Introducing the Best Oral History Books of Sacred Defense

Maryam Asadi Jafari
Translated by: Fazel Shirzad


The best books of oral history published in 2017 and 2018 will be selected and presented on the sidelines of 2nd National Conference on Oral History of Sacred Defense.

According to Iranian Oral History Website, the introduction of best books of active provinces in the field of oral history of sacred defense is based on the review of 100 books published by general offices for the Protection of Works and Publishing of Sacred Defense Values and Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards (Sepah) throughout country, during years 2017 and 2018.

All of these books will be unveiled at the 2nd National Conference on Oral History of Sacred Defense, but the organizers of this conference prioritized their qualitative study and invited experts from the University of Imam Hussein (AS), the National Library of Islamic Republic of Iran, the Department of Literature and Sacred Defense History, Sacred Defense Science and Education Research Institute and the Sacred Defense Garden to judge the mentioned books.

Gholamreza Azizi, Hadi Moradpiri, Ali Mir Hashemi, Babak Valizadeh, Mehdi Fatemi, Gholam Reza Alamati, Abdollah Esmaeili and Amir Mohammad Abbasnejad, are the judges of best choices for the oral history of sacred defense. Each book is reviewed by three judges and finally the top five books will be presented on the sidelines of the 2nd National Conference on Oral History of Sacred Defense.

The 2nd National Conference on Oral history of Sacred Defense will be held in March 3 by the attempt of Sacred Defense Organization for the Protection of Works and Publishing of Sacred Defense Values and National Library and Archives of Islamic Republic of Iran, and with the cooperation of many institutions and organizations, included Art center of Islamic Propaganda Organization.


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