An Intelligent Demonstration

Translated by Ruhollah Golmoradi


The people of Kurdistan did not have the courage to attend the demonstration due to pressures the regime had put on them. Whenever there was a demonstration across the country, there was no news in Saqqez until we, as the exile who were 10 to 11 people, decided to hold a demonstration there. When we started to demonstrate, two-three police cars had turned on their lights and followed us along with a personnel carrier and some armed soldiers; that they followed us caused our demonstration to get more attention of the people as the shops were also half-closed that day because customers and people lined up on the side of the street and watched us. We also moved in 2 pillars of 5 people and chanted slogans. On that day, the police arrested Mr. Ahmadi Farushani, who was more active than all of us. My friends joked with me and said, “You will be the second one because Mr. Ahmadi Foroushani and I were in the first line of the demonstration. Maybe as we were full-bodied in comparison to others.

Finally, this demonstration raged the Kurds and they said they who are exiles and captives of the agents demonstrated, why don't we?! After that, they also started to demonstrate. But their slogans were separatist slogans. When the demonstrations started in that area, one of the first slogans of their protest was: “Kurd People, don’t participate or participate and be a Kurd.” I warned my friends that the separatist slogan lays the ground for crushing the revolutionary movement by the regime.


Source: Kharkuhi, Gholamreza (ed.) (2009) Memories of Ayatollah Habibullah Taheri Gorgani [in Persian: Khaterat-e Ayatollah Habbibollah Taheri Gorgani], Tehran: Sooreh Mehr Publications. Pp. 143-144.

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