The 353rd Session of Memory Night-2

Adjusted by Leyla Rostami
Translated by Ruhollah Golmoradi


Narrated by the line-breaker divers of Hazrat Zainab (PBUH) Battalion of the 10th Division of Seyyed al-Shohada (PBUH) in the 4th and 5th operations of Karbala, the 353rd session of memory night was held in Hozeh Honari of Engelab-e Eslami, Sooreh Amphitheater on December 28, 2023. In this meeting, Hajj Ahmad Ghasemi, Vahid Marandi, and Vahid Masdari shared their memories. Also, there was book launch of “Higher than Height” written by Zahra Zamani. Davood Salehi was in charge of this session.




The second narrator of the session was Vahid Marandi who said at the beginning of his lecture, “In 1982, I was in charge of logistic, sending and carrying the necessities of the fighters in Operation Fath Ol-Mobin. After returning from the front, I promised my friends to take up arms for defense and enter the front line; But my family disagreed with me. Because my two brothers had died when they were child and I was the only son in the family. Finally, I got the family's approval by raising the issue of providing aid to the front. They thought that I would go to the front again for logistic; however, I wanted to participate in the operation. I went with my friends to Shahid Rajaei Mosque in Karaj and from there I was sent to the barracks. They took us from the barracks to the Friday prayer venue so that the worshipers could see us off. My mother saw me among the worshipers. She was looking for me when my friends hid me in the bus. Later, my mother said, “My son, I was satisfied with your departure; I just wanted to say goodbye to you!”

He went on to say, “The enemy had made semi-circle-shaped bunkers to trap the fighters. It was a big ambush that Al-Hadid was tasked to stop them. Before encountering the enemy, three martyrs, Mouhajer, Tuzandehjani and Farhangidoost, stepped on mine and died. Martyr Farhad Mehrabian jumped in the canal and broke the line. In this operation, other battalions and divisions had not been able to break the line until that moment. When I prayed the morning prayer, I saw about 8 people coming towards us from the right side. I became happy. I said, “Iranian brother?” From their words and language, I understood they were fugitive Iraqis who were going toward the Iraqi fortifications. We got involved. We stayed in the canal under mortar fire.

I noticed some people coming from the right side. I realized from their accent that they are from Isfahan and the guys of Division Imam Hossein. They thought we were Iraqis and shot us. We said, “We are Iranians.” They could not believe it. They asked for a clue. We said, “Hazrat Zainab Battalion.” They told me, “Put your hand on your head and come out.” I was scared! We spoke fast so that they believe we were insiders. When we reached them, they recognized us and hugged us. They gave us clothes and transferred our wounded to their division. We went to the headquarters. The brother of Martyr Tuzandehjani, who was an officer of the division, inquired about his brother's condition from Hajj Khadem Ol-Hosseini. I told him, “Your brother has been martyred.” We went to the region to find the bodies of the martyrs. it was dark. After searching for several hours, we did not find Martyr Tuzandehjani and other martyrs. I lay down, choked up, and said, “Oh [Fatimah] Zahra! If we return without them, how will we answer their mother?” I noticed a soft object under my head! There was a corpse wearing a diving suit. He was Martyr Tuzandehjani, and in front of him was Martyr Mohajer, and on the other side, there was Martyr Farhangdoost.


To be continued...


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