Oral History News of January-February 2023

Compiled by: Iranian Oral History Website
Translated by: Fazel Shirzad


►The collection of memories and experiences of Nizamuddin Kiaei, a cinema sound operator, was recorded in the form of an oral history conversation in the Iranian Cinema Museum.

►The first oral history educational writing workshop centered on the holy defense was held by the Peyamyar Literary Society of Martyr Beheshti Public Library of Selmas city and with the participation of the General Department of Preservation of the Works and Publication of the Values of the Holy Defense of West Azerbaijan.

►The 13th specialized scientific event of Iran's oral history was held with the presence of researchers and experts in Mazandaran Arts Center in Sari.

►The head of the South Khorasan art field said: The Seventh Day documentary, the documentary of Martyr Surgi, the books of Hozor and Shah Par are among the works of the South Khorasan Art Center, focusing on the oral history of the revolution in Birjand.

►The review ceremony of the book "Yar Dost" written by Ebrahim Gulfam and Qasim Akbari Moghadam, which is the oral history of Amir Major General Mohammad Salimi, was held at the library of books and literature of Iran.

►The head of North Khorasan Arts Center explained the positive features of oral history and said: With oral history, you can understand the hidden angles of events.

►The documentary series "Meetings with History" prepared and produced on the documentary network is a take from the oral history project of Iran. IQNA news agency has prepared a series of this documentary in the form of a podcast on the occasion of the Fajr decade. Some of these episodes have been published under the titles of "Ownership of the Persian Gulf Islands", "Assadullah Alam", "Reza Shahi Prison" and "Ahwalat Pahlavi II".

►According to the director of the documentary "Operation Damavand", this film is the only written and visual history of the only war of the Pahlavi regime in the 1950s, namely the Dhafor war.

►The meeting on the function of oral history in the historiography of the Islamic Revolution was held in the Library of Books and Literature of Iran.

►Director General of Alborz province preservation and publication of the values of holy defense said: In Alborz province, in the field of literature, 764 books about holy defense, oral history, biographies of martyrs and veterans have been compiled.

►Shahrara news has conducted an interview with Navid Zarif Karimi about the problems in the field of oral history of the Islamic Revolution in Mashhad.

►The Director of Documents and Records of the General Directorate for the Preservation of the Sacred Defense Relics of North Khorasan said: The project of recording the oral history of the warriors of North Khorasan in the General Directorate for the Preservation of the Sacred Defense Relics and publishing the values of the sacred defense of the province has started.

►British writer and journalist Ronald Blyth died at the age of 100 in Wormingford, a village on the outskirts of London. He achieved international fame with Akenfield: Portrait of an English Village (1969), an oral history of a rapidly disappearing world.

►In the "Oral History of the Revolution" meeting, which was held on the occasion of the Fajr decade of the Islamic Revolution, the governor of the City of Selseleh County emphasized the need to protect native and local literature for future generations.

►titles of Sacred Defense book in the field of oral history, biography, poetry, story, memory, etc. were unveiled in Gilan.

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Nurse of Fav Hospital

“I didn’t see this event in Ayoubi Hospital, but I did in Fav Hospital exactly. At least once a day, we witnessed the flight of Iraqi jets from that area which came to strike the hospital. Of course, our forces poured so much dirt and sand on the concrete roof of the hospital that it became like a hill, and the guys could hardly understand the sound of the bomb and...

Report on the Fourteenth Conference of Oral History- 3rd and final part

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According to the Iranian Oral History Website, the 14th Oral History Conference titled “Oral History on Scale” was held by the History Department of the University of Isfahan and the Oral History Association of Iran on Tuesday morning, May 14, 2024; professors, experts, and ...
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Scientific and professional authority; perspective of Iranian Oral History Association

If a person has a personal library in his or her house, one or more oral history books are seen among them. In recent decades, the wave of book lovers has turned towards the field of oral history, and all this rising trend is owed to the activists in this field.


A memory from Asadollah Tajrishi
At the beginning of my arrival in Evin Prison, I was taken to solitary confinement as always and after a few days, I was transferred to the public cell. The public cells had been located in two floors. The arrangement of these cells in the cells of 1355 and 1356 was such that on the lower floor, there was a ward ...