Oral history news for Dey 1402 (December 2023 – January 2024)

Compiled by Iranian Oral History Website
Translated by M. B. Khoshnevisan


According to the website of Iranian Oral History, "News of the Month" is the title of a series of reports in the site. The reports take a glance at the news related to the subject of the website on written and cyber media. What follows is the news for Dey 1402:

*The unveiling ceremony for the scared defense oral history book of Brigadier General Mohammad Nabi Roudaki, the then commander of the 19th Division of Fajr was held on 5th of Dey (December 26, 2023) in the Center for Holy Defense Documents and Research; it has been narrated by Mohammad Nabi Roudaki and co-authored by Seyed Alireza Refahiyat and Dr. Hossein Ahmadi. The book has been published in the year 1402 (2023) in the Publications of the Center for Holy Defense Documents and Research.

*A joint meeting of the members and commanders of the Combatants Assembly of the 10th Seyed al-Shohada (PBUH) Division regarding the oral history of the division during the Holy Defense was held on 6th of Dey (December 26, 2023) in the meeting hall of the General Administration of Preservation of the Works and Publication of the Values of the Holy Defense in Alborz Province.

*The training course of oral history for the writers of the Holy Defense was held in Zanjan. The Director General of Zanjan’s Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs said: We should train young forces in the field of narration by using the combatants and retelling the memories and events of the imposed war.

* The third chapter of the oral history podcast of Karaj urban management was produced with the narration of the last mayor of Karaj before merging with Mehrshahr and Gohardasht municipalities.

* The book "Alien with Fear; Eight Interviews about the Pilot Mahmoud Eskandari" was published by Iran Press Institute. This book has been presented in 496 pages in 500 copies and the price of 200000Tomans.

* Concurrent with the 10th anniversary of the passing away of Seyed Ali Akbar Parvaresh, one of the revolutionary pioneers of Isfahan, the unveiling ceremony of five volumes of the book "Oral History of the Islamic Revolution in Isfahan" was held on the evening of Thursday, 7th of Dey (December 28) in Hosseinieh Bani Fatemeh, Isfahan.

* The unveiling ceremony of two research and oral history books titled, "The Image of Women in Three Holy Defense Novels" researched and authored by Soraya Ghassemi and "Heavenly Watch" with the theme of memories and oral history of Fouzieh Goudarzi, was held on 10th of Dey (December 31) at the General Directorate of the Preservation of Works and Publication of Holy Defense Values in Kermanshah province.

* The Secretariat of Oral History of the Red Crescent Society started working aimed at registering, recording, preserving and maintaining documents, reports of actions, achievements, activities and relief efforts of the Red Crescent in different periods.

* The book "Simple is beautiful" about the life and works of painter Arman Yaqoubpour, compiled by Hossein Ganji, was published. This book, published by Talar-e Honar Publications, contains materials on oral history, research on the history of visual arts and the economy of art.

*In continuation of the talks on the oral history of the country's sports and paying attention to the role of sports and physical fitness in improving the morale of the combatants during the eight-year holy defense, the Oral History group of National Olympic Committee conducted interviews with Dr. Sajjad Beirami and Dr. Mohammad Kashef.

* The writing training course "Point Comma" was held in Khorramabad on 20th and 21st of Dey (January 10 and 11, 2024) with the approach of compiling oral history books. The course was taught by Hajar Safai’yeh.

* The Deputy Head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces in Training and Education said that the holy defense is the starting point of our achievements in various fields, including science and technology, adding’ “Interviews with different layers of the holy defense can create a rich backing for the literature and oral history of the holy defense”.

* The second volume of the series "Oral History of Story of Allameh and the Revolution" co-authored by Reza Akbari-Ahangar and Vahid Khazab was published in 320 pages by Shahid Kazemi Publications with an approach to answer some doubts about Allameh Tabataba'i. 

*A meeting on introducing and reviewing the book "The End of the Statue" from the series of meetings on the contemporary history of the Islamic Revolution was held on Saturday, 23rd of Dey (January 13, 2024) attended by Abbas Raisi Bidgol and Hadi Lotfi (book compiler) in the Book House.

*The unveiling ceremony of the oral history of the Holy Defense narrated by General Yaqub Zohdi (the third commander of the IRGC artillery during the Holy Defense) was held on 26th of Dey (January 26, 2024) attended by a group of commanders at the Center for Holy Defense Documents and Research. On the sidelines of the ceremony, the Head of the Center for Holy Defense Documents and Research said’ “The book “The Artillery of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps” is an honest, faithful and research account of an IRGC member trained in the school of Imam Khomeini (God bless his soul).

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