Oral History News of October-November 2022

Compiled by: Iranian Oral history Website
Translated by: Fazel Shirzad


Note: According to Iranian Oral History website, "News of the Month" is the title of a series of reports on this website. These reports have a look at the news related to the topic of the site in written and virtual media. In the following, you will read news of October-November 2022.

►The book "Patience" of the memoirs of Ansieh Tajzadeh Qomi, a veteran of the air bombing of Qom, was published.

►The head of the Tehran and Suburbs Metro Operating Company announced the compilation of the oral history of the metro in a meeting with a group of retirees and veterans of the company.

►The director of documents of the General Directorate for the Preservation of Khorasanۥs Sacred Defense Artifacts Razavi said: One of the ways to strengthen the spirit and motivation as well as the efficiency and update the information of researchers and activists in the field of oral history is to hold educational workshops at a specialized and supplementary level.

►Director of Yazd Province National Library and Document Center, referring to the compilation of the oral history of "Yazd Hosseiniyeh ", announced the documentation of memories of veterans, managers and supervisors of religious bodies of the province.

►The 7th session of the oral history of Yazd Hosseiniyeh interview project was held in the presence of the director of the Nasrabad district of Yazd in the oral archive unit of the national library and document center of the province.

 ►The first interview session of the oral history of the judiciary in Yazd was held in Yazd National Library and Document Center with the presence of the former deputy of the Supreme Court and the former director general of the provincial judiciary.

►Four books from the collection of oral history of Iranian sports in the field of football were published by Nagaristan Andisheh Publishing House. The books "Doorkeeper of the Poet" in conversation with Faramarz Zali, "Always a Leader" by Hassan Habibi, "Go Football Guy!" by Nader Latifi and "Mamar Sartalaei" in conversation with Hossein Kalani look at the history of Iranian football in a conversation with its players.

►Director of Basij media of Swadkoh city, referring to compilation of oral history of Swadkoh media, announced the call for news of recent decades related to the city.

►The training course on oral history of the Islamic revolution and holy defense was held in Shushtar city.

►In line with the investigation of the oral history of calligraphy in Qazvin, the capital trend of calligraphy and different periods of calligraphy in the province were investigated.

►The book "Children of Bilal Mosque" written by Navid Zarif Karimi, written by Navid Zarif Karimi, was published by Rah Yar Publishing House.

►An educational workshop on the components of the oral history of holy defense and resistance was held on the eve of the national congress of martyrs of Qom province.

►The unveiling ceremony of the book "Hello Guys", an oral history of the formation and expansion of the "Hello Guys" magazine, was held in the presence of the author of the work and people from the press and literature for children and teenagers at the Iranian Book and Literature House.

►The official of Qazvin Province National Library and Document Center said: With the cooperation of seminary service center, documents and oral history of Qazvin scholars are collected.

► In the 69th session of the oral history of Major General Seyyed Yahya Safavi, there was a discussion regarding the change of Iran's operational strategy from the southern fronts to the northwestern fronts.

►The book "A Courage Man from Tafarsh" interview with Ali Akbar Heydari by Hasan Sabti from the collection of oral history of Iran's ship was published by Nagaristan Andisheh Publishing House.

►Director General of Lorestan Martyrs and Martyrs' Affairs Foundation said: Jihadi movement in recording the oral history of martyrs' families is necessary and this action plays a significant role in promoting the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom.

►An oral history workshop was held in Yasouj by the efforts of the sustainable literature office of Kohgiluyeh and Boyar Ahmad province.

►The call to record the oral history of the holy defense for the community of martyrs of the welfare organization was published.

►Compilation of the oral history of the history of books and librarianship in Yazd was keyed.

►The director of Qazvin province's art field said: "The important issue in the new development period of the art field is to pay serious attention to sustainable literature and oral history, and we, as the art field, pay serious attention to this field."

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A Critique on Oral history of War Commanders

“Answering Historical Questions and Ambiguities Instead of Individual-Organizational Identification”
“Oral history of Commanders” is reviewed with the assumption that in the field of war historiography, applying this method is narrated in an advancing “new” way, with the aim of war historiography, emphasizing role of commanders in creation of its situations and details.
A cut from memoirs of Jalil Taeffi

Escaping with camera

We were in the garden of one of my friends in "Siss" on 26th of Dey 1357 (January 16, 1979). We had gone for fun. It was there that we heard the news of Shah's escape from the local people. They said that the radio had announced. As soon as I heard this news, I took a donkey and went on its back.
Life of Martyr Kazem Amloo Narrated

Baneh Dream

The book "Baneh Dream" narrates the life of martyr Kazem Amloo. It has been authored by Alireza Kalami and released by Marz-o Boom Publications. The book starts with the publisher's preface and the author's introduction; then, 75 memories have been narrated from the language of the martyr's family, friends and comrades.
War commander narrates Operation Fat’h al-Mobin


The book “Chenaneh” authored by the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) commander Brigadier General Fatollah Jafari is about different phases of Operation Fat’h al-Mobin. Jafari is the founder of IRGC combat units. He also set up the IRGC 3rd Combat Brigade and Division. The book’s title has been chosen from the name of a village in Shush area