The 12th conference is ahead

An overview of books of articles of Iranian Oral History Conference

Maliheh Kamaleddin
Translated by M. B. Khoshnevisan


Iranian Oral History Website – the 12th Conference of Iranian Oral History is ahead.  The conference with the subject "Oral History of Industry, Engineering and Logistics of Scared Defense" will be held in Saeb Hall of the Literature and Humanities College of Isfahan University.

It is natural for the audiences and interested people who had read or heard the news to be willing to have information about the coming programs of the conference. On the basis, the Iranian Oral History website is trying to provide such information until the holding of the conference which is the most important program in this field in the country. Thus, at this point, the books containing the articles of previous conferences which have so far been published (2018-2019) are reminded.

The book "Interview in Oral History: Collection of Articles of the 4th Oral History Expert Meeting and Workshop (February 25 and 26, 2008) was compiled by the Oral History department of the Center for Studies and Research of Resistance Culture and Literature and published by Sooreh Mehr Publication in 513 pages in 2009. It was published for the second time in 2016.

The book "Methodology and Topics of Urban Studies in Iranian Oral History: Collection of Articles of the Fifth Iranian Oral History Conference (5th of March 2009)" compiled by Abolfazl Hassanabadi and published in 221 pages by the Organization of Libraries, Museums and Documents Center of Astan Quds Razavi in 2011 for the first time.

The book "Oral History of Sacred Defense: Collection of Articles of Oral History National Conference Revolving around the Sacred Defense" was compiled by Gholam Reza Azizi and published by the Organization of Libraries, Museums and Documents Center of Astan Quds Razavi in 2011 for the first time. It is also considered both the collection of articles of the 6th Conference of Oral History held on 10th of November 2009, and collection of articles which was held on 29th of September 2010 with the subject of oral history of the Sacred Defense. This book has 580 pages.

The book "Compilation in Oral History: Collection of article of the 7th and 8th Conference of Iranian Oral History: The 7th Conference (Tehran, Library, Museum and Documents Center of Iranian Parliament, 29th of September 2010); the 8th conference (Isfahan, Isfahan University, 23rd of April 2013) was compiled by Ali Tatari and published by the Library, Museum and Documents Center of Iranian Parliament in 272 pages in 2017.

The book "Collection of Articles of Oral History of Self-Sacrifice and Martyrdom: The 9th Oral History Expert Meeting and Workshop; February 2014" was compiled by the Documents Center of the Martyr Foundation and the Affairs of War Veterans and the Association of Iranian Oral History and published by the Cultural Research and Relations Department of the Martyr Foundation and the Affairs of War Veterans, and Nashr-e Shahed in 2015.      

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A doctoral dissertation was reviewed:

The Role of Isfahanian Students in the Victory of the Islamic Revolution

By observing physical distance and without audience attendance (due to the outbreak of Corona virus), the defense session of the doctoral dissertation entitled "Historical Explanation of the Role of Isfahan High School Students in Islamic Revolution (October 1975 to June 1978)", by Maryam Qanuni, was held at the Faculty of Literature and Humanities, University of Isfahan, on 30th May, 2020. According to the Iranian Oral History website, this dissertation has been compiled with ...

Introducing a Book Entitled "Mr. Book"

The book "Mr. Book", in the field of oral history Office for Studies of the Cultural Front of Islamic Revolution, has been prepared and compiled by Mohammad Hossein Baronaghi. This book is a review of life and time of the sixty-year-old experience in bookstore of "Hajj Ali Yazdankhah", father of a martyr, and the revolutionary book seller of Kashan. The "Mr. Book" includes six chapters on the life of Hajj Ali and ...
The second Night of Memory, in the year 1399 (2020), was also held online

A Human Narration of Liberation of Khorramshahr

Mehdi Rafiei, one of the defenders of Khorramshahr attended in 313th Night of Memory, recounted memories of human relations between the forces of the two sides of war after the liberation of Khorramshahr:" I want to tell you a memoir today in different perspective. "Some may not have much to do with artistry works in war, like using RPG and shooting, but it has extremely deep human emotions."
Oral Memories Related to the Familiar Revolution Music

Freedom Shout

Ahmad Ali Ragheb is a composer whose revolutionary songs are more known than himself. The post-revolutionary generation has grown up with his songs, from "Schools have got opened" and "Hello Classmate" to the orchestral pieces like "Freedom Shout", "The Holy Shahid", "America, Shame on Your Deceit" and "Blessed Be This Victory". In collaboration with Hamid Sabzevari and Mohammad Golriz, he is one of the less-known side of a golden triangle which created ...