Oral History News in August- September 2022

Compiled by: Iranian Oral History Website
Translated by: Fazel Shirzad


Note: According to the Iranian oral history website, "News of the Month" is the title of a series of reports on this website. These reports have a look at the news related to the topic of the website written and virtual media. In the following, you will read news from August-September 2022.

►Iran Oral History Association with the participation of Mazandaran Islamic Revolution Art Zone, General Administration of Preservation of Works and Publication of Sacred Defense Values, and Karbala Corps of Mazandaran; They are holding the 13th Iran Oral History Conference with the focus on "Local Oral History of Mazandaran".

►A two-day specialized workshop on oral history was held in the Mazandaranۥ s arts center in the presence of university lecturer Morteza Nurai.

►Referring to the lack of accurate statistics regarding works in the field of oral history, Javad Kalate said: We have 155 martyred battalion commanders in the Mohammad Rasoolullah Army, of which about 45 works have been published on the subject of these martyrs.

►The oral history of General Haj Ahmed Salimabadi, the commander of the IRGC combat units and the commander of the 71st Ruhollah Division during the Holy Defense period began at the Holy Defense Documentation and Research Center.

►The representative of Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist in Kurdistan province called for the strengthening of the oral history of the Islamic Revolution in this province and said: It is necessary to express the facts of the history of the Islamic Revolution artistically in Kurdistan.

►Reza Jahanfar, one of the authors of the book "Passing the Storm of Events", including the biography and memoirs of Azadeh Brigadier General Hossein Yasini, emphasizes that in writing this work, a combined approach including field writing, documentary method, interviews, field studies, and oral history was used. .

►In an interview with Fars news agency, Gholamreza Azizi said: the Supreme Leader's remarks are the reason for the acceptance of oral history.

►Oral history workshop was held in Arak with the presence of Morteza Sarhangi.

►Director General of Lorestan Martyrs and Martyrs Affairs Foundation said: "Martyr Followers" project is one of the initiatives of the arts center to record and record the memories of martyrs, and holding these workshops can motivate people interested in recording and recording the oral history of war and martyrs.

►The head of Lorestan art field also said in the gathering of "Martyr Followers": In the field of culture and art of the revolution, if we give the people a platform and open the doors, the people's jihad and the masses of the people will work, the situation will change and the page will be turned.

►Hojjat al-Islam Saeed Fakhrzadeh said in the meeting of the policy-making council members of the First Memorial of the Diver Martyrs, referring to the documentation in cultural actions: Maybe if the documentation had been done from the very beginning of Islam, there would not have been many disputes and a platform would not have been provided for the enemy.

►Director General of Lorestan Martyrs and Martyrs Affairs Foundation considered it a necessity to narrate, record, record, and publish the memories of the martyrs and said: During the last three months, 30 fathers and mothers of the martyrs and martyrs joined their martyred children and this is a necessity to pay attention to It shows oral history more than ever.

►The educational workshop on the oral history of the Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense was organized by the Lorestan Art District and was held in the Mah hall of this complex.

►The head of clerical affairs of the Holy Defense of Khuzestan announced the holding of a series of descriptive and educational meetings for the oral history of prominent and self-sacrificing scholars and clerics of Khuzestan.

►Meisham Amiri said about the weakness of oral history in the field of government: works that involve the audience with themselves are usually published outside the government structures, and the concern for their publication was boiled down from the heart of the author of the work and put on paper.

►The coordination meeting for documenting the works and recording the memories of oral history of the representative of Wali Faqih and Imam Juma of Yazd was held at the National Library and Document Center of Yazd Province.

► Compilation of the oral history project of order and security in Yazd was keyed.

►The head of academic jihad in Akhami appointed the vice president and secretary and members of the steering council of the oral history documentation project of this institution.

► A group of experts and researchers in the field of oral history of holy defense discussed the pathology of this field in a meeting centered on the oral history of holy defense.

►The specialized workshop on the oral history of the holy defense was held with the presence of warriors and professors of the oral history of the holy defense in the conference hall for the preservation of the works and publication of the values ​​of the holy defense in Yazd.

