Oral History News of Khordad 1400

(Covering May 22, 2021 to June 21, 2021)

Iranian Oral History Website
Translated by: Zahra Hosseinian


According to the Iranian Oral History Website, "Month News" is the title of a series of reports on this site. These reports take a look at the news related to the topic of the website in print and virtual media. In the following, Khordad 1400 news can be read:


  • A Specialized meeting, titled "Analysis and Representation of Documents related to the conquest of Khorramshahr" was held on the eve of the anniversary of the conquest of Khorramshahr. Ashraf Boroujerdi, Head of the National Library of Iran, Sardar Fathollah Jafari,‌ Brigadier General Masoud Bakhtiari, Seyed Mohammad Lalehzar, and Sardar Gholamreza Alamati, Head of the Holy Defense Documents Organization have attended this meeting.
  • The head of the National Library of Iran emphasized that the Holy Defense Documents Organization should compile the oral history of the warriors. She considered it a valuable step to provide documents to the future and said, The National Library of Iran supports the Holy Defense Documents Organization in this way. Of course, in this regard, the National Library of Iran has launched the systems of "The Role of Government in Sacred Defense" and "Document as a Development Document" to provide efficient services to the researchers.
  • Director-General of the Foundation for Preserving and Publishing Holy Defense Works and Values of Fars said, “Twenty-Three books will be unveiled this year on the anniversary of the liberation of Khorramshahr. Three of them are related to the oral history of the Holy Defense era.”
  • The unveiling ceremony of the book, Order issued by Khomeini, was hosted by the Khaneh Tolab at Qom. Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Ghomi, head of the Islamic Propaganda Organization, attended this ceremony. Emphasizing the need to record propaganda experiences, he described oral history as "Tomorrow Humanities".
  • Five oral history books and documents related to the holy defense, which titled Mahmoud Ayyar, We Return at Dawn, When I knew the Imam, and the second and third edition of War Support Headquarters of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, were unveiled in Yasuj on the 39th anniversary of the Khorramshahr liberation.
  • Simultaneously with the 4th of Khordad - the anniversary of the resistance and stability of the Dezful people - two books on oral history were unveiled. They were memories of Golestan warriors during the holy defense and entitled Shoulder to Shoulder with the Warriors by Gholam Ali Zare and Commander from the Land of Education by Maryam Tahmasebi.
  • The Director-General for the Women and Family Affairs in Gilan Governorate considered oral history as one of the significant factors to promote the culture of self-sacrifice and martyrdom. She said, "The women author should attempt to record the memories and narrations of the mothers, wives, and families of the martyrs and to extract these treasures with their delicate and emotional look."
  • A workshop on the oral history of the Holy Defense, especially for the employees of departments and organizations, was held by the General Department for Preserving and Publishing Holy Defense Works and Values of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad in the meeting hall of the General Office of The Foundation for the Martyrs and Veterans at Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad.
  • The oral history books related to the holy defense warriors of Golestan titled Shoulder to Shoulder with the Warriors and Commander from the Land of Education were unveiled at the conference of the Holy Defense veterans entitled "Embankments of Resistance" in Gorgan.
  • On the anniversary of the conquest of Khorramshahr, 41 books about "Oral and Documentary History of the Holy Defense" were unveiled in the Qasr Shirin Hall in the National Museum of the Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense.
  • The Vice-Head of the Foundation for Preserving and Publishing Holy Defense Works and Values said: "By managing the knowledge of sacred defense, the art of oral history is to convey the superior points of sacred defense against the enemy to the audiences so that they accept it.
  • On the 32nd anniversary of the late Imam, special talks of the "Imam of Hearts" program were published in cyberspace. They were a series of programs covering May 25th to June 4th, which were about the researchers of the Islamic Revolution history and other cultural and political figures.
  • In a ceremony attended by authorities, seven books on the oral history of the Holy Defense were unveiled in Kermanshah. The boos were Sunny Day, The One Who Must See, Sees, Thousand Summits, Jet Ranger, Destruction Commander, The Commander of Left Front, and From Nehravan to Baquba.
