The 337th Session of ‘Night of Memorials’ - 4

“Closed Door Period”

By Sepideh Kholousian
Translated By: Zahra Hosseinian


The 337th session of ‘Night of Memorials’ was held on Thursday, July 28, 2022, entitled ‘Closed Door Period’, in the Soureh Hall of the Hozeh Honari, performed by Davoud Salehi.  "Haj Seyed Ali Akbar Abutorabi" and witnesses of the Operation Mersad attended this event.


The host pointed to the second narrator's speech and said: “Massoud Rajavi had done great propaganda. He claimed that: ‘we leave Mehran in two days and take Tehran!’ Using this claim, he encouraged his army and sent them. But they returned with their tail between their legs and wounded. Do you remember that feeling to tell us?”

Ebrahim Khodabandeh said: “Massoud Rajavi held a public meeting before the operation. In public meetings, he usually spoke very excitedly and encouraged people. He promised everyone that they reach and take Tehran in a few days. Nobody could resist this promise. Even those who came from abroad brought souvenirs for their families. In that meeting, a woman stood up and said: ‘I’ve just come from Iran. You say that as we arrive at each city, everyone will welcome and help us; well… our current army consists of officers, and our soldiers are on the other side of the border, so as you mentioned, when we reach there, they’ll arrive too and join us..., is that so?’ He answered very reproachfully and insisted on his claim. I didn’t attend that meeting but heard the tapes. According to the tape he also added that: ‘You’re wrong. We have accurate information from the inside, we analyze everything. Arriving in each city, all the people will join us, and we advance.’ He had convinced them in this way.

Returning from the operation, Masoud Rajavi blamed all the forces and attributed any success to himself, like all party leaders. He said: ‘The reason for our failure in this operation was that you did not participate with all your heart. You were busy with your thoughts, wife and children, and the like.’ In another word, he acted as if they owed him something instead! After that, he entered the divorce revolution and something like that.

The host: ‘would you tell us briefly about Ashraf camp and the untold things? Maybe they have been mentioned in the books. Even a book has been written with this title. But please tell us about the news that we don’t hear.

The narrator added: “If you want to know this barracks or the Ashraf camp, you should be familiar with the phenomenon of mind control and brainwashing.  It was the practice carried out there. The people inside the camp had no connection with the outside world, and they were only fed by the Mujahideen organization for years. Even their TV programs were not directly broadcasted there. Prepared programs were selectively broadcasted in the communities. Certain practices were carried out, such as the current operation, in which they brought people, who were known as problematic ones. They incited the people to hurt them mentally. That is, they performed psychological torture in such a way that the person was mentally disturbed. It was a practice that I later studied and realized. It was carried out under the title ‘Peer-pressure’, which means direct or indirect influence on peers for mind control and brainwashing. Applying this method, put the person under mental pressure so much that in the end, it takes away the psychological defense that gives them the power to say no. eventually, every suggestion and every order given to them will be accepted, even if it is contrary to their own values.

For example, I was a member of the Islamic Society in Neauphle-le-Château, Paris. In short, when I was recruited, one of the officials of the Mujahideen organization, named Ahmad Shahbakhti, held a meeting and gave a speech within the framework of the Islamic Association. The concern of the youth of that time, like me who was 25 years old at the time of the revolution, was independence; and such a thing seemed unbelievable to us. We fully knew that our country depends on America. Our politics, army, industry, economy, culture, and everything depended on America. It was well known that the American ambassador in Tehran has more power than the king. They attracted many people like me with the trick that the Islamic Republic cannot establish independence, because it does not rely on the working class and does not negate exploitation. And the only force that remains anti-American until the end is the People's Mujahideen Organization.

Today, the pride of the Mujahideen Organization is that they have relationship with the most predatory imperialist factions such as Bolton, McCain, Pompeo, Pence, and so on. One of members who had just separated from the headquarters and came from Albania said: ‘When Senator John McCain, who is known for arms smuggling and official supporter of ISIS and also met with Baghdadi, came to the Mujahedin camp in Albania and was giving a speech, there was a big screen behind him, and every time the American flag was shown on the screen, the crowd stood up and started clapping. You think what was the motivation of those people to join the Mujahideen Organization? The anti-American revolutionary and Islamic motivations! The first stand that Rajavi took against the Haft-Tir terrorist disaster was that he said: ‘We’ve blocked the line of dependence on America. At that time the Mujahedin organization was not ready to accept this, then it entered this position. That is, when it is said, they are hypocrite, it is actually not just a word, but a well-known nature that works in this way in the field of mind control and brainwashing.



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