Oral History News for Mordad 1402 (July-August 2023)

Translated by M. B. Khoshnevisan


According to the website of Iranian Oral History, "News of the Month" is the title of a series of reports in the site. The reports take a glance at the news related to the subject of the website on written and cyber media. What follows is the news for Mordad 1402:

* A meeting for reviewing and criticizing the book "Here on the Hill, the Takfiris Dance" was held in the National Museum of the Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense in the presence of the critics. The book "Here on the hill, the Takfiris dance" written by Shirin Zarepour, includes the biography of the martyr of the defender of shrine Seyyed Ehsan Mirsayar. It was recently (2023) published by Nashr-e 27 Be'that.


*In an interview with IBNA (Iran Book News Agency) correspondent, the Cultural Deputy of the General Office of the Martyr Foundation and Veterans Affairs in Zanjan Province, Mohammad Kazem Salamat referred to the backing of the Martyr Foundation from the field books of the sacred defense, saying: the memoirs one thousand people from Zanjan will be recorded in the form of oral history and turn into books.


* Oral history scientific meeting titled "Research Method or Format and Type of Writing" was held on 3rd of Mordad (July 25) in Qasr-e Shirin Hall of the National Museum of the Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense attended by the Mohammad Ghasemipour, Yahya Niazi, Gholamreza Azizi, Mostafa Niknam, head of oral history, and Marjan Khaleghi, director of the museum library, and a group of enthusiasts, narrators and experts in the field of oral history.


* The General Director of the Foundation for Preservation of the Monuments of the Sacred Defense of Kohgiluyeh and Boyar Ahmad Province announced the compilation of the oral history of the Sacred Defense combatants of Kohgiluyeh and Boyar Ahmad in line with the second National Congress of Martyrs of this province. The meeting of the Publication and Compilation Committee of the second National Congress of the Martyrs of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad was held on the 2nd of Mordad (July 24) in the meeting hall of the General Directorate of the Foundation for Preservation of the Monuments of the Sacred Defense of the province in the presence of the members.


* Emphasizing the explanation of the oral history of the health field in the Islamic Revolution and the sacred defense, the Minister of Health said in the forum of the officials of the veterans' affairs of the universities of medical sciences across the country (July 30, 2023): We must properly explain the incidents and events of the sacred defense to the youth.


*A ceremony for unveiling the book "Friend Boroujerdi" which is the memoirs of Morteza Fatollah Zadeh was held on Sunday 8th of Mordad (July 30) in the Iranian Cultural-Press Institute. The book has been published in 2023 in 136 pages.


* The visiting session of the head and managers of the Art Center was held at the IRGC Sacred Defense Research and Documentation Center on 9th of Mordad 1402 (July 31, 2023). The head of the Sacred Defense Documentation and Research Center emphasized that the view of the Art Center is towards the general audience, while the view of the Sacred Defense Documentation and Research Center is towards the production of reference, documentary and research books, saying: the oral history of the commanders of the Scred Defense should be turned into readable works.  


* In an interview with Miras-e Aria correspondent, the Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Northern Khorasan on 10th of Mordad 1402 (August 1, 2023 said: The oral history of religious gatherings in North Khorasan province was documented.


* A workshop on compilation of oral history was held on 14th of Mordad (August 5) in the hall of the Art Center of this province with the presence of a group of writers and researchers from the field of sacred defense of Kohgiluyeh and Boyar Ahmad. The workshop was held online with the participation of the General Directorate of Preservation of Works and Publication of the Sacred Defense Values of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad and the Art Center of the province. It was taught by Mohammad Ghasemipour.


*On the sideline of the vsiist of Hamedan Governor form eh Headquarters of the Congress of Martyrs on 14th of Mordad (August 5), Brigadier General "Mazaher Majidi" the Commander of Ansar al-Hossein (PBUH) Corps in Hamedan Province said: The oral history of Hamedan province during the sared defense is being collected, which can be a turning point for holding the Congress of Martyrs.


* The book "Oral History of Najaf Seminary" which is an interview with Ayatollah Mohammad Mahdi Asefi by Mohamamd Javad Sahebi was prepared and compiled by Saeed Roosta Azad in the Cultural and Propaganda Department of the Islamic Propaganda Office of Qom Seminary and was published in 484 pages by the efforts of Bustan-e Ketab Institute.


