Oral History News of Dey 1401 (22/12/2022 to 20/01/2023)

Translated by: Zahra Hosseinian


According to the Iranian Oral History Website, "Month News" is the title of the reports on this site. These reports take a look at the news related to the website topic in print and virtual media. In the following, news of Dey1401 can be read:

  • The 13th Iranian Oral History Conference was held in Sari with the participation of the Oral History Association of Iran, Mazandaran Hozeh Honari, the General Directorate of Foundation for the Preservation and Publication of Sacred Defense Works and Values, and the Mazandaran Karbala Corps.

  • The educational workshop on the oral history of the holy defense was held in the Khorasan Razavi Cultural Center for Holy Defense, which Abulfazl Hasanabadi, Director of Astan Quds Razavi Manuscript Center, and a group of researchers from Khorasan Razavi attended.

  • The authoring, editing, and publishing committee of the Khuzestan National Congress of Martyrs held an introductory training course on interviewing in oral history and autobiographical writing for compiling the martyrs’ works. 

  • Deputy of the Cultural and Propaganda Centre for the Islamic Propaganda Department of Qom Seminary said: “To complete the oral history project of the Islamic Propaganda Department, about 300 hours of interviews have been recorded, transcribed, and collected.

  • The Deputy of Tourism in the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts announced that the compilation of the tourism oral history will be begun.

  • “The project of formulating oral history in the National Library will be pursued.” Alireza Mokhtarpour, head of The National Library and Archives of Iran, said about the oral history project.

  • In a meeting with the head of Hozeh Honari, The General Director of Qazvin Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs stated: “The common topics of the Martyr Foundation and Hozeh Honari should lead to usable and lasting output, with interaction and cooperation in the field of culture and art, including oral history, sustainable literature, and authoring influential books.

  • The Director General of Mazandaran Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs announced that the memories of parents of martyrs and veterans (with 50% to 70% injuries) will be registered and recorded in audio and video by the end of the year.

  • An editing workshop for authoring Martyr Hossein Ali Pourisa’s, who is one martyrs in Shah Cheragh attack from Gilan, together with a training course on narrating oral history will be held in Rasht.

  • To preserve the identity and oral history of Tehran, Hamshahri Institute organizes a Tehran tour every week.

  • Using the book "Oral History of Quranic Activities in Arak", IQNA's new agency published a part of the life of Gholamreza Sawarabadi, one of the late veterans of Markazi Province.

  • In the second meeting of activists and elites of Isar and Shahadat, the General Director of the Kermanshah Foundation of Martyrs, announced the completion of 2300 oral histories of martyrs.

  • Aiming to explain the oral history of the holy defense, the 33rd meeting of "The Enduring Generation" was held in Andisheh Hall of Mirdamad Cultural Institute in Gorgan with the presence of a group of warriors of the holy defense.

  • The fifth quarterly conference of the “Recollecting Memoirs Movement” (review of the 4th and 5th Karbala operations) and unveiling of the oral history books of FARAJA Commanders in the Holy Defense was held with the presence of Major General Rahim Safavi.

  • Rah Yar Publications has recently published two books titled "Khoun Migozasht" and "Jolan-e Jawanmard", reviewing the ups and downs of the history of the revolution from an oral history perspective.



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Is oral history the words of people who have not been seen?

Some are of the view that oral history is useful because it is the words of people who have not been seen. It is meant by people who have not been seen, those who have not had any title or position. If we look at oral history from this point of view, it will be objected why the oral memories of famous people such as revolutionary leaders or war commanders are compiled.

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