A childhood Memento3- A Memoir of Dr. Javad Hamidis memory

Interview date: 1997
The very first day I went to school, the teacher handed me an alphabet book and told me: "copy the alphabet. Let's see if you can write." When I did, he kicked me in my back; I fell down and my nose bled. I was utmost sad. I asked him: "Sir, why do you hit me?" At home my father said:"What is this? Instead of encouraging the students at their first day, he did this?" My father was a friend of my teacher. And, my teacher respected him a lot. My father came to school and asked him:"Why did you hit my son?" He answered:"Because I respect you very much." My father asked:"What does that supposed to mean?" He answered:"The first day your son came to class, he gave his homework to someone else to do it." Then he told me:"Bring your homework and show it to your dad." My father looked at my homework and saw that I had done it exactly the same as the book.
I had actually painted. I did not know the alphabet at all. But, I copied the exact shape. This was a memory which shows my early talents.

Translated by: Jairan Gahan

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