movement of Iran in 1950-1953, I hardly believed that our forces should become an active Islamic political organization. Hearing news of Islamic political organizations from other societies was interesting for me.
A child from Salman generation

A Review of the Book "Footprints of Fog"

I was very persistent in going to Syria and acting in any way ... I had missed the era of sacred defense for years ... many people used to say that the wartime generation would not be repeated, but this was not the truth; there are always persons of Salman Farsi generation to be active in history and win the deal in this business and I was trying in the hope that I would be in this line ...
The 322nd of Night of Memorials-2

Memories of Purification Unit

The 322nd ‘Night of Memorials’ was held both in person and online on Instagram on February 25, 2021. Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Hossein Naqibpour, Hojjatoleslam Hassani, Hojjatoleslam Taherloui and Ms. Rahmani Nejad shared their memories in meeting. This session which was for jihadist students of seminary, Davoud Salehi had participated as a presenter. The second speaker was Ms. Rahmani Nejad, who first pointed that, “I got Covid-19 in March 2020.
Oral History of the Revolution in Department of Hozeh Honari of Provinces-2

Academic Attention to Oral History

Since its establishment, the Culture and Sustainability Studies in the Department of Arts Center of Provinces has attempted to collect and publish the oral history of the Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defense in different provinces and cities. To get acquainted with how this center was established and with its activities, especially in the field of the Islamic Revolution, Mohammad Ghasemipour, the head of the Culture and Sustainability Studies center in the ...