Oral History News of September-October 2023

Compiled by: Iranian Oral History Website Translated by: Fazel Shirzad


Note: According to the Iranian Oral History website, "News of the Month" is the title of a series of reports on this website. These reports review news related to the topic of the website in written and virtual media. Here, you will read news from September-October 2023.

►Cultural Director of Jundi Shapour University of Medical Sciences, Ahvaz, in an interview with IKNA on September 23, said: On the occasion of commemorating the Holy Defense Week, the memories of the doctors and nurses who were present during the imposed war in this university will be recorded.

►The ceremony of visiting and honoring the family of the late Rahim Qara Jedaghi, the narrator of the oral history book "By the Breadth of boundless words", was held on the 26th of September in the presence of the General Director of the Preservation of the Works and Publication of the Sacred Defense Values of West Azerbaijan. The interviewer and editor of this book is Zila Moradi. In 2020, it was published by the Foundation for the Preservation of the Works and Publication of the Values of the Sacred Defense in 456 pages and the number of 500 copies.

►The review meeting of the book "Ahmad, Narration of the Jihadi Life of Ahmed Motavselian" from the series of meetings of the Holy Defense Week in cooperation with Ya Zahra Publications was held on the 26th of September at the library of Iran's Book and Literature Library. This book was published in 2023 and its authors are Hamid Dawoodabadi and Mohammad Ali Samadi.

►The advisor to the head of the Holy Defense Documents and Research Center stated that more than 6,000 hours of the oral history of the Holy Defense have been recorded, and said: 30% of it has been published in the form of books and written documents, and extracting knowledge from these written documents is on our agenda. Yahya Niazi, the advisor to the head of the Holy Defense Documentation and Research Center, was a guest of the Salam Reporter program on September 27th, 2023, and talked about today's programs in honoring the Holy Defense Week and the oral history of the Holy Defense.

►The unveiling ceremony of the book "Knowledge in Confrontation" an oral history of the presence of Academic Jihad during the holy defense period was held on the 27th of September at the headquarters of Academic Jihad. The author of the book is Seyed Hamidreza Raouf; it was published in 2023 by Jihad University Publications.

►Head of the Holy Defense Documents and Research Center, Sardar Ali Mohammad Naini, in the fifth period of the "Memoirs and Names" ceremony on the September 27th of 2023, about the unveiling of 210 research works and 100 new documents of the Holy Defense and the publication of 40 new works of oral history of the veteran commanders of the Holy Defense informed.

►The book "The People of Abdanan" in the form of an oral history of the holy defense, narrated by Isa Jabri, was compiled by the efforts of the Ilam Arts Center field and will be published soon. "Yasser Babaei", who is in charge of interviewing and authoring this book, said in an interview with an IRNA reporter on Thursday: In this book, "Haj Isa Jabri" is the narrator of oral history from years before his birth and the life of the people of Abadan. And then he expresses his observations from his point of view until puberty and marriage and the occurrence of the Islamic Revolution.

►In an interview with IRNA, the author of the book "Hajj Jalal" emphasized that forgetfulness has plagued all narrators and worriers and continued: The narrator's conservatism and lack of power of expression is one of the problems. That is, there are parts of the events that the narrator is ashamed to speak.

►Hojjat-ul-Islam Saeed Fakhrzadeh said in an interview with IBNA on September 29, 2023: The first time I went to Kurdistan in the summer of 1985 to record the memories of the war, the security situation was so tight that they even arrested me.

►The ceremony of signing 3 memorandums of cooperation in line with the compilation of the oral history of the National Company of Southern Oil Regions was held at the same time as the last day of the holy defense week.

►The third book review meeting was held by the General Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Ilam province on Saturday, September 29, 2023, with a review of the book "Hadith of Mehran's Restlessness" by Ruhollah Mirzaei in the cultural and artistic complex of Islamic Guidance of Ilam. The book was published in 2022 by Nishtman Publishing House.