*In an interview with the Young Journalists Club, the Director General of Kermanshah's Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs on 16th of Mordad1402 (August 7, 2023) said: Kermanshah's Document Center of Foundation of Martyrs has collected about 2,000 cases of oral history, interviews with the families of martyrs and veterans of the province on the subject of the character and status of martyrs, veterans and freed POWs during the sacred defense.


* With the effort of the Culture and Resistance Studies Office of the Islamic Revolution Art Center of Khuzestan, the first session of the oral history research and interview workshop was held on 15th of Mordad, 1402 (August 6, 2023), in the Ayatollah Shafiee Mosque in Ahvaz. In the meeting, in addition to explaining what, why and how oral history is, some points about interviews were also discussed.

* An oral history workshop focused on expertise and audit was held on 18th of Mordad (August 9) attended by a group of writers from the field of sacred defense in the meeting hall of the General Directorate for the Preservation and Publication of the Values of Sacred Defense of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad. The instructor of the workshop, "Ali Mirhashemi", presented discussions about the specific standards and criteria for publishing works of sacred defense and resistance in the form of video communication (online).


* A special program of reading, introducing, criticizing and reviewing the book "Haj Ali's Garden", memoirs of Haj Mahdi Selahshoor from the sacred defense period was held on 21st of Mordad (August 12) by the General Directorate of Fars Public Libraries at the educational complex of Niroo Research Institute. The book has been authored by Navid Nowrouzi and published in 1402 (2023) by Marz-o Boom Publishing House.


*The Documentary Network of Islamic Republic of Iran's Broadcasting (IRIB) will collect two collections of oral history of Iran prepared at Harvard University and Iran Studies Foundation through a content and time list and provide them to researchers. Hoda Mousavi, a history scholar and researcher, said: We checked and recorded the interviews of more than 250 people, which are available in the IRIB archive.


*Concurrent with anniversary of the return to home of the Iranian freed POWs on 24th of Mordad (August 15), the oral history and documentations of the freed POWs available in the Document Center of the Organization of Libraries, Museums of the Document Centre of Astan-e Quds Razavi were introduced and unveiled.  


* The first session of oral history training was held in Yazd Art Center on Friday 27th of Mordad (August 18), with Mohammad Reza Malek Sabet as its instructor, in order to promote the works and productions of oral history and local history of the province.


* Director General of the Culture and Islamic Guidance of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, stating that the field of oral history of the province contains important issues that few measures have been taken so far due to the extensive work and the time-consuming preparation of documents, and said: In this area, the capacity of media ambassadors can be used. The meeting was held on 30th of Mordad (August 21) attended by a group of students and selected media ambassadors of Laran and Gandoman regions.   

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Heads of National Front Meet Imam

On ninth of Aban, 1357 (October 31, 1978), misters Dr. Karim Sanjabi, Haj Manian and Mahdian came to Paris from Tehran to meet the Imam. Dr. Banisadr, Mr. Salamatian and Haj Ahmad [Imam's son] was also present in their first meeting with the Imam. After greetings, Mr. Sanjabi who had been sitting next to the imam, started talking quietly - almost whispering; suddenly, the imam pulled their heads back and said:

Secret campaigns

Sedigheh Amir Shahkarami the narrator: we were two sisters and three brothers who started secret campaigns against the regime during the Shah and in order not to be arrested by SAVAK (secret police), we had a covert life during the years 52 and 53 (1973 and 1974). At first, Mehdi and Mohammad Amir Shahkarami were the members of the Mujahedin Organization. But after a while, they realized the deviation of their beliefs, ...

Establishment of Islamic Revolution Central Committed as narrated by Alviri

At this time (Bahman of 1357 – February 1979), grouplets such as Peoples Fedai Guerrillas and Mojahedin Khalq Organization misused the mayhem of the country, storing a large quantity of weapons in their team house. Even when the Imam ordered the people to hand over the weapons to the mosques, instead of handing over their weapons to the mosques, these grouplets built a headquarters and took the peoples weapons and stored them.
A cut from memoirs of Iran Torabi

Preparation of Soosangerd Hospital

We arrived in Soosangard around noon. It was the 21st day of Mehr [1359] (October 13, 1980). The situation of the city was almost the same as Ahvaz, and even worse. There was dirt and destruction everywhere. The city had almost been deserted. As Ahvaz Red Crescent had said, the city was still within reach of the enemy and no place was safe from their artillery and mortar fire. We rushed to the city hospital.