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Two Books

Mohammadali Fatemi
Translated by Natalie Hghverdian


Iran Oral History Site - During the Fajr Celebration of 2019 and on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the activities of two researchers and writer of the Islamic Revolution's Library were highlighted.

February 5, 2019, and in the final ceremony of the 36th annual book prize festival of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hedayatullah Behboudi was introduced with his book "Alef Lam Khomeini: The Biography of Imam Rouhollah Mousavi Khomeini" as one of the electorates of the documentary branch in the field of history and geography. He received his prize from, the president, Hojatol Islam ValMuslim Dr. Hassan Rouhani. About the latest books and works of Hedayatullah Behboudi and his views, read this article on the Iran Oral History website:

The history is narration of possibilities

Documentaries are not of the same nature

The essence of narration and documentation of memories is independence


The press conference of the book "The Coffee House Painting: Diary of Kazem Darabi; The Defendant of the Mykonos Court" by Mohsen Kazemi was held on February 4, 2019 in the Department of Art. At the meeting, these points were stated about the book:

Abdulhamid Qaradaghi, Managing Director of Sureh Mehr Publications: This work is one of the important books of the Department of Art.

Morteza Sarhangi, founder of the Office of Literature and Art of Resistance: Today, nobody waits for an invitation to document important events and Mr. Darabi came and spoke to Mohssen Kazemi and started publishing his memoirs. Mr. Darabi and the soldiers of the war and ... are witnesses and most credible in the field of oral history.

Mohsen Kazemi, author of "Coffee House Painting": Thank you Mr. Darabi for his 10 years of patience (the time of writing and producing this work); as he showed patience in the German prison for 15 years and 2 months; I also thank Soureh Mehr for fostering the grounds for us to focus on one book for 10 years.

Kazem Darabi, narrator of "Coffee House Painting": Art Department officials have promised the translation of this work will be released shortly.

Hojatoleslam Saeed Fakhrzadeh, head of the Oral History Department of the Islamic Revolutionary Library: The Westerns brought a lot of allegations against the Islamic Revolution. The publication of the book "Coffee House Painting" can help as a small measure to eliminate the stains of such allegations against the Islamic Revolution. The Islamic Revolution of Iran cannot stay hidden from the eyes of the world.[1]

[1] Source: Soureh Honar; News website

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It Was Raised in an Interview with Ibrahim Afshar

Details of Oral History Project of Iranian Sport Press

Iranian Oral History Website: specialized sports newspapers and sports pages of news agencies are one of the most popular media, especially when it comes to football! Working in a newspaper or as a correspondent because of never-ending dynamism and excitement is filled with ups and downs and precious experiences for future reporters and an excuse to commemorate predecessors. In this regard, library, documentation center and oral history of the National Olympic Academy, ...

A belief though for the world

In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful. I would like to welcome you all and acknowledge the good words I heard today. I met many dear friends. I would like to congratulate the narrators, as my sisters; the authors, as my sisters; the Art Division and Soureh Mehr Publication. They did a wonderful job. They spared no effort. This event was arranged with the efforts of Ms.
Typology of Oral History (1)

Basic Narrative & Pathology

Oral history seems to be easy to ignore. Particularly in extraction; in the field of compilation, we encounter texts that suffer many forms of problems. On the one hand, it is seen that the basis is a mere interview and extraction and editing that is lacking in priorities. Therefore, in spite of the efforts of the producer, the end result does not attract readers and specialists. The other part relates to oral ...

Verification in Documentation

Overview on the critical role of memoir typology in the trifecta theory of the book
What is verification/authentication? In discussing the matter, I intentionally, avoid the comparative realm of truth and reality; and I do not want this article to be tangled in the relativity of realism, which will be of no use. Hence, in defining verification/authentication, I shall apply the terminology of the concept and look at the issue from the audience point of view. The basic assumption in this concept is that the incident described in ...