The Thirty-First Book Fair and Memory Books

Maryam Asadi Jafari
Translated by: Fazel Shirzad


According to Iranian oral history's website, the doors of Tehran Thirty-First International Book Fair opened for book lovers on Ordibehesht 12, 1397(May 2, 2018). Prayer hall Imam Khomeini (RH) in this fair hosted 2,050 domestic publishers and 132 foreign publishers. Tehran International Book Fair offers a opportunity to meet new publication; memory books are fixed part of this yearly hosting. In recent years, especially, writing and telling memory, in various forms, have opened a place in many ceremonies and media. In the following, you'll be familiar with some new publications of memories.

* Publication martyr Kazemi which has been active in publishing memoirs of martyrs of Holy Shrine Defenders and memories related to sacred defense, in recent years; these books include "Youthful Tree" about the memories of prisoners on place of resorting to Imams (AS), "Agony and Hope" about a real experience of Al-Khalifa's prisons was written by Hojjat al-Eslam[1] Seyyed Morteza al-Sandi and translated by Alireza Beigi in Tehran's prayer hall.

* Cultural group of martyr Ebrahim Hadi  attends in Tehran Book Fair with 70 titles of books including one hundred and twenty-eighth edition of volume "Hello to Ibrahim" and the 22th edition of second volume of this book.

* Publication Ravaiat Fath[2], as past years, came to book fair with a full hand and published more than 20 book in the field of biographies and memories of martyrs such as " Restless; Memories of the Destruction Battalion, narrated by Morteza Shadkam" written by Masoumeh Khosrow Shahi and more than 10 titles about martyrs of holy shrine defenders such as " A Meet After Sunset"; Biography of Shahid Mehdi Norouzi "," An Artery For Sanctum: The Life of Martyr Hamid Reza Asadollahi "and" Your Name is Mostafa: The Biography  of Martyr Mustafa Sadrzadeh".

* Publication Brilliant Stars, with 36 new books, came to Tehran Thirty-First International Book Fair. "Mr. Jamal: martyr general Seyyed Jamal Tabatabaii " narrated by his wife, is one of the newest books in publication Brilliant Stars.

* Publication Stars also appeared at the book fair in this year with 11 new titles and first editions. The books include War Eyes (oral memories of Farid Mohammadi Moghaddam who was watcher Khorasan army Nasr 5), An Inductee (a documented narration from General Hossein Ghayni who was commanders of battalion Rad[3]) and White Hoodies (Memories of Khorasan medical martyred students).

* Imam Khomeini's Institute for Compile and Publish the Books of Imam Khomeini with three oral history books came into the Tehran Thirty- First International Book Fair titled "Along With the Time of Loneliness : Memories of Hojjat al-Eslam Seyyed Reza Bereghi, "Along With Sadegh: Memories of Hojjat al-Eslam Ahmad Sadeghi Ardestani" and "Permanent Immigrant: Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Morvarid, biography and fights

* Publication Imam Musa Sadr, with 62 titles, appeared at Tehran Book Fair such as "Seven Private Narrative of the Life of Sayyed Moussa Sadr", "Agreeable Comrades: Memories of Ayatullah Seyyed Morteza Mojtaba", "Meeting in Paris: Memories Dr. Hassan Habibi and Mrs. Shafieh Raheedeh and the second edition of book" The Hadith[4] of the Day: The Memories of Seyyed Haddi Khezroshahi"

* The books "I was in Raqqeh" includes the memories of Mohammad al-Fahem (Abu Zucriya), an separated member of ISIL[5] and Takfiri[6], and "On a Trouble Way" containing memories of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, head of the al-Qaeda military committee, published by Nazgol Publication, at Tehran Book Fair.

* The books "Ambassador's Memories", "Red Boots", "When Moonlight Was Lost", "Farangis", "Chriskan's Evenings", "Eleventh Golestan," and "Darsavin" are memories, in the form of "Added Actuality" published by Sura Mehr Publications presented at Tehran book fair. The factor "Added actuality" has created an opportunity for addressees to use a handset or tablet to watch part of movie, in addition to the text, provided about the book. From the works of the same publications, books "My All Thirteen Years Old", the memoirs of Mehdi Tahhanian by Golestan Jafarian narrated by Mehrdad Mehmandoost, "Golestan 11th" Memories of martyr Ali Chitsazian's wife written by Behnaz Zarabizadeh narrated by Saeid Farzi, book "Shenam" the memoirs of Kianoush Golzar Ragheb narrated by Mehrdad Mehmandoost. "When Moonlight Was Lost" Memories of martyr Ali Khoshlafz  written by Hamid Hesam narrated by Javad Peshgar and Mehrdad Ashghian, "Red Olive" Memories of Nahid Yousefian narrated by Roya Fallahi and "Memories of Marzieh Hadidchi (Dabagh[7])" written by Mohsen Kazemi and narrated by Afsaneh Mohammadi were presented at Tehran book fair.

* The book "Inaccessible" Biography of Alireza Heidari, a freestyle wrestling hero, was published and exhibited by Golgasht Publishers at Tehran Book Fair. This book is resulted from 60-hour interview and a narration of the events of life of an olympic champion in the decade of seventies and eighties.

* The memory book of late Rajabali Taheri, a former representative of Fars's people in Islamic Consultative Assembly and the first commander of the Fars's Revolutionary Guards, titled "Wintery Smiles" by Cultural-Art Center of the Islamic Revolution Documentation Center and exhibited at the Thirty-First Tehran Book Fair. ‌

* The book "Goodbye Sarajevo" by Atka Reid and Hannah Scoofield and translated by Abed Mirzaee from Ketabestan Marefet publication and exhibited book fair at this year. This work is a narration of the bloodiest war in Europe after World War II. The authors of this book portrayed their observations and experiences of the war.

* The meeting "The Place of Literature of Sacrifice and Martyrdom in Publication of the Country" was held on Thursday, 13th of Ordibehesht, 1397(May 3, 2011) with the presence of Mahmoud Ekramifer and Reza Hajiabadi in the House of Writers of the Tehran International Book Fair. Referring to the importance of addressing the wills of martyrs and oral history, he said: Akrami Far:" Another way of recording the history of sacrifice and martyrdom is oral history in which we should honestly ask veterans, in an interview, and honestly write their words and give them people and society honestly."

* The book "Hashemi Rafsanjani: The Workbook and Memories of Year 1374 (1995): The Man of Crisis" was published on Ordibehsht 14th (May 4th) at the Thirty-First Tehran International Book Fair. Mohsen Hashemi, in the ceremony, stated: "The purpose of this book was to publish the memoirs of late Chairman of Expediency Discernment Council of the system in (1374)1995.

* The book "The Genius of Iranian Singing", a review of the life and works of Iraj Khajehamiri, Ordibehsht 14(May 4), was unveiled at Tehran book fair. This book includes biographies, interviews, text and details of the singer's works.


[1] Eminence of Islam religion

[2] Victory Narration

[3] thunder

[4] Anecdote

[5] Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant (Daish)

[6] It is a Muslim who accuses another Muslim or an adherent of another Abrahamic faith,   derived feom the word Kafir (unbeliever)

[7] baker

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