International Conference: Anatomy of the British Policies in Iran (1800-2012)

The Institute for Iranian Contemporary Historical Studies intends to hold an international conference on the subject of anatomy of the British policies in Iran from 1800 to 2012, based on the newly found records and field researches

The subjects of the conference:

·         Comparison of the actions of the East India Company and the agents of the British India before and after 1875.

·         The role of the British in the first and second Russo Iran wars.

·         A survey over the political attitudes of the British towards Persian Gulf States and their impact on Iran.

·         A study of the British and the British India’s press about Iran in the 19th and 20th centuries.

·         Identifying the deeds of British Embassies in Socio political affairs of Iran.

·         The role of the British in sectarianism of the Wahabism, Freemasonry and Baha’ism.

·         Identifying the British travel book writers and Orientalists, and getting acquaintance with their outlook on Iran’s society.

·         The role of the Iranian authors in the expansion of British policies in Iran.

·         The British role in frontier and territorial disputes of Iran and its neighboring countries and their impact on the national security of the state.

·         A legal review of the British exploitation of Iran’s natural and human resources.

·         Explaining the actions of the British lobby in the formation of various cabinets and their presence in official institutes of the three branches.

·         Explaining the formation and attitudes of the British lobby in the national consultative assembly.

·         The roots, the facts, and the results of Iran’s occupation through the British in the first and second world wars.

·         A comparison of the German, United States, Russian and the Soviet policies with that of the British under the Qajars and the Pahlavis.

·         Acquaintance with the British policies in Iran through reference to the archives of the Tsarist Russia, the Soviets, the Ottomans, Turkey, France, the United States, and the British.

·         The procedure and results of the British influence in the various social layers of Iran (the tribes, and big families)

·         The British schools and missionaries in Iran.

·         The confrontation, rivalry and the interaction of the British with the Russians, Germans, the Soviets and the Americans in Iran.

·         A comparison of the British policies in Iran tribal divergence (before and after the Islamic Revolution).

·         The economic and political actions of British Petroleum company in the Caspian sphere against Iran (subsequent of 1991).

·         The British role in the conclusion of 1801, preliminary and elaborate, Gulistan, Turkmanchay, Arzanatorrum, Paris, Goldsmith, Akhal, 1907 and 1919 agreements and treaties.

·         The Role of the British in concessions of Reuter, Tobacco, the Imperial Bank, the South Customs, Lynch, D’Arcy, and etc.

·         The facts and outcomes of the British clutch on Iran’s oil.

·         The British role in 22nd Feb. 1920, and 19th Aug. 1953 coups.

·         The British role in the fabrication of some other names instead of the Persian Gulf.

·         Study of the British attitudes in the occupation of the Iranian embassy in London, exemption of the Mujahedin Khalgh’s organization from EU’s terrorist list, the nuclear question and Iran’s sanctions in EU and UN’s security council, formation of Salman Rushdi’s dispute, and supporting Iranian opposition overseas.

·         The British support of Iraq in forced war against Iran.

·         Examination of the British actions subsequent to Iraq’s occupation, and its impact on Iran’s nation security.

·         The British role in the formation of the extremist groups in Iran’s eastern neighbors.

·         BBC’s role in Iran’s developments within the recent century.


The holders of the conference welcome any abstracts of new topics based on records and field researches.

Abstracts of Articles:

All abstracts should be sent in a A4 paper containing at most 300 words including key words in word 2007 format, and full information of the author including name, family name, university degree and rank, and postal and electronic address, telephone and cell phone number to

Following the confirmation of the abstracts by the technical committee of the conference, the writers will be contacted to send their  articles.

The confirmed abstracts and articles will be published.

The abstracts will be received until  5th June and the articles until 11th Sep. 2012.

Date of conference: for two days in October and November 2012.

Place of conference: Tehran


The official language of the conference will be Persian. However the foreign participants may present their articles in Russian and English.

The holders of the conference will undertake the subscription fees and travelling expenses of the writers of confirmed articles.


Secretariat of the international conference on the subject of anatomy of the British policies in Iran

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