"The Gift of Memory"

National Oral History Association of New Zealand Conference, 20-21 Sept. 2014: The National Oral History Association of New Zealand (NOHANZ) is seeking abstracts for papers for presentation at our oral history conference in Wellington, New Zealand, Sept. 20-21, 2014. It is a biennial event that provides interesting and thought-provoking conversations, and the company is warm and enthusiastic. We would love to see a large international delegation this year too!

Twelfth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the International Advisory Board, we are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the Twelfth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities and the Call for Submissions to The Humanities Journal Collection.


Power and Democracy: the many voices of Oral History 9-12 July, Barcelona For those interested in attending the IOHA meeting in Barcelona, July 9-12, 2014, the program committee has posted information about registration and accommodations at a new conference website:

Memory: Forgetting and Creating

Interdisciplinary Conference in Gdańsk, Poland 11th – 12th September 2014 Deadline for paper proposals: 15th June 2014 Contact e-mail address: wowczarski1@tlen.pl Organizer: University of Gdańsk (Poland) – Research Unit for Dream, Memory and Imagination Studies- Please submit abstracts (no longer than 300 words) of your proposed 20-minute presentations, together with a short biographical note, by 15th June 2014 to: Prof. Wojciech Owczarski, University of Gdańsk: wowczarski1@ten.pl and Zofia Ziemann, Jagiellonian University: zofiaziemann@wp.pl

Call for Presentations

This inter- and multi-disciplinary conference aims to examine, explore and critically engage with the issues and implications created by the massive exploitation of digital technologies for inter-human communication and examine how online users form, archive and de-/code their memories in cybermedia environments, and how the systems used for production influence the way the users perceive and work with the memory. In particular the conference will encourage equally theoretical and practical debates which surround the cultural contexts of memory co-/production, re-/mediation, en-/decoding, dissemination, personal/mass interpretation and preservation.

Call for papers: “Travelling Memories: Lives in Transition”

Helsinki, 27-28 November 2014: Papers are invited for contributions to the fifth international symposium of the Finnish Oral History Network "Travelling Memories: Lives in Transition" hosted by the Finnish Literature Society in collaboration with the Academy of Finland. Our intention is to bring together scholars of oral history and life history writing to discuss the travelling of both people and memories across time, place, and different media. The invited speakers include Alessandro Portelli (University of Rome Sapienza), Baiba Bela (University of Latvia), and Outi Fingerroos (University of Jyväskylä). Mass migration and new media are the key characteristics of today's world. Though people have always moved from place to place, never before has migration in all its forms affected so many people's lives as it does today. Even when we ourselves do not move, mediated memories of people living in diaspora and exile are a part of our everyday life.

1st Global Conference - Testimony:

This inaugural conference aims to examine the evolving genres and emerging contexts of testimonial production Testimony: Memory, Trauma, Truth, and Engagement. Broadly understood, testimony is an autobiographical narrative that presents evidence of first-person accounts of human rights abuses, violence and war, and life under conditions of social oppression. It is a genre that continues to thrive and evolve in the twenty-first century and one that encompasses a diversity of expression or representation - from oral to written as well as nonfictional to fictional.


Scholarship application deadline: 15 December2013- For each international conference the IOHA is able to provide small grants for a limited number of participants. The IOHA Conference/Master Class Scholarship Fund aims to bring together international oral history scholars from inside and outside the academic realm, to continue building a unique global platform for professional exchange and comparative oral history inquiry.

Globalizing Palestine

The Birzeit University Palestinian Archive was conceived some years ago, and resulted in the creation and rapid development of a generalist, open, online archive of the Palestinian people, which stores and presents textual and audio-visual documents coming from all sectors of the society, official and unofficial, from late Ottoman times to the present (with the legally-based exception of materials produced by the Palestinian Authority). It is located in the Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies, and benefits from its multidisciplinary expertise.

Call to Boycott the Oral History Conference at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Open Letter

Few weeks ago we heard Hebrew University of Jerusalem is going to hold an international conference on oral history. But soon it was banned by oral history activists around the world in an attempt to object Israeli racist policies against Palestinian people. Here we have the open letter of these activists which is signed by more than 280 oral historians. A look at this open letter shows how intellectuals around the world are aware of what is happening in Palestine and also informs us about very exact legal and historical points about Palestinian rights and Israeli racist policies. At the end you can read the call for the so-called conference.

Book review: “Line of Blacksmiths”

Autobiographical memoirs of a young man from Dezful during the imposed war The "Line of Blacksmiths" uses a beautiful front cover which enjoys elegance and taste in its design; as the selected text on the back cover is proof of the authenticity and belief that shows the Iranian combatant proud and the real winner of the imposed war: "I went to get my gun. They were looking at me. Their crying and begging increased.

Excerpts from Memoirs of Abdullah Salehi

On the 28th of September 1980, in the back alleys of the Taleghani [Khorramshahr] neighborhood, we clashed with Iraqi artillery. Speed of action was important. If we reacted late, the rackets would hit us. Sometimes I lurked behind the alleys so that I could surprise the Iraqis. In one of these ambushes, I turned off the car so that they would not hear his voice. I was waiting for the head of the truck to be found across the street.

A Review of the Book "Ismail Nazr-Aftab"

Memoirs of a captive named Ismail Karimian Shaddel
When our gaze passes through the cheerful and smiling face of Ishmael among the white bouquet on a light blue background and stops on the back cover of the book, we empathize with him through these few sentences of the narrator in his journey: "I knew from the way the tires were moving that the car was moving on the asphalt road. I lost consciousness again. I woke up to vague sounds like the voices of women and children.
The Fourth Online Meeting of Iranian Oral History

Iranian Oral History beyond Borders – 4

Dr. Abolfazl Hasanabadi, Dr. Morteza Rasouli Pour, and Dr. Abolhasani participated in the fourth meeting out of the series of meetings on oral history in Iran held online on Saturday 11th of Dey 1400 (January 1, 2022) hosted by Mrs. Mosafa. In the meeting set up in the History Hallway of the Clubhouse, they talked about “Iranian Oral History beyond Borders”. In continuation of the meeting, the host asked Dr. Hasanabadi to sum up the discussion.