►The head of the Organization for the Preservation and Publication of the Sacred Defense Values ​​of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Basij emphasized the importance of collecting documents and publishing books at the Martyrs' Congresses, emphasizing compensating for the delays in collecting documents and memories, biographical research and compilation of the oral history of the martyrs.

►The 5th specialized meeting of Avishan and Thought was held in Arak with the theme of review of the book "Dear Musa" with the presence of a group of experts and experts in sustainable literature and oral history.

► The oral history book of Dr. Behzad Qarayazi, a prominent international scientist of genetic engineering, was unveiled.

►The 31st meeting of "Eternal Generation" was held with the presence of a group of fighters of the Holy Defense with the aim of explaining the oral history of the Holy Defense in the Hall of Thought of Mirdamad Cultural Institute.

►Director General of Women and Family Affairs of Bushehr Governorate said: It is a necessity to compile the memories and works of martyrs' wives in the form of audio files, video files, written documents, oral history, and narratives and transfer it to the young generation.

►The head of the sustainability literature unit of Ardabil province's art center announced the beginning of compiling the oral history of the literacy movement in the province.

►The Director General of Gilan Artifacts Preservation considered the unveiling of 40 titles of holy defense education books and 30 oral history audiobooks and the holding of the "spirituality in holy defense" conference as part of the programs of Holy Defense Week.

►The second meeting of the jihad of clarification was held with the focus on providing solutions to resolve doubts and pathology of the oral history of the holy defense.

►Director of Literature for the Preservation of Works of Hamedan Province said: By the end of this year, one hundred titles of Holy Defense books will be published in the fields of translation, children and teenagers, narrator's documentary, oral memory, oral history, stories and poems of Holy Defense.

►The governor of Hamedan stated in the national ceremony of honoring one million veterans of holy defense and resistance: each of today's warriors is an oral history and must express the unsaid.

►A specialized book exhibition was held in Hamedan with a focus on the literature on sustainability and resistance.

►The director of documents and the national library of the southern region of the country announced the formation of a special working group to compile and compile documents, oral history, and encyclopedia of the Holy Defense of Fars during Holy Defense Week.



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Heads of National Front Meet Imam

On ninth of Aban, 1357 (October 31, 1978), misters Dr. Karim Sanjabi, Haj Manian and Mahdian came to Paris from Tehran to meet the Imam. Dr. Banisadr, Mr. Salamatian and Haj Ahmad [Imam's son] was also present in their first meeting with the Imam. After greetings, Mr. Sanjabi who had been sitting next to the imam, started talking quietly - almost whispering; suddenly, the imam pulled their heads back and said:

Secret campaigns

Sedigheh Amir Shahkarami the narrator: we were two sisters and three brothers who started secret campaigns against the regime during the Shah and in order not to be arrested by SAVAK (secret police), we had a covert life during the years 52 and 53 (1973 and 1974). At first, Mehdi and Mohammad Amir Shahkarami were the members of the Mujahedin Organization. But after a while, they realized the deviation of their beliefs, ...

Establishment of Islamic Revolution Central Committed as narrated by Alviri

At this time (Bahman of 1357 – February 1979), grouplets such as Peoples Fedai Guerrillas and Mojahedin Khalq Organization misused the mayhem of the country, storing a large quantity of weapons in their team house. Even when the Imam ordered the people to hand over the weapons to the mosques, instead of handing over their weapons to the mosques, these grouplets built a headquarters and took the peoples weapons and stored them.
A cut from memoirs of Iran Torabi

Preparation of Soosangerd Hospital

We arrived in Soosangard around noon. It was the 21st day of Mehr [1359] (October 13, 1980). The situation of the city was almost the same as Ahvaz, and even worse. There was dirt and destruction everywhere. The city had almost been deserted. As Ahvaz Red Crescent had said, the city was still within reach of the enemy and no place was safe from their artillery and mortar fire. We rushed to the city hospital.