Life of a revolutionary lady as narrated by memoirs

The book "A lady from Followers of Kowthar: Educational Ethical Impressions from the Life of a Revolutionary Lady" authored by Maryam Saderi has been published by Nashr-e Orouj Publications in 2018 in 1000 copies. In the 196-page book, the author deals with the personality dimensions of the revolutionary lady, Khadijeh Saghafi, the wife of Imam Khomeini (God bless his soul). This book has been compiled on the basis of interviews, conversations and memoirs that have been published in a number of books ...

An Overview of the book “Kamane-ha”*

Oral History Name & Custom Dilemma

The cover of the book “Kamane-ha” reads: "Oral History narrated by Sardar Gholam Hossein Hashemi." This 395-page book was by Darkhuvin of Esfahan Province with the support of the Directorate General for the Preservation and Advocacy of the Holly Defense Values in 2014. The book content, consists of 21 chapters including the content and references; interview and edit by Mohsen Sivandian, leads the audience towards a book of oral history nature.

Oral History of the Islamic Revolution

Article collection of the 10th Iranian Oral History Conference

The Oral History of the Islamic Revolution is a book containing a series of lectures and articles from the 10th Iranian Oral History Conference with the same title, held by the attempt of Institute for Contemporary History Studies of Iran and the Association for Oral History in February 2016. In this 537-page book published by the Institute for Contemporary History Studies of Iran in 2018, ...

Memories of a Few Operations

Biography of Mohajer Eshgh*

Mohajer Eshgh is the biography of Shahid Hamid Ramezani which is published by Surah Mehr Publications on November 14, 2019. Alireza Maserati, the author of book and a fellow warrior of Shahid Ramezani, puts it in the foreword: "A new chapter has emerged in the thick book of history, which is very mystical. Only those who realized that the life is not more than dying without the beloved, made their mind to ...

Hussein Shayestefar, narrated by the martyrs wife

You Heart Desired to Go

When they started their life together, they wanted to be together, friends apart. It turned out to be the way they wanted. But there was another companion; suffering. It did not leave them alone until the end. Hossein Shayestefar, narrated by the Martyrs Wife, which is the sixth volume in the series of "Inak Shokaran", illustrates their suffering; the suffering present in the lives of "Razieh Bubash" and the martyr "Hussein Shayestefar".

A brief overview of “Seventy Years of Sustainability”

Forty Decades of Limpid Memories

If you are interested in history and looking for a good source for oral memoirs, Seventy Years of Sustainability can fulfill your wishes. In this book, Hossein Shah Hosseini recounts his memoirs from 1320 to 1360, from childhood to the beginning of political activities, joining the National Front, being imprisoned during political activities to the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and welcoming the Imam Khomeini Committee and accepting the presidency shortly afterwards of the Physical Education Organization and National Olympic Committee.

Salsabil is Salsabil

Cruising Tehrans old neighborhoods has a different feeling; the ambiance of the clean swept alleys, the houses with courtyards, the tiny ponds in the middle of the courtyard, the trees running to the sky in the houses and the neighbors who care about each other. This Tehran might be strange to us and unbelievable for future generations, but the forgotten memories of its neighborhoods and people might be preserved in memories.

Holy Defense Memories of Authors

"Ta Pelak 140 : Holy Defense Memories of Authors" is the name of a 543-page book. The book back cover states: "This book is the result of three years of collecting effort (Azar Khazai Sarcheshmeh) to gather the memory of 140 artists and writers who have lived through the war with the aim of illustrating the course of Iranian peoples lives during the Holy Defense from their non-fictional narratives, and diaries and notes.

Interview with “Hamid Hessam”, life & authorship

"In Search of Moonlight: The Life and Writing of Hamid Hesam" is the name of an interview book by Hussein Qarai. This 175-page book, Question and Answer compiled by Shahid Kazemi, is published in the Fall of 1989. The book begins with a list, mostly of cultural prominent features and celebrities. Their names have become headlines for Hussein Qarais interview with Hamid Hussam, as the interviewee has spoken about them. Next to the list are two pages titled "Yearbook, Bibliography and Titles".

The 12th conference is ahead

An overview of books of articles of Iranian Oral History Conference

Iranian Oral History Website – the 12th Conference of Iranian Oral History is ahead. The conference with the subject "Oral History of Industry, Engineering and Logistics of Scared Defense" will be held in Saeb Hall of the Literature and Humanities College of Isfahan University. It is natural for the audiences and interested people who had read or heard the news to be willing to have information about the coming programs of the conference.
An Extract of Memories of Nosratollah Mahmoudzadeh

The Importance of Building Road in the War

Destiny of the operations were determined by the roads that Jahad [Sazandegi] (Jihad of Construction) would build in the up and downs of the region’s mountains; roads in which delivering troops, ammunition, supplies, and on the way back, delivering the wounded and martyrs in a 30 km distance determined consolidation of heights that were seized by Basij forces. Iraq had concentrated most of its power in the region on the Galan heights.
The Memory of Azam Al-Sadat Sajjadi Masoumi

Bow tie

When I was studying in Farhanaz Pahlavi middle School at the end of Hajbashi Street, I spent bitter days. At school, I was dressed differently because of my coat and long scarf. That is why I was always alone and had no friends. On the other hand, the teachers did not care about me and treated me badly. They put me at the end of the class and they did not call my name for class questions;
It was brought up in an interview with Seddiqa Mohammadi

Interview with the foster coach of the 80s and 90s

A Review of the Cultural Activities of Girls High Schools in Zarand city from Kerman in the Sixties
Seddiqa Mohammadi was born on 1963/May/10 in Zarand, Kerman. During the last years of the imperial rule, he participated in demonstrations with his family, and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he entered education as a teacher.
Book Review:

“History Watcher”

In the middle six months of 1981 (1360 SH), a group of the political office of IRGC headed to the fronts in order to record events which were related to commanding the war; some the narrators died a martyr. Sayyid Mohammad Eshaghi was one of those narrators who in the year 1980, after being active for a time in Rasht Basij, joined IRGC and after that he narrated the war for 4 years, he died a martyr in January 19, 1987.