The Anniversary of Takeover of the U.S. Embassy

A Genuine Question

Selected by Faezeh Sassanikhah
Translated by Ruhollah Golmoradi


I don't forget the time when the young people had taken over the spy nest and there was a tumult — maybe less than a month had passed — and we had just come from Hajj. Mr. Hashemi, another person and I — whose I don't want to mention his name — went from Tehran to Qom to ask Imam they have finally been caught, what should we do with them now? Should they be kept, not keeping, what should we do? Especially there was a strange controversy within the interim government — anyway we were associates — that what should we do with them? After that the friends explained the situation is this, the radios have said this, America has said that, and government officials also say something, he thought and said: Are you afraid of America?! In the same way; A genuine question! I found out it is really an interrogation; Are you afraid of America?! We said no. He said: So keep them!

One really felt this man, himself, who is not afraid of this external and material glory and authority and of this empire equipped with everything, conveys this state of not being afraid and taking for granted the enemy's material authority to others as well![1]

In the meeting with the members of the Expediency Discernment Council’s Secretariat[2] (17/04/1999).


[1] Members of the American Embassy in Tehran.

[2] Collaborative Author, (2013). Praise of the Sun [in Persian: Madh-e Khorshid]; an Excerpt of the Memories of Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, Cultural-Research Institute for Islamic Revolution, p. 114.


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