Life of a revolutionary lady as narrated by memoirs

Boriheh Salimi Khorshidi
Translated by M. B. Khoshnevisan


The book "A lady from Followers of Kowthar: Educational Ethical Impressions from the Life of a Revolutionary Lady" authored by Maryam Saderi has been published by Nashr-e Orouj Publications in 2018 in 1000 copies. In the 196-page book, the author deals with the personality dimensions of the revolutionary lady, Khadijeh Saghafi, the wife of Imam Khomeini (God bless his soul).

This book has been compiled on the basis of interviews, conversations and memoirs that have been published in a number of books on Khadijeh Saghaf's personality, thoughts, beliefs and character, such as: "Quds of Iran and a Century of Adventurous Life", "Lady of the Revolution, Another Khadija", "Lady of the Revolution in the Mirror of Memories", and "Lady of the Revolution in the Mirror of SAVAK Documents".

In the context of this book, people who have been familiar with Khadijeh Saghafi and her temperament have told many memories of her shared life with the Imam and the impact she had on everyone, especially women.

The book consists of two main sections: "A Brief Introduction of the Lady of Revolution" (pages 7 to 15) and "Explaining the Personality of the Lady of the Revolution", including an explanation of the devotional-epistemic character and educational-ethical character, which cover pages 19 to 194. The bibliography has come at the end of the book.

In the section, "The Author's Introduction", Maryam Saderi considers Khadijeh Saghafi as a role model for other Muslim women to enjoy and reach perfection. In the first section, "A Brief Introduction of the Lady of Revolution", the events from her birth to death (1913 – 2009) and her role as the wife of Imam Khomeini (God bless his soul). In the book's second section titled " Explaining the Personality of the Lady of the Revolution", the reader finds out according to the individuals' sayings that Khadijeh Saghafi enjoyed high level of awareness and knowledge, was also very interested in mysticism and believed that the mankind is able to choose the right path in reaching the perfect way, always believed in the Imam and tried to accompany him in all affairs and life stages, was very interested in poetry, literature and cultural issues, kept her patience and calm at the time of the death her loved ones, did not pretend to be religious or practice religious rituals to attract attention and fiercely fighting superstitions and was bound to the veil (hijab).    


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