The 352nd Session of Memory Night-3

Adjusted by Leyla Rostami
Translated by Ruhollah Golmoradi


The 352nd session of memory night held in Hozeh Honari of Engelab-e Eslami, Sooreh Amphitheater on November 23, 2023. This part of the session is allocated to narration of champion fighter, Hajj Mohammad Talebi. In this meeting which was along with book launch of “Miandar”, Sardar (IRGC’s General) Asadollah Naseh, Doctor Musa Zare, and Hajj Mohammad Talebi narrated their memories. Davood Saleh hosted this night of memory.

The third narrator of the session, Hajj Mohammad Talebi, said at the beginning of his speech, “God does not wait for a soldier. God does not get stuck for something in which He needs His servants; But He divides His graces so His servants can fill his cap in hand well. How can they use and benefit from these graces? We lived with our comrades, Shahid Zamani and Shahid Mostafavi. While crying, Martyr Zamani told me, “How can I survive when they say that the resolution has been accepted and the war is over!” He went to Mashhad, four days after accepting the resolution, the guys called to find Shahid Zamani. He must have asked Imam Reza (a.s.) to die a martyr and his prayers were certainly answered by Imam Reza (a.s.); so, finally he was martyred in Operation Mersad.

Martyr Zamani’s father had prepared his wedding items. When he saw he was martyred in his own city, he said he did not go to Halabcheh and Mehran. The goodness for us was that he was martyred next to us in Operation Mersad in his own city. Nothing had been said about Mersad. A population of twice as much as the whole of Iran and Kermanshah province martyred in [Operation] Mersad. 52% of them were civilians; Like what happens now in Gaza, they brutally fired babies, infants, women, children, old and young; 137 martyrs for Islamabad itself, Sarpol-e Zahab 70, Gilan-e Gharb 100, Dalahu 67, Kangavar 36, and 117 were martyred in Kermanshah.

Several factors played role in the defeat of the enemy. One of the most effective barriers against the enemy and Monafeghin were the guys of IRGC’s Division Badr. We captured these people in various operations and wars. They said we are Shia; We are Muslims and Saddam forced us to fight. We want to join you and fight against them. One or two division formed the Badr Corps and these loved ones carried out the most difficult operations. God gave them the opportunity to become Mujahid alongside the warriors. Some hypocrites also supported Saddam and left this country. Where is the position of these two now? Now the martyrs of Badr are buried in Qom, Golzar-e Ali bin Jafar and in Mashhad. But where are the hypocrites? Can a family of Monafeghin be proud of his/her dead child?

 109 loved ones of Badr Corps were martyred in Hasanabad Strait. Every year, I go for the dear ones of the Badr Corps and we have a meeting. Two or three years ago, we meted each other and someone remembered that 109 of us were martyred here; Later they gave us a gift. I said what gift? Your gift is reserved. He said, “No! a spiritual gift; Imam [Khomeini] (RA) accepted to meet us. After Mersad, we went to visit Imam. Imam gave us a good news. He said your wounded and veterans will be martyrs later, and these 109 people increased to 113.

What happened that they took part in the Operation Mersad? Divison Badr was originally located in the south. The hypocrites started the operation from the south and reached Hamid barracks near Ahvaz. Martyr Shooshtari announced that the commands should go to the south. Two equipped and armored battalions of Division Badr, which was in the south, went there. But they announced that some attacked in Hasanabad Strait of Kermanshah. Iraqi fighters returned from the ranks of the Baath army and came to Iran. God does not delay to unravel the knot. For such tasks, you have to be smart and use the opportunity and time. Look at the past thirty or forty years, everywhere you look there are beautiful memories, but they will be not repeated.


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