Memories of Veteran Revolutionary Figure Released in Turkey

Translated by Abbass Hajihashemi


"For the Sake of History, I Speak" which entails memories of Mohsen Rafiq Doost, a prominent Iranian revolutionary figure, has been released in Turkey.

Compiled by Saeid Gholamian, the book is published by Soureh Mehr and was first marketed in 2012 in Iran.

Haghi Aigur has rendered the work into Turkish and has had it published by Matbuat Publications in Turkey.

Compilation of the work was done based on an oral history project sponsored by the Islamic Revolution Literature Bureau. The center has so far carried out 33 similar projects about revolutionary figures in Iran.

"For the Sake of History, I Speak" covers Rafiq Doost's memories of the first decade after the 1979 Revolution.

Working on the book began in 2008 and finalized in 2012, once said Gholamian about the book.

"The first decade after the revolution was fraught with incidents and upheavals including the Sacred Defense which took 8 years," he said.

Rafiq Doost is an outstanding figures in the Islamic Revolution and is among the founders of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

The bureau has recently released the second volume of the book.

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