Memories of a Few Operations

Biography of Mohajer Eshgh*

Reyhaneh Mohammadi
Translated by: Zahra Hosseinian


Mohajer Eshgh is the biography of Shahid Hamid Ramezani which is published by Surah Mehr Publications on November 14, 2019. Alireza Maserati, the author of book and a fellow warrior of Shahid Ramezani, puts it in the foreword: "A new chapter has emerged in the thick book of history, which is very mystical. Only those who realized that the life is not more than dying without the beloved, made their mind to departure their homeland in order to meet the beloved. But this departure was not much of a journey through the mountains and plains and roads, nor was it a passage through cities and villages, but a much larger one. Departure from inside; yes, you can depart from inside of yourself, but not everybody is worthy of such a fly! The wings develop only on the shoulders of lovers. It is easy for everyone to create a love bondage, but not everyone remain lover. This wondrous path needs a brave man to traverse amorously, crying and laughing, while he is perplexed in the way of love. In spring time of life, Shahid Hamid Ramezani began a love departure from his inside toward the beloved, and remained commitment to his promise for many years. In the climax of events of the Islamic Revolution and the sacred defense, he manfully made many sacrifices and finally attained martyrdom.

Mohajer Eshgh is a documentary narration of this amorous departure. The book is the result of three years of research and over 100 hours of interviews (including 36 hours interview conducted by Mohammad Reza Rashidi and 10 hours interview carried out by Behzad Sheikhi), and collecting written and non-written documents from family and friends and fellow-warriors of Shahid, and organs such as The Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs, and the Sacred Defense Documents Center. A number of these documents was selected and included in the final chapter of the book. For those interested, the source of most of the memoirs is also cited in the footnotes. Although Shahid Ramezani deserves better and greater to be known and introduced, I hope that this book will also serve as a small gift." Writing biography is one of the subdivisions of oral history. The first chapter deals with Shahid Ramezani's childhood and adolescence in 1962; also the story of changing his name from ‘Shahrokh’ to ‘Hamid’ has been explained in an interview with his father. The fourth chapter of this six-chapter book is about the Susangard Front, in which memoirs of Operation Fath-ol-Mobin, Operation Beit-ol-Moqaddas, and several other operations were narrated. The sixth chapter deals with the narrative of Operation Khyber, Badr and Walfajr 8 and ends with the martyrdom of Ramezani in 1988. At the end there are pictures and documents and transcript of interview with Commander Ahmad Gholampour and Behnam Shahbazi about Hamid Ramezani.

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