After Irene, college students document stories

Keene - Students from Burlington College in Vermont recorded stories about Tropical Storm Irene over the weekend as part of an audio-documentary project.

Veterans memories sought for preservation

It used to be that the deaths of 300 to 400 veterans would be reported every three months in Legion Magazine, said Burnaby's George McLean.

Final Call for contributions to the GAA Oral History Project

Commissioned by the GAA and carried out by a team based at Boston College-Ireland, the GAA Oral History Project is now drawing to a close.

Translation of resistance literature; best way to promote Basiji thoughts

A seminar was held Monday morning, Nov. 28, as "Movement of translation, Basij global thoughts and Islamic Awakening in the contemporary world" in which a university professor said:"

"Shemshad and the Fourth Wish" to come in English

Akbar Sahrai's war story "Shemshad and the Fourth Wish" is being converted into English by Palizan Publications. His previous book "The Puzzle of the Fish Canal" has also been converted into English by Elmi Farhangi Publishing House.

Collecting The Stories Of Local Vietnam Veterans

Rochester, N.Y. – Travis Piper sat down with two St. John Fisher College students to share his story of serving in the Vietnam War.

Basij to collect martyrs biographies

Cultural deputy to the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution said not much has been done about martyrs lives and the army is considering plans to compensate for the shortcomings in this regard.

Works on foreign POWs to be collected

According to a call for works about prisoners of war of foreign countries, the specialized Azedegan library will collect works on the POWs of other countries.

Oral history dos and donts released

The National Library and Archives Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran has recently devised dos and don’ts of oral history activities.

Iran: Ides of Moharram

In other years you would have been hard pressed to find a westerner living in Iran who knew or cared much about the Shia Moslems' mourning month of Moharram. Today even the newest arrival knows its significance for both himself and the Shah. The talk is of little else.
Part of memoirs of Seyed Hadi Khamenei

The Arab People Committee

Another event that happened in Khuzestan Province and I followed up was the Arab People Committee. One day, we were informed that the Arabs had set up a committee special for themselves. At that time, I had less information about the Arab People , but knew well that dividing the people into Arab and non-Arab was a harmful measure.
Book Review

Kak-e Khak

The book “Kak-e Khak” is the narration of Mohammad Reza Ahmadi (Haj Habib), a commander in Kurdistan fronts. It has been published by Sarv-e Sorkh Publications in 500 copies in spring of 1400 (2022) and in 574 pages. Fatemeh Ghanbari has edited the book and the interview was conducted with the cooperation of Hossein Zahmatkesh.

Is oral history the words of people who have not been seen?

Some are of the view that oral history is useful because it is the words of people who have not been seen. It is meant by people who have not been seen, those who have not had any title or position. If we look at oral history from this point of view, it will be objected why the oral memories of famous people such as revolutionary leaders or war commanders are compiled.

Daily Notes of a Mother

Memories of Ashraf-al Sadat Sistani
They bring Javad's body in front of the house. His mother comes forward and says to lay him down and recite Ziarat Warith. His uncle recites Ziarat and then tells take him to the mosque which is in the middle of the street and pray the funeral prayer (Ṣalāt al-Janāzah) so that those who do not know what the funeral prayer is to learn it.