Power and Democracy: the many voices of Oral History
9-12 July, Barcelona
For those interested in attending the IOHA meeting in Barcelona, July 9-12, 2014, the program committee has posted information about registration and accommodations at a new conference website:
The force of democracy as well as the resistance it has met have prompted oral history projects around the world. Interviews with advocates of change have supplemented and supplanted archives of discredited regimes. Oral histories have documented social and political upheavals, reform movements and reactions. Oral history have revealed the effects of power relationships that exist between citizens and their governments, workers and employers, students and teachers, and the layers within institutions, communities and families.
As a democratic tool, oral history records and preserves the memories, perceptions, and voices of individuals and groups at all levels and in all endeavors, but that raises questions about what to do with these interviews and how to share them with the people and communities they reflect. Power and democracy will be the theme of the IOHA’s meeting in Barcelona, with the sub-themes:
• Archives, Oral Sources and Remembrance
• Power in Human Relations
• Democracy as a Political Tool
• Oral Sources and Cultural Heritage
• New Ways to Share Our Dialogue with the Public
The opening ceremony will be held in the Historic Building of the Universitat de Barcelona and all academic events at the Faculty of Geography and History from the same university.
The schedule for congress participants is the next one:
• Acceptance or rejection of proposals (made it before September 15, 2013) until November 15, 2013.
• Receipt of papers for publication on conference until April 30, 2014.
Email Contact: Don Ritchie
For each international conference the IOHA is able to provide small grants for a limited number of participants. The IOHA Conference/Master Class Scholarship Fund aims to bring together international oral history scholars from inside and outside the academic realm, to continue building a unique global platform for professional exchange and comparative oral history inquiry. Scholarship aplication form
The XVIIIth International Oral History Association Congress is hosted by the Departament d'Història Contemporània of the Universitat de Barcelona, with the participation of the organisms listed below:
• Memorial Democràtic and Culture Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya
• Ajuntament de Barcelona
• Historia, Antropología y Fuentes Orales review
The inscription for the congress costs 180€, and includes: participation in the conferences, coffee break and Congress Dinner.

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