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The oral history interview method is different

Shima Doniadar Rostami
Translated By Fazel Shizard


Mohammad Hossein Yazdani Rad, an interviewer and editor of works in the form of oral history, said about the books are in compiling and publishing in this field to the correspondent of oral history website of Iran: "The Oral History interview with Morteza Fazlali, at National Library, is in the process of getting a permission. He is a member of Islamic Consultative Assembly and is one of the survivors of the 7th of Tir[1] (the blast of Republican Party Office) and a close friend of Shahid Beheshti, and this book is an interesting work in addressing the events of early revolution.

Referring an interview with Parviz Shokri - the pioneer of Iranian art and theater- in the field of art, he added:" An interview has been conducted with him about 30 interviews, but these interviews have not yet been fully implemented and I think that this book will be published at the end of 2018."

Yazdani Rad explained about other oral history project in progress: "In 2007, I started the project of conducting an Oral History interview with Mohammad Reza Shajarian, but unfortunately, it lasted a long time because it is often difficult to coordinate with him."

"We hope that Shajarian’s general condition will be improved and we will be able to continue interview," he said regretting that the interview has not been completed yet," By the knowledge of all aspects of music, he can be considered as an alive documentary of traditional music. Traditional Iranian music has come out of history, and has own puzzle; Shajarian can complete this puzzle. Regarding traditional music, Shajarian will definitely be a main narrator."

Yazdan Rad told about his reason to conduct oral history interviews: "I was recruited at National Library and Archives Office since 14 years ago. I have worked in the classification unit of works for one year, but then I was transferred to Oral History Unit; I have been working on oral history since that time, and so far I have interviewed about 300 people. The most prominent ones were interview with Ms. Ali Akbar Etemad, Parviz Shokri, Jafari Jozani, and Mohammad Reza Shajarian."

He explained about the gaps in the field of oral history: "considering the history of this method, so far all of oral history's works has been traditionally done. Although some instructions have been set for it, there is still no consensus on it."

According to the researcher in the field of oral history, the ages of the interviewees make the most of them not to have a good memory. There are still some printing restrictions for some of them.  

As there are lots of claimants in the field of oral history in our country, Yazdani Rad said: "Unfortunately, the exact definition of it has not yet been made and is mistaken in the form of an" interview". The interviewer and editor of the oral history works added:" When I got help from Massoud Jafari Jozani from Ebrahimian (one of the critics of cinema), he told me that I was friends with Jafari Jozani for 50 years, but I have not seen such an interview so far. Because this interview is not a cinematic specialist, this interview is completely different for oral history and how it is done."


[1] 27th June

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