  • In the unveiling ceremony of 41 books on the oral and documentary history of the Holy Defense, Director-General of the Foundation for Preserving and Publishing Holy Defense Works and Values of East Azerbaijan stated: Sixty-eight books in the field of the oral and documentary history of the Holy Defense are being compiled, reviewed and published.
  • Director of Sacred Defense Documents in the General Directorate of Foundation for Preserving and Publishing Holy Defense Works and Values of Kermanshah said: Kermanshah Province has been introduced as a top province in compiling oral history books during 2017, 2018, and 2021.
  • The commander of the Ansar al-Hussein Corps in Hamedan said: Regarding the history of the Holy Defense, it takes a long time to pass this history on to the future. Each scene of the sacred defense expresses an oral history, which can be written and published on any subject.
  • The director of Cultural, Artistic, and Sports Organization of the Qom Municipality points that the municipality is a pioneer in recording the oral history of Qom and the culture of martyrdom and added: "By completing the Martyrs Museum of Zainuddin Toor, narration and tourism of sacrifice and martyrdom has turned Qom into a tourism hub in this area."
  • In the review meeting of the book, I Am Coming, Alireza Kamari, author, researcher, and teacher of literature and oral history, proclaimed: "This book is one of the thousands of documents on sending warriors to war. The fact is that these warriors didn’t go to the front to kill and destroy, but they wanted to be martyred in the way of God; so, these documents have ideological and cultural dimensions."
  • The cultural assistant of the Foundation for the Martyrs and Veterans said: The recording of memories of the parents of the martyrs and war-injured (rated 70%) should be continued this year as a diary plan and in the format of oral history.
  • The first session of the oral history workshops for writers of sacred defense in Ardabil was held at the Cultural Center and Museum of Sacred Defense.
  • Public Relations and Advertising Manager of the General Department of the Foundation for Preserving and Publishing Holy Defense Works and Values of Ardabil announced the crucial approach of this department in producing oral history works and publishing numerous works soon.  He pointed out that the goal of this department is to improve the quality of written works at the same time of improving the quantitative level of works.
  • Director of Documents and Oral History in the General Department of the Foundation for Preserving and Publishing Holy Defense Works and Values of Fars announced the publication of three books in the field of oral history of the sacred defense: Unclaimed, From Mosque to the Trench, and Revolutionary Youth.
  • The book Armenians of Iran and the Oil Industry, which is a research, documentary, and oral history about the peaceful coexistence of ethnicities and religions in the Iranian Oil Cities Company, and written by Farshid Khodadadian, a researcher and author in oil history, was published.
  • Emphasizing the recording of oral memoirs of the parents of martyrs and war-injured as a rich and effective source in society, the cultural and educational assistant in the Foundation for the Martyrs and Veterans of the country stated: The Foundation is a cultural and service institution. Today, our expectation to record the memories and oral history of the parents of martyrs and veterans is to try to achieve this goal.
  • A meeting on the subject of oral history writing was held in Kerman. Several Holy Defense writers and Director General of the Foundation for Preserving and Publishing Holy Defense Works and Values of Kerman attended this meeting.
  • Referring to the compilation of the oral history of veterans, Deputy of Sports and Recreation in the Socio-Cultural and Sports Organization of Isfahan Municipality said: In this project, about 60 prominent sports veterans of Isfahan have been selected, and a video interview with them is underway.
  • Referring to the beginning of writing a book on the oral history of basketball in the province by Mohammad Hakimazar, Director General of Sports and Youth in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari acknowledged: "This book is the first work on the oral history of sports in the province."
  • Reza Aalipour, as the executor of the oral history project of weightlifting in Iran, interviewed two Iranian weightlifting champions and veterans, Qasem Ghazalian, a weightlifting talent coach and Kourosh Bagheri, a world champion and Olympic record holder were done. Also, the oral history project of Iranian basketball was begun by an interview with Mahin Korehchian.


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