Oral History News for Ordibehesht 1402 (April-May 2023)

Compiled by Iranian Oral History Website
Translated by M. B. Khoshnevisan


According to the website of Iranian Oral History, "News of the Month" is the title of a series of reports in the site. The reports take a glance at the news related to the subject of the website on written and cyber media. What follows is the news for Ordibehesht 1402:


*The Cultural and Educational Deputy Head of the Martyr Foundation and Veterans Affairs of the Zanjan Province said, "In order to promote the culture of self-sacrifice and martyrdom and preserve the precious treasure of the memories of martyrs' parents, the memory-writing and oral histories of about 500 martyrs' parents, spouses of martyrs and veterans in Zanjan province, were recorded and completed in 1401 (2022).


* General Director of the Martyr Foundation and Veterans Affairs of the Lorestan Province stated that this province won the first place in recording the oral history of the martyrs' parents in 1401, announcing the holding of a national conference commemorating Martyr Boroujerdi in the month of Khordad (June).


* The 50th issue of "Sarv" cultural and artistic monthly was published. In this issue, in an interview with Mohammad Garshasabi, a researcher in the field of the history of sacred defense, the pathology of the oral history of the sacred defense has been discussed.


* A meeting for coordinating and reviewing the listings of the Fars province army in the encyclopedia of the sacred defense of the province was held in the General Department of Preservation of the Sacred Defense Works of Fars Province to record the oral history of the imposed war from the words of the commanders and veterans of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army


*An oral history workshop was held for two days with the presence of four professors in the fields of history and writing in Shahr-e Kord.


* The first part of compiling the 80-year oral history of Sawadkooh Quran was conducted with 10 hours of interviews with 16 Quranic activists by the Quran Center of the Islamic Propaganda Department of Sawadkooh and Northern Sawadkooh towns.


*Shirazeh Publications has published the book "Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine (1345-1357): Role of Government, Employers and Labor Force in Formation of Iran's Copper Industry". It has been written by Abdolreza Alamdar and translated by Atta Rashidian.


*The second meeting of oral history activists of Qom city was held in Asman Hall of Qom Art Center.


*The Office for Rsistance Literature of the Art Center of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province called for the identification and basic training of oral history writers.


* In an interview with IBNA (Iran Book News Agency) about her latest work, Batoul Mirzaei, a writer and researcher in the field of oral history of sacred defense said' "In the book "Land of the Sun", I have tried to address the role of the popular forces of the "Mishkhas" region during the scared defense.


*An explanatory meeting with the topic "Why oral history of progress is our priority today?" was held at the book fair.


*The oral history book "Inhabited Building" (Memoirs of Manouchehr Behnam, the first ambassador of Iran to the United Arab Emirates) was compiled by the National Library of Iran with the efforts of Shafiqeh Niknafs and Roya Mohammadlou.


*The meeting "Reviewing of the Oral History of Revolutionary Art" was held in Yas Hall of the 34th Book Fair with the presence of Mohsen Safaee Fard, Director of IRIB Music Production and Supply, Mohammadreza Vahidzadeh, writer, poet and art researcher and journalist Hessam Abnoos, as presenter and expert.


*The course of narration and oral history recording was held for religious students and clerics in the town of Ivan.


*The book "Rastgoo Tale", an oral history interview with Hojjatoleslam Valmoslemin Muhammad Hassan Rastgoo, a religious teacher and preacher, was published by the National Library of Iran. The interview, research and compilation have been carried out by Hadi Qobadi.


*Concurrent with holding of the 34th book fair, a review and critical session was held for the book "Oral History of Dubbing" written by Sadegh Vafaei.


*The Head of Zanjan's Art Center said' "The Shahriar of My Land", "Sit down for a while so that the rain passes" and "Autumn Arrived" three oral history books of Zanjan's Art Center are present in the international book exhibition.


*The Friday prayer leader of the city of Dezful stated that the 4th of Khordad (May 25) is an excuse to read out the resistance, and emphasized the necessity of recording the oral history of the sacred defense in this city.


*The Oral History Workshop of the Sacred Defense Oral History special for female clerics was held in Khorramabad.


*The preparatory course "Oral History of Martyr's Companion" special for cultural activists of Borujerd will be held by the Oral History School of Lorestan Art Center.


*The Commander of Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), in a meeting with the family of Martyr Mohammad Borujerdi known as Messiah of Kurdistan, emphasized the necessity of writing and collecting the memories of the Messiah of Kurdistan and editing them in the form of oral history and publishing them for the benefit of today's and tomorrow's generations of the society.


*In a meeting for unveiling and criticizing the book "Abodes of a Revolution", Ayatollah Sheikh Ali Eslami said that we have had many fighters and revolutionaries whose struggles should be recorded in documents and oral history.

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Members of Combatant Clergy Association arrested

On one of the nights of the holy month of Ramadan in 1356 (1977), the Central Council of the Combatant Clergy Association held a meeting in the house of Mr. Sheikh Ali Asghar Morvarid, in western Tehran, and we decided to continue the meeting until dawn. Some twenty people including misters professor Motahari, Mahdavi Kani and Mousavi Ardebili and other well-known people were present in the meeting. From there, professor Motahari contacted with the holy Najaf by
Book Review

Naneh Ali

Naneh Ali is the narrative of Zahra Homayounis life, who is the mother of martyrs Amir and Ali Shahabadi, written by Morteza Asadi. In addition to the eloquent and readable content, the difference between the memoirs and other biographies of martyrs mothers, as well as using the method of retrospect, has added to the appeal of work. This book has 15 chapters which are: Goodbye Spring, Those Two Blue Eyes, The Sword of Zulfaghar, The Birth of a Butterfly, ...

No gas for Tehran

On the night of 12th of Bahman 1357 (February 1, 1979), we started driving toward Tehran [amid the cold weather of the town of Abadeh] by a Paykan automobile that had no heater and had not been serviced during the recent days. We had not distanced so much from Abadeh that we got a flat tire. It was very difficult for us to fix a flat tire. Fortunately, I had a spare tire in the back of the car.