Another Page and Mood of Life

Compiled by: Hamid Qazvini
Translated by: Fazel Shirzad


Spring, calmly and soulfully, arrived on the bed of Nowruz (New Year) and with the month of Ramadan.

In fact, the earth and the sky have sung a happy song with a common voice; they have opened a new book and brought a new look.

Its new spring in that try to be cheerful!

People of the word have defined cheerfulness as joy, happiness, sincerity, purity of intention.

It is a manifestation of consent, which is a stage of a perfect journey and its end reaches "Return to your Lord, pleased and pleasing!" [Fajr  Surah]

Kindness is not the only divine blessing that is necessary for human life. According to the interpretation of the people of knowledge, one should cherish youth before old age, health before illness, wealth before poverty, leisure before employment, and being alive before death, and try to achieve cheerfulness, peace, and confidence in the heart. (In the presence of Allameh Tabatabai, p. 385)

Good-hearted people take existence as a good omen and try to pass everything through beauty and see nothing but the kindness and love of a friend.

They have learned from the Messenger of Mercy that "God! Give me faith so that you enter my heart and take care of my heart; and let all my thoughts and opinions be yours!"

They are calm and always happy, while bad-hearted people are always sad and see the world as narrow and dark.

If you are bored of the blanket

The narrow nose of the atmosphere of the world, everyone!

In addition to themselves, good-hearted people also make their friends feel better; They are far from inner suffering and do not cause others to suffer, they are adorned with peace and remove the hatred of the heart from themselves and those around them, and they have a life that is always green and refreshing.

May you be happy for your friends

This world will make you like a garden

They are aware of the times and what is happening in the society, but they do not participate in the competition of promoting depression and hopelessness, and they do not lose their hope for the mercy of the Most High, because His Holiness said: Do not despair of God's mercy.

They do not ignore the filthiness, but take advantage of the opportunity of flowers to get rid of mud.

Many flower raised, and you won't be in the mud!

The good-hearted take advantage of the opportunity and open a way to the spring of life from the spring of nature; they add a new and colorful leaf to the history book. They are hardworking and never stop working, they have high goals, and obstacles do not discourage them.

With the hope that you will always be cheerful, happy spring to you, dear friends.

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