American Muslims to Record, Preserve Oral Histories With StoryCorps July 4th

8 June 2011

Recordings offer insight into Muslim lives, reflect growing portrait of U.S.

WASHINGTON, May 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- My Faith My Voice (MFMV), a platform dedicated to promoting the grassroots voice of Muslims in America, announced today it will partner with StoryCorps, a national organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the oral history of America, on July 4th weekend in Chicago, Ill. The partnership will seek to humanize the American Muslim community and reflect the growing diversity of our country's national landscape.

The recordings, which will cover a variety of different topics, are meant to give people insight into the lives of American Muslims by allowing them a chance to listen in to personal conversations taking place between Muslims around the country.

StoryCorps interviews are conducted between two people who know and care about each other. A trained StoryCorps facilitator guides the participants through the interview process. At the end of each 40-minute recording session, participants receive a copy of their interview and a second copy is archived at the Library of Congress. MFMV will also release clips of the interviews on its site and make them available to the media.

(To hear some examples of StoryCorps interviews, visit:
"Storytelling is a powerful way to break down barriers and strengthen connections between people," said Haaris Ahmad, MFMV Board Member. "It's time for the Muslim community to add its stories to the rich diversity and tradition of the rest of the American family.  People will find that Muslims -- like themselves -- are concerned about their aging parents, their marriages, their teenage sons and daughters, and the legacy they leave behind."
"StoryCorps tells the true American story—that we are a people defined by small acts of courage, kindness and heroism. Each interview reminds people that their lives matter and will not be forgotten," said Dave Isay, award-winning documentary producer and Story Corps founder.

NOTE: Also, during July 4th weekend, MFMV will be uploading on to its site ( 30-60 second video clips of American Muslims talking about their proudest moment as Americans and what they love most about this country, in honor of the
national holiday.

Media outlets interested in incorporating these videos into their holiday news coverage can do so by visiting during the July 4th weekend or by contacting Rabiah Ahmed at 202-439-1441 or

About My Faith My Voice

My Faith My Voice is a grassroots effort by U.S. Muslims looking to present their voices and share their stories as a means to educate others about Islam and humanize the American Muslim community through the use of social media, media relations, multimedia production, and events.

About StoryCorps

StoryCorps is currently one of the fastest-growing nonprofits in the country. Each week, millions of Americans listen to StoryCorps' award-winning broadcasts on NPR's Morning Edition. StoryCorps' major funders include: The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), The Atlantic Philanthropies, The Ford Foundation, The Annenberg Foundation, The Kaplen Foundation, and Joe and Carol Reich. StoryCorps also relies on the support from its participants and listeners. For more information, or to listen to stories online, visit
MEDIA CONTACT: Rabiah Ahmed at 202-439-1441 or
SOURCE My Faith My Voice
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