Released: Oral history of Imam Khomeini’s campaign

A memoir has been published on Imam Khomeini’s campaign under the Shah’s regime. IBNA: Compiled by Mohammad Reza Ahmadi, the book encompasses Mohammad Afshari’s memories he presented in a 25-session oral history project.

Memoirs of Hojat-ol-Eslam Val Moslemin Hosein Agha Alikhani

Hojat-ol-Eslam Val Moslemin Hosein Agha Alikhani was born in 1944(1323H.Sh) and after his elementary education he went to Qazvin seminary and allocated his life to self-purification and religious studies. In Qazvin, he, along with great teachers of that seminary, like His Excellency Seyyed Abol-Hasan Refiei Qazvini, became determined to propagate and enlighten people about the goals of Imam Khomeini’s movement.

A Bibliography of Mersād Operation Memoirs

The 26th of July is the anniversary of the day Operation Mersād was first launched in 1988. In this operation, under the command of the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution and backed by Iranian airborne forces, Iranian combatants pushed back counter-revolutionary Monāfeqin (Organization of the People's Mujahedin of Iran) from within the Iranian borders.

The History of Iranian Women`s First Oral Memoirs

To date, no reliable and well-documented research on the inception of oral history and memoirs in Iran or the Iranian men and women who have had their memories recorded on tape or film has been conducted in Iran. However, one can make rough guesses and estimates about its date thanks to the publication of a valuable book.

An Introduction to the History of the Islamic Revolution in Ardebil

A Work in Historical Sociology, This Book Deserves to Be Considered Written and Researched by Ali Derāzi, The History of the Islamic Revolution in Ardebil is a work by the Provincial Bureaus for Resistance Studies and Literature of Hoze Honari (Art Center). Printed in quarto format, the said book was published in 988 pages by Mehr Publications.

Fragments of What Happened, Vol.3

In older issues of Oral History Weekly, the first two volumes of the three-volume book Fragments of What Happened were introduced. Recounting Iraqi soldiers and servicemen`s memoirs chosen, compiled, and elaborated upon by Mortezā Sarhangi and with illustrations by Kūrosh Pārsānezhād, this book was first published last year, reprinted in medium octavo and with a new book cover this year, and published in 72 pages and 2500 copies by Mehr publications recently. The third volume is the five hundred and ninety third book published by the Bureau for the Literature and Art of Resistance at Hozeh-ye Honari (Art Center).

100 Narratives from Hassan Bāqeri`s Life

The book 100 Narratives from Hassan Bāqeri`s Life, penned by Sa`eed Alāmiān and published in 690 pages, is at first blush indicative of a new approach to the life of this influential commander of the War. The Institute of Martyred Hassan Bāqeri has been active for a decade, having published a five-volume book named A Daily Account of War last year.

Memoirs of Irān: Memoirs of a Sumayyah during the War

“The Resistance Literature and Art Bureau” has published many works on the role of women and first aiders during the Imposed War. Among these works are Dā: Memoirs of Seyyedeh Zahrā Hosseini, The Last Sunday: Memoirs of Ma`sūmeh Rāmhormozi, The Autumn of 1359 (1980): Memoirs of Zahrā Sotūdeh, Maryam`s Boots: Memoirs of Maryam Amjadi, From Chandeh-lā to the War: Memoirs of Shamsi Sobhāni, The Wayward Shoes: Memoirs of Soheilā Farjāmfar, This is my Home: Memoirs of Afsāneh Qāzizadeh, and Girls of O.P.D.: Memoirs of Minā Komāyi.

To Consider a Claim

The Realm of Memories is the title of written memories of Dr Fatimah Tabatabaee, the wife of the late Hadj Seyed Ahmad Khomeini and the Imam Khomeini’s daughter-in-law. The first edition was published in 1389 (2011) in 600 pages.

Khorramshahr in a long war: A reliable book about recapturing Khorramshahr

With a brief look at the cultural report card of the war, we find out that basically three publicizing, artistic and historical realms and flows, have been in charge of defining and explaining the Sacred Defense; the realm of public media -in written and oral forms (periodical newspapers and journals, radio and television,…) the realm of art and literature and the realm of cultural research and political-historical inquiry.

An Overview of the Book of “The Lost Passage”

Memories of the sapper narrators of 14th Imam Hossein Division
Some feathers scattered and floated between barbed wires on a brown background in a dazzling and special mixture, evoke the concept and purpose which is emphasized in book cover of “The Lost Passage”. At the back of the book that there are separated pieces of barbed wire on the same brown background sporadically contain an excerpt from the text of the book, part of which we read: ...

A Look at the Book “Operational Physicians-2”

Biography, Memories and Viewpoints of Dr. Mohammad Ali Attari, Professor and Specialist in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine and Pain
In the book “Field Physicians 2”, after acknowledgement, we first come to a short text written by Dr. Mohammad Ali Attari, and on the next page to a photograph, as it is stated under the photo, taken with Professor Majid Samii in the operating room (Germany, Hannover). After that the content, the editor introduction, and then “Biography at a Glance” which is a six-page summary of the book text, are presented.
The Fourth Online Meeting of Iranian Oral History

Iranian Oral History beyond Borders – 2

Dr. Abolfazl Hasanabadi, Dr. Morteza Rasouli Pour, and Dr. Abolhasani participated in the fourth meeting out of the series of meetings on oral history in Iran held online on Saturday 11th of Dey 1400 (January 1, 2022) hosted by Mrs. Mosafa. In the meeting set up in the History Hallway of the Clubhouse, they talked about “Iran’s Oral History beyond Borders”. In continuation of the meeting, the host asked ...
Interview with Brigadier General Farzollah Shahin-Rad


We were supposed to experience a hot summer day at seven oclock in the afternoon. I got to his house in ten minutes to seven, but I knew that working with the militant had special rules. One of them is punctuality. I went up and down the alley several times to meet this Ironman at his house. When I saw him from afar at military conferences, his sense of toughness was evident in demeanor.