"Compilation in Oral History" Narrated by 15 Articles

Mohammadali Fatemi
Translated by: Fazel Shirzad


In late 1396, Library, Museum and Documentation Center of Islamic Consultative Assembly published book "Compilation in Oral History: the series of articles of the seventh and eighth oral history conference." This 272-page book has been compiled by Ali Tatari.

In book's identification, it was mentioned that seventh oral history conference was held in the Library, Museum and Documentation Center of the Islamic Consultative Assembly on February 31, 2011 and the eighth conference was held in Isfahan Ordibehesht 23, 2013. So, the papers of seventh conference and then the papers of eighth conference were presented respectively.

Therefore, these articles can be seen and read as follows:" Boundary Between Memories and Oral History in the Compilation of War Books by Looking at the Book "DA" and its Content Criticism (Gholamreza Azari Kakestar), Introduction, Analysis and Review of Ezatshahi's Memory Book (Mehdi Abolhasani Taraqi), A Survey on Oral History and Priority of Speech on Writing (Faezeh Tavakoli), Training in the Findings of Oral History (Hossein Rouhani Sadr), Criticism of Book" Ambassadors of Seven Thousands of Days": Memoirs of Seyed Taghi Mousavi Darchei (Seyed Mahmoud Sadat Bidgoli), Methods for Preserving the Oral Sense of the Text and Examining the Truth of Narrations in Oral History (Aliasghar Saeedi), How and Where Does Text Editing in Oral History Come From? (Hamid Qazvini), Sha'ban Ja'fari; from Lampenism to Narration (Saeedeh Muharrami), Do and Does in Compilation of Oral History (Abu Al Fateh Momen), Editorial Range in Oral History (Habibollah Mehrjou), Analysis in Oral History: A New Approach in Qualitative Research (Morteza Nouraei, Mohammad Reza Firoozkoohi), Speech-to-Text Conversion in Oral History: Approaches and Methods (Seyed Mitra Hashemi), Oral History in Schools: Necessity and Strategies (Mehdi Abolhassani), Application of Phenomenological Method in the Teaching of Oral History (Faezeh Tavakoli) and Oral History and Applied Academic Education (Morteza Nouraee and Mehdi Abolhasani).

This list shows that the book "Compilation in Oral History: the series of articles of seventh and eighth oral history conferences". There are 15 articles in which four of their titles directly reviewed books containing oral memories.

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Majlis Library Oral History Log

Oral history, a path to inform history
According to the Oral History Site, the Islamic Majlis with the chairs of elected representatives, has always been the key legislative body in Iran and has witnessed many historical upheavals. There have been many presented features in Baharestan , hence recording the oral history of the active figures in the Islamic Majlis before and after the Revolution has been critical for historical scholars.
Book Induction by the Translator

“Sarajevo Roses”

An Oral History Prose
“Sarajevo Roses: Towards Politics of Remembering” written by Azra Junuzović and translated by Mohammad Karimi was published by the Resistance Literature and Art Bureau and Soureh Mehr Publishing Company. The book was published in 1110 volumes structured in 213 pages in 2017. The book is about the mortar shell explosions in the streets of Sarajevo painted by the red color, as a symbol of Bosnian people blood. We interviewed the translator of the book, Mohammad Karimi to tell us more.

Application of subject-oriented oral history in local historiography

At present, thanks to two important events of the Islamic revolution and the Sacred Defense in our country, a significant number of individuals around this vast country are determined to play a role in recording and registering the events related to the two. The oral history experts can seize this opportunity to promote their products in this area qualitatively and quantitatively.

Narration of fellow fighting with Kaveh in "Javid Memories"

"Javid Memories" is the second book of "Oral History Collection of Commanders and Combatants of Khorasan Province" written by Alireza Miri. The interviews have also been conducted by Miri. It is the oral memoirs of Javid (Javad) Nezampour, the first commander of the Military Instruments of the Special Division of Martyrs during the Scared Defense from martyr Brigadier General Mahmoud Kaveh.