4 July 2011

The Latin American Network of Oral History (RELAHO) was launched in December 2010. RELAHO is an academic organization for the communication of research, using oral history carried out across Latin America. In addition to providing a supportive network for those involved it also aims to advocate for the use of oral sources in the study of the history of the recent past.

Rubén Kotler, the association’s administrator, reports:
‘In 1992 oral historians from Mexico, Argentina and Brazil got together in Sao Paulo, Brazil to discuss the need and the possibility of organizing periodical meetings. Since then this group has grown to include oral historians from other countries and since 2005 there have been three Latin American oral history conferences. At the most recent of these conferences in Recife, Brazil, in April 2010, the regional network became a reality with the creation of a website. Grandmother and granddaughter: sharing and listening to life’s stories in Rajasthan, India.
‘The Latin American Network of Oral History (RELAHO) website – – serves as a virtual space to bring together researchers across the continent who are using or interested in oral history. It serves as a window through which we can strengthen our bonds and meet up every time we have a need for it.
‘Currently, the network is made up of various regional and national associations, workgroups, researchers and any individuals interested in this subject. Its purpose is to share information on local, regional and national archives relating to the safekeeping of oral testimonies, to encourage the creation and preservation of oral archives, and to give coverage to relevant publications on the subject of oral history. The newly launched website will also be a way of sharing information on conventions, symposiums, conferences and any virtual sites on these subjects.’
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Source: International News Section of UK's Oral History Journal, Spring 2011, p24.

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A review of twenty years of oral history in Iran

Scientific and professional authority; perspective of Iranian Oral History Association

If a person has a personal library in his or her house, one or more oral history books are seen among them. In recent decades, the wave of book lovers has turned towards the field of oral history, and all this rising trend is owed to the activists in this field.


A memory from Asadollah Tajrishi
At the beginning of my arrival in Evin Prison, I was taken to solitary confinement as always and after a few days, I was transferred to the public cell. The public cells had been located in two floors. The arrangement of these cells in the cells of 1355 and 1356 was such that on the lower floor, there was a ward ...
Part of memoirs of Mamoosta Molla Qader Qaderi, Paveh’s Friday Prayer Leader

The trip of Ahmad Moftizadeh & Mamoosta Sheikh Jalal Hosseini to Paveh

After the victory of the Islamic revolution, the people of Oramanat area and the Sunni people of Kermanshah Province, unlike most cities in northern Kurdistan were alongside the Islamic Republic system ...

“Internal Reaction” published

Apart from the student activities and massive demonstrations in the years 1352 to 1354 (1973-1975), another part of my activities was the books I was writing myself. Of course, before they turned into books, I used to lend them in the form of nameless pamphlets in university libraries. Many harmful writings or books were taken to the mountains or transferred to other universities, sometimes even abroad.