National Oral History Association of New Zealand Conference

27 November 2010

Oral History in the 21st Century:
Voices of Identity in a Globalised World
National Oral History Association of New Zealand
Conference 2011
2-3 April 2011
Rotorua, Ne Zealand

Keynote Speakers:
Prof. Micheal H. Frisch
University of Buffalo, USA
(*subject to outcome of funding application)

Lorina Barker
University of New England, Australia

Conference Themes:
Indigenous Voices
In recent decades, indigenous peoples have been rediscovering and asserting their cultures and identities. How is oral history contributing to this process of change, particularly for Mäori, Aboriginal and Pacific Island peoples?

Identity and Change
Oral History is often about aspects of identity and often involved reflections on change-whether a local history, the story of a social movement, or an individual’s life experience. How are these aspects being explored?

How are new technologies being used to make oral history more accessible and what are the implications revolve around digital technology, including web-based oral history databanks, website-published material and e-books.

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National Oral History Association of New Zealand
Conference 2011

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Loss of Memory in Pahlavi Prisons

In total, [I was in prison] about 6 years in two arrests. For the first time after several years, a soldier arranged my escape. I do not know why! Maybe he was one of the influential elements of Islamic groups. They took me to the hospital for the treatment of my hand, which was broken due to the callousness of an officer.

Hajj Pilgrimage

I went on a Hajj pilgrimage in the early 1340s (1960s). At that time, few people from the army, gendarmerie and police went on a pilgrimage to the holy Mashhad and holy shrines in Iraq. It happened very rarely. After all, there were faithful people in the Iranian army who were committed to obeying the Islamic halal and haram rules in any situation, and they used to pray.

A section of the memories of a freed Iranian prisoner; Mohsen Bakhshi

Programs of New Year Holidays
Without blooming, without flowers, without greenery and without a table for Haft-sin , another spring has been arrived. Spring came to the camp without bringing freshness and the first days of New Year began in this camp. We were unaware of the plans that old friends had in this camp when Eid (New Year) came.

Attack on Halabcheh narrated

With wet saliva, we are having the lunch which that loving Isfahani man gave us from the back of his van when he said goodbye in the city entrance. Adaspolo [lentils with rice] with yoghurt! We were just started having it when the plane dives, we go down and shelter behind the runnel, and a few moments later, when the plane raises up, we also raise our heads, and while eating, we see the high sides ...