Memoirs of a prison guard

Ali ibn Yaqteen, a great Shiite scholar during the time of Imam Sadegh and Imam Kazem (peace upon them), had a ministry in the apparatus of the Abbasid government. When he asked permission from Imam Kazem (peace upon him) to leave his post, the Imam told him not to do this ... the atonement for your deeds is kindness to your brothers. Your religious brothers are honored by you. Asghar Koorangi is one of the people who was in charge of the prisoners in Qasr Prison.

Causes and factors of the event in Gonband

Taking a Look at the Book "Dust of the Desert"

The book "Dust of the Desert" (The First and Second Wars of Gonbad Kavous in 1979)" by Ahmad Khajehnejad has been written for the Office of Resistance Literature and Culture Studies of Golestan Province, and the first edition of the book was published in 2020 by Surah Mehr Publications in 392 pages and 1250 copies. The book begins with a short introduction by the Office of Resistance Literature and Culture Studies of Golestan Province Art Centers.

Memoirs of Hojjat al-Eslam va al-moslemin Seyed Hossein Hosseini

The historical memoirs of influential people in society are of particular importance for both studying and taking a lesson for the posterity; especially the memories that have emerged in order to fight against the oppression of tyrannical rulers such as the Pahlavis and in order to promote and achieve divine values and ideals. With such an attitude, the Center for Islamic Revolution Documents has published the memoirs of one of the current figures ...

Pre-revolution memoirs of Ayatollah Seyed Ali Asghar Dastgheib

Ayatollah Seyed Ali Asghar Dastgheib is one of the figures of “Dastgheib Family” in the city of Shiraz. He is the nephew of martyr Ayatollah Abdolhossein Dastgheib. He was born in Shiraz on 4th of Azar 1324 AH (November 25, 1945) on the day of Eid al-Ghadir. Following completing preliminary course in the seminary, he went to Qom to complete his education and after attending the courses of Ayatollah Golpayegani and Mirza Hashem Amoli and other sources of emulation, ...

Review of Memoirs of Sardar Yousef Foroutan

Memoirs of Sardar Yousef Foroutan is a book which was recently published by the Islamic Revolutionary Documentation Center. Foroutan is a member of the first command council of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). He was born in 1944 at the Village Ooreh, Damavand, in a religious family. He completed the primary education in his hometown and the secondary education in Masoudi High School at Damavand. In high school, with the help of a number of his friends, ...

A child from Salman generation

A Review of the Book "Footprints of Fog"

I was very persistent in going to Syria and acting in any way ... I had missed the era of sacred defense for years ... many people used to say that the wartime generation would not be repeated, but this was not the truth; there are always persons of Salman Farsi generation to be active in history and win the deal in this business and I was trying in the hope that I would be in this line ...

Observing the developments of two different contexts from the heart of memories

Taking a Look at the Book "The Sergeant"

The book entitled "The Sergeant" is the oral memoirs of Kazem Nazari that its interview and transcription were done by Mahmoud Ranjbar and its first edition was published in 1399 under the supervision of Gilan Province Arts Center, Nekoafarin Publications, in 123 pages and 500 copies at a price of 30,000 Toman (Iranian currency). The contents of the present book include a note from Gilan Arts Center, introduction, preface, transcription of memoirs, pages related to pictures, and final index.

Review of First Lieutenant; Diver

First Lieutenant;Diver is the memoirs of Mohsen Jambozorg, compiled by Mohsen Seifikar and published by Surah Mehr Publications in collaboration with the Hamedan Hozeh Honari at 2019. Mohsen Jambozorg was one of the divers of the operations information unit in Hamedan 32nd Ansar al-Hussein Division, who was sent to the front by the Hamedan Education Office and was present in Operations Valfajr 2, Valfajr 5, Valfajr 8, and Ansar on Majnoon Island.

Memoirs of Dr. Mohammad Javad Asayesh

Oral historiography and history are among the most effective methods of historiography and the discovery and recording of historical events. Memoir-writing has a special place in showing the developments of history because of its attractiveness and because it expresses the narrators observations without intermediaries Many of the facts of contemporary Iranian history from the 150-year Qajar era and even before that is due to the memoirs of writers and narrators who witnessed the developments themselves and wrote their observations.

Memoirs of Ayatollah Mostajabi

Ayatollah Seyed Morteza Mostajab al-Davati, popularly known as “Mostajabi”, the son of Haj Seyed Asadollah Mostajab al-Davati and grandson of Ayatollah Seyed Abolhasan Sadr Ameli was born in 1302 AH (1924). Due to his family relationship with the Sadr family, he had a close and intimate relationship with Imam Musa Sadr from a young age. Therefore, any researcher who wants to study about the dignitaries of the Sadr family, it is worthwhile to refer to him for gaining information.

Book Review: “Sign of God”

The life of Ayatollah Haj Sheikh Ali Badri Dashti
“In memory of the valuable clergy elders who protected the fertile area of Abadan from the negative influences and misbelief, immorality and social evil of the employees of foreigners, westerners and corrupters, and spared no efforts to thwart the social destruction plots of Islamic Iran, so that with the grace of Allah and the standing of the Muslim and committed people and the blood of the martyrs of the clergy and the people, their long-standing wish was fulfilled with the victory of the Islamic Republic.”

Expulsion from the Seminary for Distributing Imam Khomeini Treatise

From the beginning, I could not be a good child; the same child that the high school principal wanted me to be. The same child that the principal of Tavalyat School expected of me. The same manager who fired me if he found out what I was doing. However, I was fired once because I did not know how to live like a child. If I wanted to live the way others wanted me to, ...

334th Night of Memory – 2

The 334th show of the Night of Memory was held in Sooreh Hall of the Art Center on Thursday 1st of Ordibehesht 1401 (April 21, 2022) titled “Men of Enthusiasm Tribe”. It was attended by a number of freed POWs and the families of the martyrs and hosted by Hossein Behzadifar. In the ceremony released also online, misters Reza Abbasi, Amir Mahmoud Najafipour, and Colonel Ahmad Heidari, freed POWs from Tikrit Concentration Camp recounted their memoirs.

The Narrator of Collective Memoirs and Away from Useless Political Tensions

Seyyed Mahmoud Doaei, a calm and humble figure in the field of media, passed away at the age of 81 after several decades of cultural and political activity. From a young age and studying in the seminary of Qom, he joined the clergy movement and from the middle of the 1340s, by migrating to the city of Najaf, he became one of Imam Khomeinis close associates. In Iran, he collaborated with some secret publications, ...