Oral History News of February-March 2022

Compiled by: Iranian Oral history Website
Translated by: Fazel Shirzad


Note: According to Iran's Oral History website, "News of the Month" is the title of a series of reports on this website. These reports have a look at the news related to the topic of the website in written and virtual media. In the following, you will read news from February-March 2023.


►Director General of Lorestan's Holy Defense Artifacts Preservation and Publishing values, pointing out that the oral history of veterans in the Holy Defense Museum is very important, said: We have a magnificent and beautiful museum that is empty of content, visitors should be enriched in the Holy Defense Museum.

►The Director of Documents and Oral History of the Foundation for Preservation of the Works and Values of the Holy Defense of Kermanshah announced the publication of the first volume of the Encyclopaedia of the Holy Defense of Kermanshah in the coming year.

►The 10th meeting of "Footnotes" organized by Tehran Province Art District, with the presence of Mohammad Sadegh Alizadeh and Maliha Nikbakht; It was held at the Mah Theater.

►Director General of Sistan and Baluchistan Children and Adolescent Intellectual Development Center said: The veterans are living witnesses and narrators of the oral history of the holy defense era, who are still responsible for the transmission of this culture.

► The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs said: The oral history of veterans and sacrificers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should be passed on to future generations.

► The TV documentary on the oral history of Kish depicts the stages of development and progress of Kish Island in economic, social and cultural fields.

► The book "The Parade of a Chivalrous" oral history of Dr. Ahmad Khalidi, Deputy Minister of Oil, Deputy Minister of Commerce and Deputy Economic Minister of the Supreme National Security Council Secretariat was unveiled with a speech by Saeed Jalili at Andisheh Varzan House.

►The head of the Rah Yar Oral History Unit said: Oral history is progressing on the agenda of Rah Yar Publications, and so far two book titles from this collection have been compiled.

►Pointing out that 2,000 of the 2,700 oral histories of the martyrs' parents have been completed, Director General of the Lorestan Martyrs Foundation said: Currently, 22 groups are preparing the oral history of the parents of the martyrs of Lorestan.

►The General Director of the Preservation of the Holy Defense Works of Kohgiluyeh and Boyar Ahmad said: In 2023, 60 books on the subject of memories, biographies, plays, poetry, oral history, etc. were produced and published with the support of this General Directorate.

► The book "Foundation of Knowledge and Piety" of the oral history of Ferdowsi University Foundation by Ali Baghdar Delgosha was published.

► Director General of Hormozgan Martyr and Martyr Affairs Foundation said: In line with recording the oral history of the families of martyrs and martyrs this year, 70% of the memories of 820 parents of martyrs and 40 veterans have been recorded.

► The second book of the book "Rosem Jihad", an oral history of the engineering of Jihad construction, narrated by Abdul Rahman Jazayeri, written by Mohammad Reza Hosseini and Ali Meshaikhi, was published by Rah Yar Publications and was published on the market.

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Book Review

Ascension from Olive Branch

Narratives about the life of Ahmad Motevaselian from childhood to captivity
The book " Ascension from Olive Branch" authored by Javad Kalateh Arabi was published by Nashr-e 27 Bethat and the Publications of Irans Press Institution in the spring of 1402 (2023) in 500 copies with price of 210000 tomans. After the introduction, in the first page, the ayah 158 of sura Nessa of the holy Quran has been written, "They certainly did not kill him (Jesus). Rather, Allah raised him up to Himself."
Book Review

Pahlavi Political Prisons Encyclopedia

The entries were extracted from existing written and oral sources, and were listed in alphabetical order. All the entries are related to associated elements inside the prison and relying on the political prison. As stated in the preface, the entries have been used in at least two studied sources (written and oral) or one authentic source. A new entry has been created for the concepts or events and actions which did not have a written and explicit entry.

Members of Combatant Clergy Association arrested

On one of the nights of the holy month of Ramadan in 1356 (1977), the Central Council of the Combatant Clergy Association held a meeting in the house of Mr. Sheikh Ali Asghar Morvarid, in western Tehran, and we decided to continue the meeting until dawn. Some twenty people including misters professor Motahari, Mahdavi Kani and Mousavi Ardebili and other well-known people were present in the meeting. From there, professor Motahari contacted with the holy Najaf by
Book Review

Naneh Ali

Naneh Ali is the narrative of Zahra Homayounis life, who is the mother of martyrs Amir and Ali Shahabadi, written by Morteza Asadi. In addition to the eloquent and readable content, the difference between the memoirs and other biographies of martyrs mothers, as well as using the method of retrospect, has added to the appeal of work. This book has 15 chapters which are: Goodbye Spring, Those Two Blue Eyes, The Sword of Zulfaghar, The Birth of a Butterfly, ...