Springlike Talk

A Dream In the Mornings

Morteza Sarhangi, the Manager in Charge of Iranian Oral History Website

Translated by Fazel Shirzad


It is usual for human being to have a dream for work as s/he does it willingly. Even, common people, who don't work seriously in their life, try to have an satisfactory dream depend on their works, and live more happily then before as they think about what they will achieve in the future.

While we, some persons, are sitting around the table of oral history and collecting news, photos and reports gradually, and we mince them to you to be read and seen weekly into a dreamy way.

Now, as we the beautiful violets, into wooden box, are being picked, and as flowers make buffoon happy with red clothes and public poems on side of crossroad, we want to share this dream with you.

We want heartily to be so big that the cloth of "weekly" become small for our body and want to wear the clothe of "newspaper". It means, the light of this website to be turned on to see each other every morning.

Two big events, revolution and war[1] that both of them are resulted from common people innately, affected small cities and even villages.

In a small geographical area, those are important news. It is pity to be unaware of such news.

I want heartily to see the face of literature, art of revolution and war among small cities and villages more. This event has taken place as small as a palm of a hand, but the absence of it can be seen in our literature.

When we dress favorite clothe for our dreams, it will be as a feast for us sitting around the table and collecting photos, news and reports; it will be as feast in which your writings, like the violets of these days, will make it readable, attractive and interesting; and, when these writings are received from farthest place of this beautiful flat, Iran, it will be a feast.


[1] Iranian Islamic Revolution/Iraqi Imposed war against Iran

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Military Training Course during Sacred Defense

Amirali Javadian has started photography in Art Center since 1978. He went to the sacred defenses fronts in 1981 to photograph. At that time, he was the photographer- correspondent for News Agency of the Islamic Republic of Iran and continued until 1365. Javadian entered into the university after the years of imposed war by Saddam Hussein against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and received his doctoral degree from the collage of Fine Arts in 2004.

“From Leili Plain to Majnoun Island”

With memoirs of Afghan combatants of Sacred Defense
It can be said that today, after the passing of 30 years from the imposed war of the Saddam Army against Islamic Republic of Iran, the oral memories of most guilds and strata of people who were present in the scared defense have been told and some of them have been written in the form of oral history. Nevertheless, we know less about the presence of Afghan combatants in the war fronts.
Recommendation of the Supreme Leader to the Founders of Resistance Literature & Art Department

Provision of Twenty-Year Plan of War Memoir Plan

Two Speeches from Morteza Sarhangi
In the Fourth “Holy Defense Memory Night” Special Program attended by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, held on 26 September 2018 in Imam Khomeini Husseinieh, said: “Preserving the war literature is as noble as protecting its territory. Soldiers of war return home and pick up their pens and write about what they have experienced. They write to tell us the price they have paid for us; for us, thousands of kilometers away from the fronts.

The Unfinished Flight

Every year, on September 29, they are commemorated, because these commanders were great people. Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says in his memories: "martyr Kolahdooz was one of the extraordinary and rare figures. I used to say many times to my brothers in IRGC, and now I say again, he was a man if survived, it would be hoped that IRGC could double speed of its hardworking and hoping effort.