►The book "The First Side", the oral history of gendarmerie fighters in the Holy Defense, was unveiled on Sunday, September 30, at the National Museum of the Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense. The author of this book is Abbas Heydari Moghadam. It was published in 2022 by Sarv Publications affiliated with the Holy Defense Museum.

►A specialized review meeting of the book "Water and Fire", the Oral History of General Alireza Rabiei, written by Mohammad Mahdi Abdullahzadeh, was held in Semnan on September 30, 2023, with the presence of the head of the Holy Defense Documents and Documents Organization of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Works and Publication of the Values of the Holy Defense.

►The 100-episode series "The Lasting Experience", the oral history of the formation of the Jihad TV group and the Fatah narrative documentary group, was produced at the Fatah narrative cultural foundation and was ready to be broadcast on the national media. This program, directed and produced by Yaser Tazami, will be broadcast from the 8th of October on the Ofogh television channel.

►The deputy coordinator of the Basij organization said on Saturday the 7th of October at the conference of the secretaries of the Congress of Martyrs of the country: To make an impact among the youth, we must have the oral history of the province in addition to preparing the database and atlas of each province.

►The process of documenting the oral history was started to preserve the memories and lifestyle of the martyrs in Baharestan city.

►Qasim Fatahi, the head of the Culture and Sustainability Studies Unit of the Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Arts Center, said in an interview with IBNA on 11 October: Now, with the formation of Rasad Bank, the new subjects of the oral history of the province are being updated, and so far 300 subjects have been identified in the province and studied on them and finding the ability to turn into a written work is in progress.

►The meeting of "Narration of History and Oral History" of the third edition of the Martyr Andrazgo Literary Award was held on Monday, October 16, at Iran's Book and Literature House.

►The book "Oral History of Public Mosque" was unveiled as the second book of the oral history of Qom province on the sidelines of the meeting of CEOs of cultural, social, and sports organizations of the country's municipalities on the October 18 in Qom. This book was written by Seyyed Hassan Qureshi and published by Qom Municipality Cultural Organization in 145 pages.

►The Director General of Lorestan Martyrs Foundation and Martyrs' Affairs on the October 19th in Lorestan's Martyrs' meeting said: Within the last two years, 1800 commemorations, meetings, and congresses have been held in the province. Also, during this period, the oral history and honor documents of the martyrs were recorded.

►The subject-finding and publication of the oral history of the fighters of the Holy Defense of Khorramshahr was held on October 21 with the presence of the veterans of the Holy Defense and the Council of the Warriors of this city at the Cultural Center and Museum of the Holy Defense of Khorramshahr. Guard Lieutenant Colonel Mehdi Pourbachari, Director of Khorramshahr Cultural Center and Holy Defense Museum, said: We have a good oral history of the role of warriors and defenders of the city in the Holy Defense.

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Loss of Memory in Pahlavi Prisons

In total, [I was in prison] about 6 years in two arrests. For the first time after several years, a soldier arranged my escape. I do not know why! Maybe he was one of the influential elements of Islamic groups. They took me to the hospital for the treatment of my hand, which was broken due to the callousness of an officer.

Hajj Pilgrimage

I went on a Hajj pilgrimage in the early 1340s (1960s). At that time, few people from the army, gendarmerie and police went on a pilgrimage to the holy Mashhad and holy shrines in Iraq. It happened very rarely. After all, there were faithful people in the Iranian army who were committed to obeying the Islamic halal and haram rules in any situation, and they used to pray.

A section of the memories of a freed Iranian prisoner; Mohsen Bakhshi

Programs of New Year Holidays
Without blooming, without flowers, without greenery and without a table for Haft-sin , another spring has been arrived. Spring came to the camp without bringing freshness and the first days of New Year began in this camp. We were unaware of the plans that old friends had in this camp when Eid (New Year) came.

Attack on Halabcheh narrated

With wet saliva, we are having the lunch which that loving Isfahani man gave us from the back of his van when he said goodbye in the city entrance. Adaspolo [lentils with rice] with yoghurt! We were just started having it when the plane dives, we go down and shelter behind the runnel, and a few moments later, when the plane raises up, we also raise our heads, and while eating, we see the high sides ...