The News of Month; December 2020

Oral History and Written Documents of the Sacred Defense Have Complementary Domains

Compiled by: Iranian Oral History Website
Translated: Fazel Shirzad


Note: According to the Iranian Oral History website, "The News of Month" is the title of a series of reports on this website. These reports take a look at news related to the subject of the website in written and cyber media. In the following, you will read the news about the month Azar (from November 21 to December 21) 2020.

►The last day of autumn coincided with the first anniversary of the death of Ahad Goodarziani, writer and historian of the Islamic revolution and sacred defense. Ahad Goodarziani spent many years of his life researching and writing about the sacred defense and oral history of the days of war and spent about five years as the editor of the Oral History website, Khordad 15th website, and the Islamic Revolution website with commendable effort.

► Rasa News Agency has interviewed Ali Rostami, the author of this book "Mamousta" as the selected book of the 18th book year of the sacred defense on the occasion of Book Week and the selection of the book.

►Ghorban Ali Kenarroudi, Head of the Contemporary History and Oral History Research Group of the National Archives and Library of Iran, announced the recording of the lived experience of a part of the country's medical staff in the form of an oral history interview by the Research Institute of the National Archives and Library of Iran.

► Seyed Mojtaba Zabarjad, Vice Chancellor for Research of Shiraz University, announcing the beginning of the project of preparing oral history and historiography of Shiraz University, added: Shiraz University is one of the active and influential institutions in the country and historical treasures; therefore, planning for the preparation of oral history and university historiography is essential.

►The 18th meeting of the Policy Council of the Oral History of Iranian Sports was held on the evening of November 25 in the presence of Dr. Seyed Reza Salehi Amiri, Chairman of the National Olympic Committee.

►Dr. Seyed Massoud Khatami's book on oral history entitled "Doctor of Dolato Prison" was published by the Sacred Defense Documentation and Research Center and entered the market.

►On the seventh day of the death of Seyyed Mehdi Alavi Behbahani, the late director of Alavi Printing House in Bushehr, Seyyed Ghasem Yahseni, in an interview with IRNA, recounted the history of the late Alavi in the field of publishing and called him one of the pillars of the oral history of Iran and Bushehr.

► Davood Fath Ali Beigi, an artist with a background in ritual and traditional plays and taziyeh[1], while expressing his impression of the death of Reza Nasrollah Lankarani, a prominent figure with a history of taziyeh in Iran, lamented the non-recording of oral history and memories of taziyeh singers.

► The Sacred Defense Documentation and Research Center sent a message of condolences on the death of Sardar Dr. Ali Asghar Zarei and announced the release of his oral history. The center has also published an excerpt from an oral history interview with the late Zarei.

► According to public relations reports, the feature-length documentary "Passengers of Suffering" by Nader Masoumi, a cinematographer, director of filmmaking and documentary filmmaker from Gilani, who started making a film about the historical period of World War II and the forced migration of Poles to Bandar Anzali in the middle of last year, announced that the recording stage of the film's oral history conversations has been completed.

► In an interview with ISNA, Abdolreza Qaisari, Deputy Minister of Culture of Fars Province, pointed to the need to pay attention to the oral history of warriors and commanders of the sacred defense and said: "The sacred defense is a valuable experience of the Iranian nation that can be researched as an important asset in science." Eight years of sacred defense has various aspects that can be explored.

► The National Archives and Library of Iran and the Scientific and Cultural Publications signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in the research and benefit from the capabilities of FEMA, and proposed cooperation to record the memories of intellectuals in the form of oral history.

►The unveiling ceremony of 80 books on the subject of sacred defense at the same time as the research day at the Museum of the Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense with the presence of general Bahman Kargar, head of the Preservation for Relics and Publication of the of Sacred Defense values, general Gholamreza Alamati, head of the Sacred Defense Documents Organization and Ashraf Boroujerdi The head of the National Archives and Library of Iran was held.

► "Oral history and written documents of the Sacred Defense have complementary domain and must be preserved for future generations," said Col. Froutannejad, director of research and education on documentary and digital content on Radio Goftgoo.

►The book of the oral history of General martyr Ahmad Gholami entitled "From Rey to Damascus" was selected for the final round as the book of the documentary section of the 13th Jalal Al-e Ahmad Literary Award.

►The Director-General of Preservation of the Relics of the Sacred Defense of Gilan announced the collection of more than 60,000 documents from the sacred defense era, including photos, manuscripts and notes, mission orders, letters and wills of the martyrs and warriors of Gilan and added: We uploaded 11,000 documents in the system of the holy defense documents of the country.

►Mohammad Nazarzadeh, an expert in charge of the oral history unit of Astan Quds Razavi Document and Press Affairs Department, in an interview with Quds Online, said that so far, more than 1,200 hours of interviews have been conducted with more than 170 people in the oral history project of Razavi holy places.

► The book "Leader Mosque"; The oral history of Keramat Mosque, one of the most influential mosques and the Center of Revolutionary Fighters in Mashhad, written by Morteza Ansarizadeh, has reached its second edition in less than a month by Rahyar Publications. The first edition of this book was entered into the publishing market at the beginning of December.

► The Tarfeh bookstore in Mashhad hosted a virtual meeting in which the book "Leader Mosque" on the importance of research and writing the oral history of the revolution was reviewed in the presence of the book's researcher, Ahmad Asgari and Mostafa Khatami, as the expert.

► The virtual review meeting of the book "Sands and Epics", the oral history of Mohammad Ershadi, one of the warriors of the sacred defense era of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, was held in cooperation with the General Office for Preservation of Relics and Publication of Sacred Defense Values of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province.

►On the occasion of Research Week, the unveiling ceremony of two books on the oral history of the sacred defense "I Fought for Peace" and "The Last Counterattack" was held in the presence of a group of officials at the General Office of the Foundation for the Preservation of Relics and Publication of the Values of the Sacred Defense of Khuzestan.

► The book of oral history, entitled "To the breadth of boundless words", won the top rank of the 5th National Conference on Oral History and Documentary Books of the Sacred Defense Documents Organization. This book is the result of 64 hours of interviews with Rahim Gharajdaghi and 15 hours of research interviews with his colleagues over two years.


[1] In Persian cultural reference, it is categorized as Condolence Theater or Passion Play inspired by a historical and religious event, the tragic death of Hussein, symbolizing epic spirit and resistance.( as cited in'zieh)

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