Oral History News for Farvardin 1402 (March-April 2023)

Translated by M. B. Khoshnevisan


According to the website of Iranian Oral History, "News of the Month" is the title of a series of reports in the site. The reports takes a glance at the news related to the subject of the website on written and cyber media. What follows is the news for Farvardin 1402:

*The book "Dayakah Kan Have Stood: Oral History of Women's Resistance, Sacred Defense and Support for Fronts" has been written by Mrs. Zohreh Yazdan Panah Qarehtappeh and published by Rah-e Yar Publications.

*The book "Laleh Sistooni" or brother of Siatan which is the memoirs of veteran Jahangir Dastress has been authored by Gholam Hossein Zargar.

*The person in charge of the Center for Documents and National Library of Qazvin has said that the oral history of the social-cultural life of Mohammad Karim Barikbin will be collected.

*The Director-General of the Foundation of Martyrs and War Veterans of the towns of Tehran Province has said that 1500 oral history documentaries about the parents of the martyrs and war veterans were produced last year.

*The book "Above the Skies" contains a collection of narratives of colleagues, friends and relatives of Martyr Amir Mehrdad, a student of Sharif Industrial University in Tehran.

* In an interview with Kitab News Agency, Morteza Nouraei has said, "If oral history only appeared in the universities, perhaps it would not have such a reflection and development in the society. At that time, we did not insist on creating oral history in universities, although some universities made a move in the field of oral history, it is commendable, especially in the field of dissertations that students researched on the subject of oral history, it is a source of happiness for us".

*The book "Gohar Neshan Adab" or the epitome of politeness is an oral history interview with Ahmad Samiee (Gilani), which has been compiled by Peymaneh Salehi and published by the National Library Publications.

*The oral history and experience-writing of Reza Borji, a documentary maker from Hamadan and the record holder of war photography in the world, will be compiled.

*The head of Art Center of Islamic Revolution in Hormozgan Province announced the writing of 10 books in the field of oral history and fiction.

*70 book titles were published in Qom in the field of sacred defense and shrine defenders and in the sections of novels, research works, memoirs, documents and oral history.

*The head of the Art Center in Kohgilooyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province has said that the oral history of the struggles of nomads will be published.

*The person in charge of Basij Organization in Mazandaran Province, referring to the fact that the saga of the Savadkooh forest battle has been neglected, considered it necessary to document the oral history of this saga.

* The head of the Art Center in Kohgilooyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province said: 6 national oral history projects are being implemented in the Art Center of the province.

 *Rah-e Yar Publications held the meeting "Reviewing the Content Approach of Oral History Books".

*The first book of the series "Oral History of Kazeroon" was published under the title "Bazaar of Kazeroon according to the narration of Haj Mansour Davoodi" written by Mohsen Abbaspour.

*The author and director of the show "Tasyan", which is an adaptation of the life of one of the martyrs of the Karbala 2 Operation, said, "There are rich sources of dramatic situations in our country, which are mostly found in oral history books".

*General Director of the Foundation for Preservation and Publication of Sacred Defense Values in Semnan Province said, "2400 interviews will be conducted in 1402 (2023) about the oral history of the combatants".

*Director of Literature and History Institute of the General Directorate for the Preservation and Publication of the Sacred Defense Values in Hamadan said" "We recorded in audio form more than 70 book titles in the fields of children, memories, oral history, narrative documentaries, shrine defenders, and memories of martyrs' wives.


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Book Review

Ascension from Olive Branch

Narratives about the life of Ahmad Motevaselian from childhood to captivity
The book " Ascension from Olive Branch" authored by Javad Kalateh Arabi was published by Nashr-e 27 Bethat and the Publications of Irans Press Institution in the spring of 1402 (2023) in 500 copies with price of 210000 tomans. After the introduction, in the first page, the ayah 158 of sura Nessa of the holy Quran has been written, "They certainly did not kill him (Jesus). Rather, Allah raised him up to Himself."
Book Review

Pahlavi Political Prisons Encyclopedia

The entries were extracted from existing written and oral sources, and were listed in alphabetical order. All the entries are related to associated elements inside the prison and relying on the political prison. As stated in the preface, the entries have been used in at least two studied sources (written and oral) or one authentic source. A new entry has been created for the concepts or events and actions which did not have a written and explicit entry.

Members of Combatant Clergy Association arrested

On one of the nights of the holy month of Ramadan in 1356 (1977), the Central Council of the Combatant Clergy Association held a meeting in the house of Mr. Sheikh Ali Asghar Morvarid, in western Tehran, and we decided to continue the meeting until dawn. Some twenty people including misters professor Motahari, Mahdavi Kani and Mousavi Ardebili and other well-known people were present in the meeting. From there, professor Motahari contacted with the holy Najaf by
Book Review

Naneh Ali

Naneh Ali is the narrative of Zahra Homayounis life, who is the mother of martyrs Amir and Ali Shahabadi, written by Morteza Asadi. In addition to the eloquent and readable content, the difference between the memoirs and other biographies of martyrs mothers, as well as using the method of retrospect, has added to the appeal of work. This book has 15 chapters which are: Goodbye Spring, Those Two Blue Eyes, The Sword of Zulfaghar, The Birth of a Butterfly, ...